German Shepherd Border Collie Mix: Meet Shollie, The Best Family Dog In Canine World

German Shepherd Border Collie Mix: Meet Shollie, The Best Family Dog In Canine World

The Shollie is a mixed-breed dog that is a cross between a German Shepherd and a Border Collie. These puppies inherited some of their parents’ greatest attributes, including intelligence, energy, and loyalty.

The German Shepherd Border Collie Mix is a wonderful family dog who builds strong relationships with the people in their lives and serves as a protector. Because they are particularly lively and playful, they are not well suited to living in tiny apartments. They require access to outside space as well as a dedication to exercise on a regular basis.

Are you considering getting a German Shepherd Border Collie Mix puppy as a pet? In this article, we talk in detail about Shollie’s appearance, temperament, and more that come with this unique dog!

German Shepherd Border Collie: History

The Border Collie German Shepherd mix is a hybrid of two of the greatest herding dog breeds in the world. As a result, their history is a combination of the histories of those two breeds! It’s possible that the hybrid was created out of a desire for the ultimate huge dog, based on their ancestors. One who possesses athleticism, quickness, and a protective but fun demeanor.

The Border Collie’s exact origins, like those of Shollies, are unclear. However, it is considered that they rose to fame in Scotland initially. Early Collies were raised to accomplish pretty much the same job they do now- protect and herd cattle. Border Collies, especially on ranches, are still great working dogs. They can also be found in the dog agility arena or as cherished household pets.

The German Shepherd Dog is another herding breed that originated in Europe. To develop the perfect herding or guiding dog, this breed was created. The Shepherd dog had to be strong in a setting where working outside sometimes meant battling cold temperatures and wet circumstances. In 1908, the American Kennel Club (AKC) officially recognized the breed. Shepherds were later affiliated with the military, police, and other types of service labor. In today’s world, they work in a variety of fields.


When it comes to hybrid dogs, it’s impossible to know exactly how they’ll appear. The looks of their parents will be your sole indication. In addition to the traditional colors associated with the parent breeds.

The fact that hybrids may resemble a cross between their parents adds still another layer of potential. Alternatively, they may resemble one parent’s breed more than the other parent’s breed.


Height: 20-24 inches

Weight: 70-90 pounds

The German Shepherd-Collie mix can grow to be a medium to large-sized dog.

If the Shollie puppy goes after their German shepherd parent, they will grow to weigh between 80 and 90 pounds. If they go after their Border Collie parent, they may only reach a weight of around 40 pounds. The majority of puppies will fall somewhere in the middle.

At the shoulder, German Shepherd Collie crosses should be around 22-24 inches tall.

Coat and Colors

If a Shollie receives more German Shepherd genes than Border Collie genes, they may have the Shepherd’s trademark solid coat and black points.

If they inherit the coat of their Collie parent, they can choose from 17 different colors. Black, blue, blue merle, brindle, red, sable, and the “traditional” black and white coat are only a few examples. With the foregoing in mind, it’s reasonable to assume that Shollies are most likely bicolored. Aside from that, it’s a matter of wait and see!

Border collies have a thick, warm undercoat and a longer, protective outer coat that can be smooth or scruffy. A thick undercoat and a lengthier topcoat are also features of German shepherds.

Shollies might have a similar double coat, and their hair is likely to be rather long.


It’s simple to understand where the German Shepherd Border Collie Mixes gets their enthusiasm from, coming from two of the most active canine breeds.

The German Shepherd is a breed that was intended for labor and action, thus they need to be physically active on a regular basis. The Border Collie, on the other hand, were raised to work as a farmhand, making their tenacious and relentless in any duty they are given.

As a result, the combination of these two breeds produces a high-energy explosion! So, before bringing one into your house, think about your own personal activity levels. As the owner, you must ensure that your Shollie receives the necessary activity and physical exercise.

The Shollie is not only one of the most active dogs but also one of the cleverest. German Shepherds are well-known for their employment in security and law enforcement. They have the ability to detect narcotics and explosives. It’s just how they are. Border Collies, being sheepdogs, are also intelligent. They require some form of mental stimulation on a daily basis. When both of these breeds are combined, you get the Shollie, which resembles both of its parents.

The German Shepherd Collie Mix is a loving dog who is clever and determined. They are kind dogs who like socializing with people of all ages, including children and other animals. They enjoy being the center of attention and are devoted to their family. They want to participate in family activities and are typically pleasant. They may, however, act distant towards strangers and individuals they don’t know.

If these dogs are left alone for lengthy periods of time, they might grow worried or unhappy. They are not the sort of dogs you can leave alone at home while you are at work for several hours.

With other dogs, German Shepherd Border Collie mixes can be possessive and aggressive with other dogs, but they are not out of control. Some naturally active behavior might be misconstrued as fighting because they are fun.


Border collies and German shepherds are both working dogs bred for herding, therefore they are both energetic. Their Shollie kids are likely to be high-energy and require a lot of exercises.

Long periods of confinement are not good for the German Shepherd Border Collie Mix. You should take them out as much as possible to prevent them from becoming bored and destroying your house. So, if your dog isn’t at work, you’ll need to schedule regular walks, playtime, and off-leash exercise.

Shollies require at least one hour of exercise every day, which should be divided into two or three shorter bouts throughout the day. They will like being taken to off-leash dog parks where they may run around unrestricted by the leash. These canines will also like to accompany their families on outdoor excursions such as hikes and walks.

When they’re tired, they turn into the ultimate lap dog and want to snuggle up to you on the couch. They truly desire nothing more than to spend time with their favorite people. Although they enjoy living in apartments, they prefer spacious backyards and open areas.


Border collies and German shepherds are both smart dogs, and their mixed pups are likely to be as well. They are fast to learn and adaptive. In most new settings, Shollies can rapidly figure out what is required of them.

Shollies were bred as training dogs and are known for being simple to teach. This implies that they will not only learn new orders but will also carry them out in order to make you pleased.

These dogs will bark at visitors and unfamiliar animals, especially if they haven’t been properly socialized. Your training strategy should involve teaching your German Shepherd Border Collie mix how to stop barking on command and the difference between a welcome visitor and an invader.

It is ideal to begin training your Shollie from a young age, as it is with most dogs. This will lessen the chances of your dog being hostile against other pets and household members. Also, when training your dog proper behavior, use positive reinforcement. When they are reprimanded or disciplined, they might become obstinate. Treats and incentives make training more pleasurable and result in greater performance.


The German Shepherd Border Collie Mix is a huge, heavy-coated dog that requires a lot of grooming.

When grooming this hybrid dog, owners will have a lot on their hands. They shed a lot, making it difficult for owners to keep up with the cleaning while attempting to maintain their coats healthy. As the German Shepherd Border Collie mix ages, they shed more often, necessitating regular brushing to eliminate dander and dead hair. Brushing their coat regularly helps to reduce knots as well. To keep your Shollie’s fur groomed, you can take them to a professional groomer once a month.

Border Collies are prone to ear infections; therefore, you should clean their ears on a regular basis. Brush their teeth to avoid plaque and tartar buildup and trim their nails regularly too.


There aren’t many diseases or health concerns that may affect a Border Collie German Shepherd mix, but owners should be informed of the parent breeds’ histories to ensure that the mixes don’t inherit any health problems. Although German Shepherd Border Collie mixes are typically healthy, owners should be aware of the following health issues:

Hips and Elbow Dysplasia

Both the German Shepherd and the Border Collie have a high incidence of hip and elbow dysplasia, so it’s natural that their puppies will acquire this condition.

Ear Infection

Both of the parent breeds of the German Shepherd Border Collie are prone to ear disorders. In certain situations, owners fail to clean the hybrid dog’s ear, which can lead to infection and eventually hearing loss. They might also be born deaf if one of their parent breeds has a history of hearing loss.


The Border Collie breed is well-known for having a higher incidence of epilepsy than other dog breeds. This health concern might be passed down to the Border Collie German Shepherd hybrid.

Degenerative Myelopathy

It might be a sign of Degenerative Myelopathy if you observe your Shollie walking strangely on their back legs.


The typical cost of a Shollie puppy ranges from $500 to $900. Medical expenses are not included in this amount. If you contact your local humane organization or animal shelter, you may discover that they are caring for Shollies in need of a home.


A Shollie requires an owner who can keep up with their great activity, humor, and friendly temperament. So, if you think you can meet all of these canine wants, you’re in for a long, loving, and happy relationship with one of the world’s best mixed breeds.

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If you’re considering adopting a German Shepherd Border Collie Mix, or if you already have one and have some questions, post a comment below!

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