Can Dogs Eat Garlic Chicken? Yes. But Take These Precautions First

Can Dogs Eat Garlic Chicken? Yes. But Take These Precautions First

Yes, dogs can eat garlic chicken, provided that they are fed the chicken in moderation. There are, however, a few precautions to take into consideration. A dog’s digestion system is different from that of a human’s and can react negatively if it consumes too much garlic. And while they can eat raw garlic without complications, cooked garlic is best avoided as it could cause an upset stomach or indigestion.

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Garlic Chicken: Is It Safe For Dogs?

A dog’s digestive system is different from that of a human’s. That said, it is safe to feed garlic chicken to dogs. If fed moderately, it is unlikely that the dog will develop any adverse effects from the added garlic. However, if a dog consumes an excessive amount of garlic in one particular food item, or if he/she consumes too much garlic overall for some reason, then you should take steps to minimize the intake of garlic and other foods with high amounts of sulfur.

And the garlic isn’t the only issue to look out for. Be wary of the amount of salt, or any other seasonings, you serve with the garlic chicken. One of the primary reasons why dogs develop gastric ulcers is the excessive consumption of sodium while they’re on medication, and when a dog consumes too much salt it can cause ulcers. The same is true for other seasonings which can also be toxic in large amounts to a dog’s system.

As mentioned above, there isn’t any risk to dogs who enjoy eating lightly seasoned garlic chicken. But if your dog enjoys consuming garlic chicken frequently, you might want to take precautions. If your dog’s diet consists of conventional, non-prescription dog food – feed garlic chicken every once in a while (not too often). If he/she eats a homemade diet with higher quality ingredients that are rich in vitamins and minerals, you could serve garlic chicken more regularly.

If your dog develops vomiting, diarrhea, or other symptoms associated with garlic poisoning, then you should take him/her to the vet immediately. Your vet will try to work out the reason why your dog is having an adverse reaction to garlic by testing his/her blood and urine. The vet also might do blood tests on your dog that can help pinpoint what caused the reactions. Fortunately, garlic poisoning can be cured without much consequence if treatment is administered promptly.


In conclusion, yes, dogs can eat garlic chicken provided that it is consumed in moderation. But if they eat too much garlic chicken, or if they consume overly salty/spicy foods too regularly, then you might want to take precautions. Do not feed garlic or any garlic supplements to pregnant dogs and dogs with underlying health conditions. Pay close attention to what your dog is eating. And if you suspect, they got garlic poisoning rush to a vet immediately.

While any garlic products might not prove toxic immediately (if fed in moderation), too much garlic can lead to severe health problems, and if not treated well could lead to death in dogs. This is especially true for Japanese breed dogs such as Akitas and Shiba Inu. Find all about it in our article, ‘Can dogs eat garlic?’

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If your dog is relatively healthy, he/she can enjoy eating lightly seasoned garlic chicken every now and then, and there won’t be any problem. Have you ever given garlic chicken to your pup? What was his/her reaction? We would love to hear from you. Please share with our community in the comment section below.

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