Bull Terrier Vs Miniature Bull Terrier: Which Breed Is The Best For You?

Bull Terrier Vs Miniature Bull Terrier: Which Breed Is The Best For You?

Which one should you get: a Miniature Bull Terrier or a Bull Terrier? Is a regular Bull Terrier a better fit for you, or do you prefer a smaller version of the breed?

These canines are both tenacious, clever, and extremely loyal to their owners. Their size is the most significant distinction between them.

Let’s look at ‘Bull Terrier Vs Miniature Bull Terrier’ in more detail.

Bull Terrier Vs Miniature Bull Terrier: Their Size

The only significant difference between mini and full bull terriers is their size. The American Kennel Club, the ultimate authority on breed standards, claims that the two breeds are similar in every regard except size. The AKC standard restricts the height of a small bull terrier to 10 to 14 inches and does not specify a weight restriction other than that it should be proportional. The complete bull terrier has no standard size, however, the most frequent height is between 21 and 22 inches.

History: The Minis Came First

The miniature variant of a dog breed is often the result of years of breeding the full-sized variety with related but smaller breeds. The mini came first in the case of the bull terrier. Most bull terriers were as little as the dogs that are now known as miniatures when the breed was initially developed. According to the AKC, breeders of the time desired larger Bull Terriers, so they mated them with Spanish pointers to boost their size.

Both of these breeds have their origins in the history of the Bull Terrier. This athletic dog has been utilized in blood sports such as bull-baiting since the 12th century. As a result, the breed’s name!

What’s more interesting is that the American Kennel Club (AKC) discloses that there was once a third, smaller variety of the breed. There used to be a toy bull terrier in addition to full — or standard — and small English bull terriers. The toy breed’s popularity did not take off, and it finally died out, leaving just the mini and full variants of the bull terrier that we know today.


The main difference between a conventional Bull Terrier and a Miniature Bull Terrier is their size.

The Miniature Bull Terrier may be a better fit for you if you have limited room in your house. However, if you want a larger breed and have the space, the regular Bull Terrier might be ideal! But owners of both versions must devote a significant amount of effort to training and socializing these pups.

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Do you have a preference for the Bull Terrier or the Miniature Bull Terrier? We’d love to hear which one you’re taking home, or if you’ve tried both!

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