Can Dogs Eat Strawberry Pop Tarts? Yes, But Watch Out for These Dangers…

Can Dogs Eat Strawberry Pop Tarts? Yes, But Watch Out for These Dangers…

Poptarts can be an occasional treat to canines, but can dogs eat strawberry pop tarts? Let’s find out!

Yes. Dogs can eat strawberry pop tarts. But just like plain pop tarts, you should avoid giving them as a regular treat. Strawberry Pop Tarts are made with puff pastry and strawberry jam, both of which have high fructose levels. If given regularly, the high sugar level in the bloodstream will make dogs prone to obesity and diabetes.

What Are the Dangers of Giving Strawberry Pop Tarts to Dogs?

Strawberry Pop Tarts are generally unhealthy for dogs. They can be dangerous when given in large amounts. Let’s look at the possible dangers that may arise from giving strawberry pop tarts to dogs:

  1. Artificial sweeteners used in strawberry pop tarts are not good for dogs because they do not contain any fiber or other healthy things that make dogs feel fuller and less hungry. Other effects include vomiting, stomach pains, and indigestion.
  2. The high sugar content could cause behavioral changes in your dog. They might act or feel lethargic and may not also respond to your calling.
  3. Strawberry pop tarts can also cause obesity in dogs. They contain tons of sugar and carbohydrates that will put your dog on the road to diabetes in the long run.

These kinds of treats are helpful for training, but you should remember that the dog will not just sit down and listen to your commands once they’ve eaten it. Many dogs are highly motivated by food, so it is important to remember that by giving this kind of treat they will want more. You can still train them with the use of treats like these, but it will be very important to break up training sessions with regular meals just to keep their digestive system healthy.

Are There Any Nutritional Values Of Strawberry Pop Tarts?

Strawberry pop tarts are a food with a good amount of energy, but their high GI value makes them unhealthier than some other foods. They have 35% of your dog’s daily recommended value for energy (calories) and 13% of dietary fiber. From this alone, it would seem that these pop tarts aren’t too healthy for dogs.

However, a single pop tart is also about 10% of canine’s daily recommended intake for calcium and iron. They also have a relatively high amount of potassium (5%) and sodium (<1%), which seem to cancel out the negative effects these sugars may have on some dogs.

Strawberry pop tarts also contain a good amount of Vitamin A (6%), B vitamins (1%), vitamin C (2%), vitamin E, niacin, and folic acid which can benefit the overall health of canines.

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How Much Should I Feed My Dog?

The recommended serving size is one pop tart for every 10 pounds of your dog’s body weight. But that would be for a single pop tart and not a box of them! A better way to determine how much to feed your dog is by using the recommended one-cup servings, each containing 7 grams of sugar.

The recommendation on Kellogg’s website is to give your dog no more than 15% of its daily calorie intake from treats which equates to about 1-1.5 cups per day if you were just using one pop tart as a treat.


Despite their bad reputation when it comes to dieting or weight loss, eating strawberry pop tarts is not necessarily bad for dogs. They do contain a high amount of sugar, which is not healthy in large amounts. This means that a small amount will have no ill effect on your dog’s health and may even provide them with some nutrients required for a healthy body and mind. If you have any concerns about the effects of strawberry pop tarts on your dog’s health, discuss it with your vet.

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7 thoughts on “Can Dogs Eat Strawberry Pop Tarts? Yes, But Watch Out for These Dangers…

  1. My dog Odin has had a history of upset stomachs when he eats food that lacks fiber. Last week, I was out of town for work and my pet sitter was looking after my dog. I noticed in my online pet feed log that the day I left, the only thing my pet sitter could find for my dog to eat was a box of strawberry poptarts. I can’t believe that she gave my dog strawberry poptarts! He had an upset stomach for two days!

  2. My dog Ollie loves strawberry poptarts, she will do anything for them. She knows exactly when I’m about to have breakfast or when I’m snacking in the evening. She’ll come up to me and give me her sweet puppy eyes until I give her one.

  3. My dog got sick after eating strawberry Pop-Tarts. The Pop-Tarts looked so good and tasted so good, I couldn’t resist sharing them with my dog. She then ran to the backyard and threw up.

  4. My dog Boomer loves strawberry poptarts. I can’t say that I blame him, they are very tasty. Every time I go to the store to get groceries, I get a few box of poptarts. The first thing my dog does when he sees me is come running up to me and take the box out of my hand. Sometimes he even stands on his hind legs and reaches up to grab them from the kitchen counter.

  5. So my dog is a big fan of strawberry poptarts. I went to the store to buy some food for myself, but when I got home, I found my dog on the couch with a strawberry poptart in his mouth. He had been so persistent in begging me for one that I finally gave him one.

  6. My dog, Bob, ate the last of the strawberry poptarts lastnight. I wasn’t surprised to wake up to a puddle of throw-up this morning.

  7. We got a new puppy and we thought it would be a good idea to give him a treat. We found some strawberry poptarts and figured they would be good. We were wrong. He ate two and his stomach was not happy.

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