What Do Bedlington Terriers Look Like? (Height, Weight, Coat, and Colors)

What Do Bedlington Terriers Look Like? (Height, Weight, Coat, and Colors)

Bedlington terriers are medium-sized dogs with a long, dense, water-repellent coat and a fox-like face. They are known for their friendly and playful nature, which makes them an ideal pet for children and adults alike.

What do Bedlington Terriers look like? Read on to find out all about the interesting physical features of this breed.


The Bedlington Terrier is a small breed of dog that is known for their unusual appearance. They have a long body, low-set ears, and a distinctive ruff that is hairless. They have an easy-to-care-for coat that is dense and soft to the touch. Bedlington Terriers also have short legs with webbed paws and dark brown eyes.

Here’s a detailed look at the breed’s appearance:

1. Height/Weight

The average height of a Bedlington Terrier is 16 inches and their weight ranges from 17 to 23 pounds.

Bedlington Terriers are known for their small size, but they are not the smallest breed. They are typically smaller than other terriers such as the Cairn, Jack Russell, and West Highland White Terrier.

2. Body Structure:

The Bedlington terrier is a small, short-legged, long-haired dog with a unique body structure. They have an elongated body and large head that resembles the Foxhound. The ears are set high on the head and are folded over in a “prick” shape. The tail is also slightly curved and hangs down behind the back legs.

Their deep chest and broad shoulders give them the appearance of being larger than they actually are.

3. Coat Type:

Bedlington terrier coat types are classified into three categories – smooth, rough, and wire.

The smooth type has a silky and glossy coat that is long and straight. The rough type has a short, thick, dense coat that is like a brush. The wire type has an extremely fine, thin coat with wires running through it.

Bedlington Terrier Colors:

Bedlington terriers have a wide variety of coat colors. They range from black and white to brown, tan, red, and even blue.

There are four standard coat colors:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Fawn
  • Red

There are also three patterns:

  • solid white (or cream)
  • broken red (or tan)
  • broken blue (or gray)

The most common colors are black, followed by blue and chocolate. Silver grey is the rarest color of the breed.

The black and tan coat colors are caused by a recessive gene that is carried by both males and females. This color is known as an agouti gene. The red coat color is caused by a dominant gene that is carried by both males and females. This color is known as a dilution gene.


Bedlington Terriers are mid-sized dogs with a short, smooth coat. They have a unique appearance due to their long ears and tail. Their coats can be any color but they mostly come in white or black with brown or red markings on them.

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