Can Dogs Have Period Cramps? How You Can Take Care of Your Dog When They Have Period Cramps

Can Dogs Have Period Cramps? How You Can Take Care of Your Dog When They Have Period Cramps

Dogs are mammals, just like you. They have menstrual cycles, which means they can also have period cramps. If your dog’s been acting weird lately, with anxiety that is not responding to behavioral modification techniques and other treatments for anxiety in dogs, then it could be because she’s on her menstrual cycle. She may be aggressive, withdrawn, anxious, excessively hungry, or thirsty – anything that doesn’t sound like your dog at all. If you have a female dog of reproductive age who has not been spayed and is showing any of these behaviors at the wrong time of the month, she could have cramps.

In this article, we will answer everything you need to know about canine menstrual cramps. Let’s start!

What Are the Signs of Period-Related Canine Pain?

A sign of period-related pain is any unexplained increase in appetite with drooling, excessive drinking water, paw licking, an increased interest in bedding/woolies/blankets, and standing on hind legs to urinate or defecate.

Period cramps are quite different for dogs than humans because there is no monthly bleeding with dogs who have one heat cycle per year. Instead, the heat cycle lasts for several months at a time and can last as long as three or four years. Thus, dogs who breed and then stop breeding will only experience the heat cycle once a year.

Period cramps can occur in dogs at any time throughout the heat cycle. However, they are most likely to occur during the early stages of estrus (heat) as well as after she has finished nursing her litter. The tendency to have period cramps is more common in middle-aged dogs, but younger dogs may also be affected by period cramping.

Truthfully, a dog’s period can be a painful and uncomfortable time for them. You should consider keeping her calm by keeping her indoors and away from other dogs because the stress of her companion animals may aggravate her pain even more.

If you suspect your dog may be experiencing period cramps, consult with your veterinarian before giving her any pain medication. Some dogs are not able to tolerate the use of any sort of pain medication so be sure to discuss with your veterinarian how best to care for her.

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Can I Use Heat Therapy for My Dog If She Has Period Cramps?

Some dogs respond well to heat therapy, but make sure the room temperature is not too hot (over about 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit). If you are using heat therapy on your dog who is experiencing period cramps, check her periodically and discontinue if she appears too uncomfortable.

Are There Any Home Remedies for Period Cramps?

There are a number of home remedies for giving relief from period cramps, but they’re probably not going to work for your dog unless she has similar symptoms to what you’re experiencing. It may be best to discuss this with your veterinarian first.

Are You Confused About Whether Your Dog Even Has a Menstrual Cycle?

Well, here’s a little information about why dogs have periods. In the case of females, it starts when she hits puberty at around 6 to 9 months old. You will notice this when she starts going into heat. The first heat cycle usually occurs roughly every eight months until estrus stops occurring at around age 5 or 6. However, the cycle takes place every 21 to 22 days. If you’re not sure whether the behavior is due to a menstruating dog, look for bloody discharge from your pet. The discharge can last from four to seven days, so keep an eye out for it if you suspect your dog is in pain!


Yes. Dogs can have period cramps. Menstrual cramps in dogs are normal and do not pose a threat. When a female dog is on her period, she will be uncomfortable until it’s over. Her discomfort may manifest as aggressiveness, anxiety, or depression. Keep in mind that the discomfort will only go away when her period is over.

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