German Shepherd Poodle Mix: Shepadoodle Dog Breed Traits, Health, and Care

German Shepherd Poodle Mix: Shepadoodle Dog Breed Traits, Health, and Care

German Shepherd Poodle mix, or the Shepadoodle, is a popular doodle that is a cross between a German Shephard and a Poodle. Although a Poodle and a German Shepherd have quite distinct dispositions, they combine to form a magnificent doodle dog. These pups are big, fluffy, easy to teach, and non-shedding. Shepadoodles are great family dogs since they are gentle with children and devoted to their owners.

Are you considering getting a Shepadoodle puppy as a pet? In this article, we talk in detail about the German Shepherd Poodle mix puppy’s appearance, temperament, and more that come with this unique dog!

German Shepherd Poodle Mix: History

Due to the fact that the German Shepherd Poodle mix is a recent generation crossbreed, nothing is known about their actual origin. Looking into the history of their purebred parents, on the other hand, can teach us a lot.

The German Shepherd is a descendent of German herding dogs. During the 1800s, breeders and enthusiasts came together to produce many sorts of German herding dogs. This resulted in the modern-day German Shepherd that we all know and adore.

The German Shepherd is well-known police and military canine in today’s world. But did you know that the majority of their abilities stem from their time as sheepherders? The German Shepherd is now a well-known working-dog owing to their outstanding intellect, devotion, and courage.

The Poodle is of German ancestry, despite the fact that it is generally referred to as a “French Poodle.” The additional hair on the Poodle’s joints kept them warm and protected when they went in and out of the chilly German waters to collect ducks during duck hunting.


Weight: 50 to 125 pounds

Height: 22-28 inches

German Shepherd Poodle pups range in weight from 50 to 125 pounds. The varying weights can be ascribed to the parent breeds’ different sizes. Their height might vary between 22 and 24 inches.

Poodles with a medium-length coat are known as German Shepherd Poodles. It may inherit either the Poodle parent breed’s curly coat or the German Shepherd parent breed’s wavy coat. Gray, black, cream, tan, and sable are all possible coat colors.


Because both the Poodle and the German Shepherd are energetic breeds, Shepadoodles will be high-energy dogs. The combination of high intelligence and great energy can result in a wide spectrum of temperaments. If you don’t give your dog enough activity, such as regular walks, runs, and stimulation, the Poodle and German Shepherd mix may become destructive in your home or yard. This is because their minds will become bored if they are not physically and mentally stimulated. These canines, on the other hand, are ideal for energetic pet owners who like visiting the dog park to play with other dogs.

This breed is also incredibly hardworking and capable of completing whatever task you assign to them. Because of their confident and dedicated demeanor, these dogs are frequently utilized in military and service duties.

They are the ultimate watchdogs because of their devotion to their owner and their fear of strangers. You can count on them to alert you if there is a threat around. This is fantastic if you enjoy this dog characteristic, but not so much if you live in an area with noise regulations or sensitive neighbors. If a barking dog is a deal-breaker for you, keep this in mind.

Friendly and loving spirits, German Shepherd Poodle mixes will easily become another member of your family. These cuddly dogs like being the center of attention and will happily snuggle up on the couch with you. This dog will become your shadow and will be at your side at all times. However, they typically develop separation anxiety as a result of their intense attachment to their humans and cannot be left alone for lengthy periods of time.

German Shepherd Poodle Mixes get along well with children and will be an excellent addition to your household. Shepadoodles may become your child’s best friend with appropriate training. Teach your children not to play rough with the animal. Shepadoodles are known for being protective of their ‘people,’ so your children may appreciate the additional attention from the dog.


German Shepherd Poodle Mix pups need a lot of physical activity. They must engage in at least one hour of physical activity each day. To keep your mixed breed dog’s attention, you’ll need a good balance of mental and physical activities. Jogging, fetch, and trekking are all activities that the dogs will like.

These dogs adore their busy lifestyles and become irritated if they are not allowed to run around as much as they would like. They’ll probably show it to you by chewing on your possessions.

Because these dogs require a lot of time and room to expend all of their energy, they are not well suited to live in an apartment. Apartments are just too tiny for these gentle giants, who require plenty of outside space.


Shepadoodles are inherently clever dogs who excel in training since this combination is particularly devoted and curious. While they may be appropriate for first-time dog owners, you should educate yourself on how to deal with dogs that may display protective characteristics. If you’re not sure, put them in a puppy training class to get a head start on their manners.

You’ll also be able to socialize these dogs early on by enrolling them in puppy lessons. This is especially crucial for this breed because of their protective nature. However, because the Poodle is not a defensive dog, this should not be a major issue. Because socialization is essential for a well-behaved and confident dog, it is an important aspect of their training.

Verbal praise will motivate the German Shepherd parent, while toys or treats will motivate the Poodle parent, so be sure to include them in your training as well.


Shepadoodles have a lower grooming demand than German Shepherds and do not shed as much. The breed is also known for being hypoallergenic.

German Shepherd Poodle mix pups, like other dogs, require regular brushing and bathing to keep their fur from becoming matted. During the summer, it is advised that you get your dog’s hair clipped into a buzz cut to allow his skin to breathe. Shepadoodles are prone to dry skin in the winter, so make sure to apply cod liver oil to their coats as soon as the temperature drops.

Apart from grooming their coat, check your dog’s ears every few weeks to rule out the possibility of an ear infection. Wipe your dog’s ear with a clean cotton ball dipped in the ear cleaning solution. If you don’t want to injure your dog’s ear, simply clean the exterior portion. To lessen the risk of periodontal illnesses, get your dog’s toenails cut on a regular basis by a groomer or do it yourself, and wash their teeth at least a few times a week. Also, take your pet to the vet on a regular basis to ensure they are not suffering from any health issues.


Due to the fact that the German Shepherd Poodle mix is a crossbreed, they may inherit a variety of health conditions from their purebred parents.

Elbow and hip dysplasia are common in German Shepherds. Both parents can be easily screened for these problems. Inquire with your breeder if the parents of your puppies have been tested for bor dysplasia. Degenerative myelopathy should also be examined in German Shepherds. Epilepsy, eczema, vision problems, dwarfism, and skin allergies are all frequent. This breed is also more prone to bloat.

Despite their generally good health, poodles are susceptible to a number of ailments that are passed down through the generations. Addison’s illness, hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, epilepsy, thyroid difficulties, bloat, and hypoglycemia are all possibilities.

Early health check for your German Shepherd Poodle mix could be a good idea to ensure they get off to a good start! Early health screening can help you prepare for, and perhaps prevent, some of the health issues that come with this crossbreed.

The average lifetime of a German Shepherd Dog is 7-10 years. The Poodle, on the other hand, has a comparatively lengthy lifetime of 10 to 18 years. Because mixtures live slightly longer than purebred dogs, you may safely expect your Shepadoodle to live into their adulthood.


A good breeder would charge you roughly $800 for a Shepadoodle. Always deal with a reputable breeder to assure your new puppy’s optimal health, and always ask to view both parents’ health certificates.

Shepadoodle is not the most common designer doodle. As a result, you should expect to travel in order to locate a reliable breeder. Checking online is a good place to start, and once you’ve located a few possible breeders, do your own research on them to see whether they’re respectable by looking at their website, policy, and other customer reviews.


The Shepadoodle is a well-balanced dog that would fit a wide range of households. All you need is a little spacious house, some time to physically exercise your pet, and the patience to train and socialize them.

It is important to remember that not every breed of dog is suitable for every family and situation. This is why it’s important to research the breed you’re interested in before bringing one into your home.

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If you have a German Shepherd Poodle Mix or know of someone with this active and loyal pup, please share your story in the comments below.

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