How Strong Is A Bull Terrier’s Bite? Bull Terrier Bite Force Explained!

How Strong Is A Bull Terrier’s Bite? Bull Terrier Bite Force Explained!

Bull Terrier bite force is the power of a bull terrier’s jaws. The higher the bite force, the more powerful and destructive a bull terrier can be.

Bull Terriers have a reputation for being fierce fighters. So, how powerful are a Bull Terrier’s jaws? What makes them bite in the first place? Let’s find out!

The Bull Terrier has a “uniquely powerful bite force” because their jaws are packed with extra-large, dense, and well-developed molars that have a “massive bite surface area.” This allows them to exert more than twice as much pressure in their bite compared to most breeds. Bull Terriers can break through wood, brick, and even concrete when they’re on the hunt for prey.

Bull Terrier Bite Force

Bite force may be used to gauge the power of a Bull Terrier’s jaw. The biting force of a Bull Terrier is over 200 PSI (pounds per square inch). This makes them one of the top 20 canines with the strongest bite force.

Let’s look at some facts concerning Bull Terrier’s bites, PSI measures, and other breeds with the highest bite force in the canine world.

What is Bite Force Test?

The Bite Force Test is a standardized test used by veterinarians to measure the force of a dog’s bite. It was developed by Dr. Robert P. Miller, DVM, and Dr. John H. Robinson, DVM in 1976 at the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine and is often used as a guide to judge how much force can be applied to an animal or human body part with no adverse effects on either party.

The test is conducted by clamping onto a thick rubber tube that has been inserted into the mouth of an unrestrained dog that has been placed on their back so that they cannot bite.

PSI stands for pounds per square inch, which is a measurement unit for calculating Bite Force. PSI is largely a measuring response for pressure expressed in pounds per square inch. The amount of pressure used varies depending on the dog, the object bitten, and the dog’s emotions.

Bulldog Bite Force and How it Compares with Other Breeds

Bulldog Bite Force is the maximum force a bulldog can exert on a human. It is considered to be one of the strongest dog breeds in the world.

Bulldogs are known for their intimidating appearance and their powerful bite force. They have been bred for centuries to kill rats, and they are often used as guard dogs. Their powerful jaws allow them to crush bone with ease, which makes them effective at killing prey and fighting other dogs.

A bull terrier’s bite force is usually over 200 pounds of pressure per square inch – which is just below that of an American Pit Bull Terrier’s bite force at 220 pounds per square inch.

Even though a Bull Terrier’s jaw is not the strongest among dog breeds, it may nevertheless cause significant harm. The bite force measurement might fluctuate between the initial bite and subsequent bites.

The quantity of bites has no bearing on the PSI. It depends on the extent of the harm. The bites of the Bull Terrier can range from superficial to fatal. It also depends on how angry, irritated, or terrified they are.

Does The Strong Bite Force of Bull Terriers Make Them Dangerous?

Bull Terriers have an imposing muscular appearance with massive teeth, and their almond eyes detract from their big-eyed joyful dog appearance. Add in their high biting force, and it’s easy to see why people are concerned.

What’s more terrifying is that the Bull Terriers were trained to be violent gladiators in blood sports, yet appearances may be misleading.

But Bull Terriers are not dangerous at all. They make excellent family dogs because they are devoted toward their family, good with youngsters, and require a lot of quality time with their adoring people. All that is needed is plenty of socialization and obedience training from an early age.

Top 5 Dog Breeds With Strongest Bite Force

  1. Kangal:Bite force 743 psi
  2. Bandog:Bite force 730 psi
  3. Cane Corso: Bite force 700 psi
  4. Tosa Inu:Bite force 556 psi
  5. Dogue de Bordeaux:Bite force 556 psi


Bull terriers have powerful jaws and teeth that can break through the thickest of bones. They are known for having a strong bite force – the amount of pressure they exert when biting something. The force is measured in pounds per square inch (psi). Bull Terriers have a bite force of 269 PSI.

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