Why Do Dogs Have Periods? Here Is The Truth Behind Dog Periods

Why Do Dogs Have Periods? Here Is The Truth Behind Dog Periods

Puppies are bundles of joy! Most people love their new pets so much they want to know everything about them. Unfortunately, one common question is “Why do dogs have periods?”

It’s a very good question for a pet owner to ask, but it’s also not an easy one. In this article, we will look into the reasons that dogs have periods and why it might be important for you to know.

Some people may think that dog periods are purely a medical emergency-related issue and don’t need to be studied. But there is more going on with this issue than meets the eye.

About Canine Menstruation

There are few variations in the number of days that a female dog will go through a period in her life. In little dogs, it can happen that the period doesn’t start until the age of 3 or 4 years, while in bigger breeds, they can start at 8 months. In some breeds, the period is longer than a month and in others, it is shorter. There are three main stages: a yellow spot on your dog’s belly, a change in odor, and mood swings during the weeks before. This is also called a Proestrus stage. 

The red blood that’s there is the same as the type you have. It is just a different color because dogs have a different chemical makeup from human beings. Since dogs have been domesticated, their bodies have been changing and adapting to their living conditions on a genetic level. Throughout centuries of breeding, it has led to a period in female dogs called estrus, where they bleed every month. The females of various species come into heat during this period and fertile eggs can easily be fertilized at this time of the cycle.

The period lasts for a week or two every time, but the duration is different from dog to dog. In some, the period will last for a longer time and the discharge will be heavier, while in other dogs it will last a shorter period of time and the discharge will be much lighter.

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Why Do Dogs Have Periods?

The reason why dogs have periods is that hormones run wild in their bodies. The main culprit for this is progesterone, which is a female hormone that causes a female dog to go into heat every cycle. This period occurs every six to 12 months and will last for a few weeks at a time.

Menstrual blood flow varies between dogs because the level of progesterone – which controls ovulation – varies from one cycle to another. Some dogs might bleed heavily while others will only experience a light discharge.

The best solution for this is to keep your dog healthy and happy. If your dog does not seem to be well during her heat, call the vet straight away.

Hormonal problems can cause periods in dogs, but they can also cause other things such as skin problems and behavioral issues. The vet will make sure that your dog is healthy and has no development issues.


Why do dogs have periods? The most common answer to this question is that it’s nature’s way of regulating reproduction cycles in canines, with changes in hormones triggering menstruation. Periods are basically just blood leaving your dog’s body to prevent pregnancy from happening again, the same as in humans.

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