Can Dogs Eat Pineapple? 5 Major Health Benefits of Pineapples to Dogs

Can Dogs Eat Pineapple? 5 Major Health Benefits of Pineapples to Dogs

Are you afraid of offering your dog pineapple? Is it going to harm your dog’s health? Don’t worry, I’ll give you more information if you need it.

A favorite fruit for many, pineapple is perfect for summer and while cooking the skin off of fresh pineapple can be a hassle, what’s inside is incredibly nutritious. You might be pleased to know that if feed in moderation, this tropical fruit is equally healthy for your dog too, just like apples and bananas.

Can dogs eat pineapples? Yes, they can. Dr. Jeff Werber, a Veterinary Medical Journalist confirms that pineapple can not only be a new fun taste for your dog, but a healthy treat too. Slices of pineapple can help improve the immune system of dogs and repair their skin and ligament tissues.

However, Dr. Werber also says, “Dog owners may want to observe once they’ve given their dog his first piece of pineapple to make sure there is no diarrhea, etc.”This means that while pineapple is a fine treat for your dog, you have to start with a small slice and be careful about the possible side effects. If everything looks fine, your dog can eat a few bites of pineapple a day.

Well, if you want to feed some pineapple to your pooch, and want to all about feeding this tropical juicy fruit to your dog, we’ve got you covered. Read further to learn more.

Is Pineapple Healthy for Dogs?

Yes. Pineapple is absolutely healthy for dogs. If you have never fed a piece of this fruit to your dog, they might be missing out on some serious nutritional content.

Some of the major health benefits that pineapples offer to your dog are:

  1. Pineapple is 86% water. So, your dog is sure to get hydrated just by eating a few slices of pineapple every day. Especially in summer, this fruit will come in handy if your dog refuses to drink water.
  2. Pineapples contain plenty of Vitamin C that helps in the regeneration of tissues, increase immunity and aid in the fight against heart diseases. A few chunks of this fruit will provide enough vitamin C to your dog’s body.
  3. There is plenty of Manganese in pineapples. Manganese acts as an anti-oxidant and helps to improve the functioning of organs. It also helps in skin development that will make your dog look and feel young.
  4. Pineapple is rich in other vitamins like vitamin B1 and vitamin B6. Vitamin B1, also known as Thiamine, helps in the optimal functioning of the heart and brain of dogs. It also improves their eye health.
  5. A very few people know the fact that pineapple contains Bromelain, a digestive enzyme that aids your dog’s digestion.

Things to Consider Before You Feed Pineapple to Your Dog

Pineapple is an appetizing and healthy treat. With all its nutritious content, there are still a few things to consider before you feed pineapple to your pooch.

Pineapple is high in vitamin C and manganese, which is healthy for dogs, but only in small doses. It is also high in fiber. Fiber is supposed to provide energy to a dog’s body. So, when dogs eat too much of this fruit, excessive energy is bound to make your dog hyperactive.

A lot of built-up energy ultimately leads to undesirable weight gain. Bromelain, the enzyme that aids your dog’s digestion can also cause severe irritation to the lining of a dog’s stomach.

Also remember, you should never give your dog a whole pineapple. Pineapples are very high in sugar, and they can cause a lot of intestinal gas for a dog. If they eat one that is overripe or bruised, the gases can be enough to make them vomit.

Can Dogs Eat Pineapple With All Its Parts?

No, dogs definitely cannot eat all parts of a pineapple. Dogs don’t really chew their food, so you have to be careful of what your dog can and cannot digest.

To be honest, the majority of parts of pineapple are non-edible to your dog. The skin is spiny and the core is too hard for your dog to digest. Also, the leaves don’t break down easily in the digestive tract. So, you must only feed the flesh part of the pineapple to your dog.

If you find your dog gulping down any part of the skin, core, or leaves, contact your veterinarian immediately. The parts can get stuck in the digestive tract which will then most likely require surgery.

How Can You Feed Pineapple to Dogs?

Here are a few ways you can feed pineapple to your furry companion:

  1. Sliced pineapples: One of the most easiest and common ways to give pineapple to your dog is to cut the fruit into small, sliced pieces and feed them to your dog.
  2. Frozen pineapple treats: You can blend the edible part of pineapples and freeze the mix as popsicles. Your dog will particularly enjoy this treat during the hot summer days.
  3. Toppings: You can add small slices of pineapple as toppings to whatever your dog is eating.
  4. Cooked pineapple: You can also cook small chunks of pineapple for your dog to ensure easy digestion.
  5. Grilled pineapple: If you are planning to have a barbeque, you can throw in some pineapple slices in the grill for your dogs.

If you are worried about giving your dog too much pineapple, it is better to cut off the skin and just give them a little bit of the juice. Pineapple juice has more potassium than bananas or apples do, and it helps your dog stay hydrated all day long.

Can You Feed Canned Pineapple to Dogs?

No. Canned pineapple is dipped in heavy sugar syrup so it should be avoided at all costs. Too much sugar can be difficult for dogs to digest and cause them to experience diarrhea or worse, obesity and diabetes.

Canned pineapples are also filled with artificial sweeteners to enhance the taste for a long time. Tinned fruits contain Xylitol, which is a chemical that can be extremely dangerous to dogs.

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Can Feeding Pineapple to Dogs Stop Them from Eating Poop?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by dog owners around the world. The answer is NO.

Pineapple can make the dog’s poop smell unpleasant, but there is no scientific proof that it can actually stop your dog from this disgusting habit. According to Jessica Potosky, Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine, “Nothing will stop a dog from eating its poop! Not even pineapple.”

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Pineapple is a healthy fruit for your dog to enjoy. If you are going to give pineapple to your dog, it is best to keep it as a special treat rather than an everyday part of their diet. Dogs can get sick very quickly from eating too much of this fruit, but they won’t get sick if you give them just the right amount. Also make sure you remove the skin, core, and leaves before feeding pineapple to your dog.

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