Why Do Dogs Eat Poop In Winter? Here Are Two Most Popular Theories

Why Do Dogs Eat Poop In Winter? Here Are Two Most Popular Theories

It’s winter and you’ve taken your dog outside. You let her run around, play with her friends, and generally have fun in the snow. But all of a sudden she starts licking at the snow, pulling up handfuls of poop, and bringing it back to her filthy face. What’s that all about?

Why do dogs eat poop in winter? And if they do, what’s this got to do with their health? Let’s answer these questions and dig a little deeper into your dog’s poop-eating habits.

Why Do Dogs Eat Poop In Winter?

Some people will tell you that eating poop is a way for dogs to prepare their bodies for the upcoming ravages of winter. The truth about this, however, is that it’s not entirely clear why dogs eat poop in winter.

There are some theories out there, though. Here are the two most popular ones:

1. They’re trying to prepare for the coming season

One of the most popular theories as to why dogs eat poop in winter is this: while some dogs have proven immune to most common illnesses, others are not so lucky. And for those with a weaker immune system, eating their own feces is thought to stimulate their bodies’ natural ability to resist disease.

Is this true though? Well, it is true that several species of animals have been known to eat feces as a way to help prevent them from getting ill from bad weather, there is no proof that this applies to dogs. And certainly no proof that doing so actually helps them survive the cold months ahead. In fact, poop eating is not only a futile task – it can be downright dangerous. And possibly even fatal.

2. They are looking for high-energy foods

Most people say that winter is long and cold, but this is why your dog might be looking for snacks to help them stay warm. Many dogs are drawn to high-energy food sources like human poop out of curiosity, hunger, or because they don’t have any other options.

So try to keep your dog’s favorite food at hand by keeping lots of healthy treats on hand during wintertime. And remember, it’s pretty normal for a curious pooch to try different things with their mouths until they find something that makes them happy–and hungry.

How Can You Stop Your Dog From Eating Poop In Winter?

The first step is cleaning up your yard regularly. It can reduce the number of times your dog eats poop during the winter months. If you see your dog pooping and it’s in the middle of winter, at least help him/her dig a hole to bury it properly. The more external stress they feel, the more often they will dig it up and eat it.

You can also try feeding him/her sandwiches that don’t smell like poop such as grain-free kibbles or add apple cider vinegar to his/her food to make its odor less appealing. If you live in cold climates where there is not much snow, you can buy cans of green chili sauce for him/her which gives off a strong smell of peppers that dogs hate.


Why do dogs eat poop in winter? There are two possible reasons. First, if food is scarce in the winter, dogs will naturally seek out food that they can find in their environment that might not be their own. Another reason for this behavior is that dogs are drawn to the nutrients and protein that are found in animal waste.

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