What do German Shepherds look like? (Height, Weight, Coat, and Colors)

What do German Shepherds look like

If you’re wondering ‘What do German Shepherds look like?’, this article is for you!

German Shepherds are canine super dogs who are confident, courageous, clever, and loyal. They are a versatile breed valued for their usefulness and intelligence, and they are frequently utilized in working tasks such as K-9 units, search and rescue dogs, and service dogs.

German Shepherds are large, muscular dogs that are taller than they are tall. They have a sprinting stride that allows them to cover a lot of ground while working. Their muzzle is long, their skull is square, and their ears are upright and pointed. They have long, bushy tails and slightly slanted back and rear legs.

Here is a detailed article about the breed’s height, weight, coat, and colors.

German Shepherd Size

Height: 22-26 inches

Weight: 75-95 pounds

German Shepherd Body

German Shepherds are huge, strong canines that tower over their owners. They have a sprinting stride that helps them to work quickly and cover a lot of distance. Their ears are straight and pointed, and their muzzle is lengthy. Their skull is square. Their tails are large and bushy, and their back and rear legs are somewhat inclined.

German Shepherds are divided into two types: German and American. German genetics generate dogs that are heavier, have straight legs and backs, and have longer coats. The American kind features finer bones, a sloping back, and inclined hind legs.

German Shepherd Coat/Hair

German Shepherd coats can be either short or long.

Short-Haired German Shepherd:

When you think of German shepherds, you probably imagine “short-haired” German Shepherd dogs. The vast majority of German shepherds have hair that is relatively short to medium in length.

Long-Haired German Shepherd:

There is also a long-haired version of German Shepherd, but they are far less common than the short-haired ones. Some long-haired German Shepherds also don’t have an undercoat, and because of this, they might be more expensive. Other than that, they’re practically the same dog.

A dominant gene causes short-coat or “normal” German shepherd coats, whereas a recessive gene causes long-coat coats. Long-haired shepherds do exist, however, the AKC and UKC breed standards only allow only one coat length, which is medium.

Many people also expect their German Shepherd pups to shed less if they have short-haired German Shepherd puppies. The short hair is definitely simpler to maintain than long hair, both these dogs shed just the same.

Coat Colors

German Shepherds’ coats are often black and brown, with deep, rich hues. Solid black or solid sable, red tints, and a variety of mixes are some of the other coat options. Black masks on their muzzles and a black saddle patch on their backs are also prevalent.

White German Shepherds, although not allowed to compete in AKC shows, are growing increasingly fashionable.

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German Shepherds are medium-sized dogs. The average weight is between 75-95 pounds and the height ranges from 22 to 26 inches. The coat type can be long or short and the color can be black, brown, tan with patches of white, red with patches of white, or gray with patches of white.

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