Why Do Dogs Eat Cat Poop? Is This Behavior Normal? Find Out All About It

Why Do Dogs Eat Cat Poop? Is This Behavior Normal? Find Out All About It

Why do dogs eat cat poop? For many pet owners, this is a common question. The answer to why your pup would ever consider doing something so gross is that she/he needs the nutrients. According to veterinarian Dr. Jennifer Coates, “poop contains roughly 20% protein and it has an even higher concentration of particular nutrients like salt, iron, copper, and zinc.” So while the thought of eating cat poop may seem unpleasant for you or me (as well as your cat), it’s actually considered a delicacy for dogs because they need those key nutrients in order to live healthy lives.

According to the Humane Society of the United States, “eating cat poop is normal for dogs and has actually been an evolutionary behavior for at least 50,000 years.” Animals all over the world have been known to do this. Dogs are no different than most animals when it comes to their droppings.

This habit of dogs eating cat poop is actually a very helpful behavior for pet owners. While you might be grossed out by it, it’s comforting to know that your dog or puppy is safe and happy while you’re away from home because she’s eating healthy. As for the cat, well, he/she’s probably just lazing around like he/she always does and trying not to be seen.

Nonetheless, the next question many pet owners ask is: How do I get my dog or puppy to stop eating cat poop? And the answer is… Don’t try! It isn’t necessary and you risk doing more harm than good if you get overly aggressive with training. You’ll simply want to continue to be diligent about cleaning up after your cat. Also, if you notice that your dog is eating more cat poop than usual, it’s a good idea to talk with your vet. This is especially true if your dog or puppy is experiencing any vomiting or diarrhea that could be a sign of a more serious problem.

In the end, it’s important for pet owners to remember that their pets are going to do what they’re going to do… and there’s nothing they can do about it! This is especially true when cat poop is involved because of the nutritional benefits of eating it. It doesn’t matter how much you try to get your pet to stop or what methods you use… it’s just not going to happen! They’ll continue to do so because it makes them healthy and happy.

Hopefully, this article has provided dog enthusiasts with some insight into why do dogs eat cat poop. As you can see, it isn’t all that gross because it’s normal for animals to do. But you will still want to pay close attention to your pet’s feces because eating too much cat poop, or any poop, in general, can make a dog or puppy ill.

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