What Happens When Your Dog Bleeds? 3 Things That Can Happen When Your Dog Has Periods

What Happens When Your Dog Bleeds? 3 Things That Can Happen When Your Dog Has Periods

When a female dog is in heat and goes through her period, the level of oestrogen will drop and the level of progesterone will increase. The drop in oestrogen will cause her to start bleeding at the level of her vulva.  A blood clot forms as the result of the bloody discharge from the vagina, and if it is not treated, it can cause difficulties for dogs later on.

The discharge may last for a few weeks at a time and can contain some blood spots. If you notice any of these symptoms in your dog, call for a vet visit as soon as possible. The vet will give you advice on how to proceed and what to do if they have an infection.

It may seem strange to you to think that dogs are capable of being so emotional over finding blood on their tummies, but they are just like people in that respect. It’s their way of saying that they are not feeling well. It’s very important to take care of your dog during this time.

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What Happens When Your Dog Bleeds?

There are 3 common things that can happen to female dogs when they’re in periods:

1. They’re Unable to Lift Their Legs

For example, they won’t be able to lift their legs while peeing because the blood will make it difficult for them. It’s better to keep your dog in an area where there is no carpet or hardwood floors so that she won’t get hurt if she were to fall down while she’s bleeding. It’s best to keep her in an area where there is grass or sand because it will be easier for her to get around without hurting herself or getting blood on things.

2. They Can Be Emotional

It’s normal for dogs to be emotional when they are on their periods, so if you notice any behavioral changes, call the vet right away. They can be grumpy as they may also be suffering from period cramps. Whether it’s mood swings, period cramps, or a lack of appetite, anything can happen during this time and you should take care of your dog as best as you can.

3. They Smell

The first sign that your dog might be experiencing her period is that she will begin to smell really bad. This may be accompanied by other changes in behavior such as muttering incoherently whilst rolling around on the floor. Your dog’s urine may start to smell like old milk or sweat. Dark red blood may appear at the genital areas of your dog for between 3-5 days before the bleeding stops.

You can help identify your dog’s menstrual cycle by monitoring her behavior and checking her blood to see if she is in proestrus, estrus, or already in the later stages. If you want to know what your dog’s menstrual cycle looks like, check out our article ‘Do dogs have periods?’


Dogs, like most mammals, menstruate and go through the same stages of the reproductive cycle as humans. During the onset of bleeding, or ‘proestrus’, female dogs will urinate more frequently, eat more, and spend more time licking themselves. Unfortunately, this will also make female dogs often appear more aggressive than usual.

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