10 Reasons Why Seedless Grapes Are Toxic To Dogs

10 Reasons Why Seedless Grapes Are Toxic To Dogs

If you’ve read my previous article on why you should avoid feeding grapes to dogs, then you must already be aware that all types of grapes are toxic to dogs. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), grapes no matter what the type or amount, can be dangerous to dogs. Even a small amount of grapes ingested can be hazardous to dogs as they can cause a myriad of health issues ranging from a mild stomach upset to acute renal failure.

For a better understanding, I’ll be discussing with you ten reasons why seedless grapes are toxic to dogs.

1. Choking Hazard

Some people have the misconception that seedless grapes aren’t considered to be choking hazards. Well, the truth is any grape no matter if they are seedless or contain seeds can be a choking hazard to dogs. Whether you give your dog seedless grapes or not, they need to be properly monitored while they are munching on them. As they munch on their favorite fruit, they may unintentionally swallow large pieces of grapes which could later end up getting lodged in their throat and windpipe. This is especially true for small dogs with narrower windpipes and mouths.

2. Upset Stomach

As I mentioned before in one of my previous articles, a dog’s digestive system isn’t as efficient as that of a human’s when it comes to handling large amounts of certain fruits, especially those with higher sugar levels. And because seedless grapes have a high sugar content, they may cause an upset stomach in dogs. If your dog starts having stomach problems after eating seedless grapes, contact your veterinarian. Remember, the sooner you get your dog treated for his/her sickness, the better chance your dog will have in recovering from it.

3. Vomiting

A lot of pet owners who have given their dogs grapes have reported that their dogs started vomiting a few hours after their initial grape snack. The vomiting may be mild in some cases, while some owners find themselves cleaning up messy throw-up from all over the house. Since seedless grapes contain a high level of sugar and acid, they can lead to a dog experiencing a stomach upset. This may also be the case when you give your dog grapes for the first time.

4. Diarrhea

Diarrhea is another commonly reported side effect of dogs eating seedless grapes. The most common symptom of grape-induced diarrhea is an increase in your dog’s water intake. As I’ve previously mentioned there is a high sugar and acid content in grapes which can lead to diarrhea if your dog eats an excessive amount. If you suspect that your dog’s diarrhea has been caused by eating too many grapes, monitor their water intake and modify their food accordingly.

5. Dehydration

When a dog eats too many seedless grapes in a short period of time, vomiting and diarrhea may occur. This in turn can lead to dehydration. In order for your dog to completely recover from the effects of dehydration, they need to have their fluids replenished through oral or intravenous means. Your veterinarian will most likely advise you to allow your dog to drink lots of water in addition to administering supportive medications for dehydration.

6. Lethargy

One of the most serious grape-related side effects that can occur is lethargy. Lethargy is a state of general weakness and malaise and can be accompanied by a lack of energy, weak pulse rate, and low blood pressure. Your dog may also show signs of mood swings and decreased alertness. If you notice that your dog has become lethargic as a result of eating grapes, contact your veterinarian right away. Lethargy needs to be treated as soon as possible to avoid any serious complications.

7. Appetite Loss

Losing interest in favorite foods is a very common occurrence in dogs. However, if your dog starts losing appetite after eating a few pieces of seedless grapes, there could be something seriously wrong with them. Appetite loss is usually accompanied by weight loss and changes in your dog’s behavior. In some cases, your dog may show signs of mental instability such as increased aggression or even depression. If you notice that your dog isn’t eating as much of their regular meals after eating some grapes, just go ahead and contact your veterinarian for advice.

8. Muscle Tremors And Seizures

Studies show that dogs can develop muscle tremors and/or seizures as a result of eating too many grapes. Some of the first signs of grape-induced tremors and/or seizures include the inability to walk on your dog’s hind legs, or on all fours. They may also lose control over their bladder, become unresponsive, and/or be unable to right themselves if they happen to fall down. If your dog is suffering from any of these symptoms as a result of eating grapes, immediately bring them to your veterinarian.

9. Kidney Failure

According to the ASPCA, both seedless and seeded grapes are dangerous for dogs because they can cause acute renal failure in some dogs. Acute renal failure is a sudden loss of functional kidney tissue which adversely affects the whole body’s ability to maintain homeostasis or internal balance on its own. Without proper treatment, acute renal failure can lead to death within 24 hours. The toxic component responsible for this condition is yet to be identified. So it’s best to stay away from any grape products in order to prevent your dog from suffering from acute renal failure.

10. Coma And Death

Some dogs that have eaten too many grapes and developed symptoms of acute renal failure may wind up in a coma and die. In fact, there have been reports of dogs who have died from eating as few as four to five seeded grapes. This is the one grape side effect that dog owners really need to be aware of since it can happen even if you only give your dog a couple of pieces. So as a precautionary measure, you should keep any types of grapes away from your pup.


All in all, seedless grapes are no good for dogs. As a matter of fact, any type of grapes can be extremely harmful to your dog in case he/she eats too many of them, especially in large amounts. Most of the grape side effects in dogs can be prevented by simply avoiding giving your dog grapes in the first place. The worst-case scenario if your dog ingests grapes (whether it’s seeded or seedless) is the development of acute renal failure, coma, and even death. So to avoid such tragedy, keep grapes away from them at all times.

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Has your dog eaten any seedless or seeded grapes before? If yes, what was your pup’s reaction to eating the fruit? Would you want to keep grapes away from your dog? Or, have you been giving your pup seedless grapes? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Because my dog likes to eat everything I eat, I used to offer him seedless grapes at least 2/3 pieces every day. But, happily, nothing has happened up to this point.

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