Maltese Chihuahua Mix: A Quick Overview Of The Small And Fiesty Malchi

Maltese Chihuahua Mix: A Quick Overview Of The Small And Fiesty Malchi

The Maltese Chihuahua mix, also known as Malchi, Malachi, or Maltechi, is a cross between a Maltese and a Chihuahua. The two breeds are both small in size, and this will typically be the case for the Maltese Chihuahua mix as well.

The Malchi has all the qualities that one would want in a pet. They are friendly and affectionate, intelligent, clean, and easy to train. They are also very good with children and other pets in the house.

If you’re thinking of getting a Malchi, spend a few minutes going through the article so you’ll know precisely what you’re getting yourself into and what caring for a Malchi entails.

Overview Of The Breed

Height: 12-14 inches

Weight: 5-12 pounds

Colors: Fawn, Black, Cream, White

Lifespan: 12-15 years

Group: Mixed breed (Maltese and Chihuahua)

Purpose: Companion Dogs


Malchis grow to a maximum size of 12 pounds, occasionally 15 pounds, and 12-14 inches in height. Because they’re mixed-breed dogs, their look might differ significantly from that of other puppies in the litter. It all depends on whether the dog’s parents have the stronger gene. As a result, the color and length of the coat can vary.

The majority of Malchis inherit coats from their Chihuahua parents rather than their Maltese parents. So, if their Chihuahua parent has a long coat, this dog is likely to have one as well, and if their Chihuahua parent has a short coat, this dog is likely to have one as well.

Malchis can have coats that are white, black, cream, or fawn in color and length, depending on the dominant gene. The coat is constantly wavy, lustrous, silky, and generally minimal maintenance.

The ears can be tall on rare occasions, but the long, folded ears of the Maltese parent are more prevalent. These canines have beautiful brown eyes and a fluffy fringe that falls from their brow.


When looking at a mixed breed, we know that each pup will blend the qualities of its parents in unique ways. We can get a good, but not the exact, idea of how the Maltese Chihuahua mix will act by looking at the parents.

Chihuahuas have a reputation for having huge personalities. They can be sassy and irritable. For some pet owners, they bark excessively. But nobody can deny that these pups are very loyal and fiercely protective of their families. As a result, they are affectionate dogs who are always by your side.

On the other hand, the Maltese are polite and trustworthy. They are vivacious and like having fun. These canines are often easy to train since they are people pleasers. They also have a laid-back demeanor and are unafraid to approach strangers. Maltese may be excellent watchdogs, but this can lead to issues with barking on this side of the Malchi family as well.

When these qualities of the Chihuahua and the Maltese are combined, we get the sweet, lively, and lovable Malchi. With the assumption that they are a much larger breed trapped in a little body, this breed closely resembles both of the parent breeds. These pups are extremely affectionate to their people, but they have limited patience for kids of any age. Children should constantly be supervised since the Malchi might become irritated and snappy. Thankfully, early socialization and training can help to lessen these traits, but the Malchi is best suited to families without children or other pets.

This breed is also known for barking at anything and everything, so expect a nonstop onslaught of barking all day. In terms of trainability, the Malchi may have a stubborn tendency due to the Chihuahua gene, but their Maltese side usually shines through, and they will be eager to please.

If you’re looking for a clever dog, a Malchi is the one for you. The Maltese Chihuahua Mix received their innate intelligence from both of their parents, who were both bright dog breeds.

Malchis are companion dogs and so, they cannot be left alone for lengthy periods of time. Your pup will be worried and as a result, suffer from severe separation anxiety. Being left alone does not benefit their personality; they might become disruptive and hostile. The good news is that your Malchi will always be happy to see you and will enjoy cuddling up on your lap at the end of a hard day.

Training Requirements

Malchis, despite their intelligence and ability to learn, can be rather stubborn. When it comes to training this dog to quit barking excessively and get along with other people/pets you may have at home, it will be much more difficult than training other dogs. This means you’ll need to be strong and assertive in order to persuade them to obey you.

But the last thing you want to do is use ineffective and harmful techniques like scolding and yelling in an attempt to speed things up because this will do nothing to improve the training process and will only harm your relationship with your Maltese Chihuahua Mix.

In situations like these, positive reinforcement strategies, incentives, consistency, and firmness are what get you positive outcomes.

Overall, patience, time, and dedication will be required to train your Malchi. Although the Chihuahua’s stubborn side may show through at times, these dogs are clever and eager to please. As your Malchi begins to comprehend what is required of them, your patience will be rewarded.

Exercise Needs

Malchis aren’t as physically active or lively, hence they don’t exercise as much.

Maltese Chihuahua Mix isn’t bred to be a working dog. Also, because they are little and delicate, they eat less, and as a result, they do not have enough calories in their body to exercise like other dogs. This is also why they become exhausted quite easily.

Moreover, because of their small dog syndrome, you might be hesitant to take your dog out for walks. A Malchi should, however, walk for roughly 20 minutes every day to keep healthy and fit. Make sure any walks you take your dog on are short and sweet, as there’s no reason to travel for long distances back and forth.


The degree of grooming required by your Malchi dog will be determined by the coat type they inherited. If your dog is born with a long, white coat, you already know it will stain easily. It will require a great deal of effort to keep their wonderful fur stain-free and as near to that pristine, light hue as possible. Baths will be required on a regular basis, with special attention paid to the face, particularly under the eyes and around the lips, where discoloration may form.

They are typically low to moderate shedders when it comes to shedding. Malchi dogs with long, thick hair will require grooming on a weekly basis. On your long-haired Malchi, you must use a de-shedding brush or a pin brush. On the other hand, you’ll only need to brush your dog once a week if they have short hair. Between brushing sessions, shampoo your Malchi’s hair at least once every two to three weeks.

Cleaning your dog’s ears and teeth is an area that many dog owners ignore. However, if you also take care of your dog’s teeth and ears, they will be a lot healthier and happier.


Although the Maltese Chihuahua Mix is typically a healthy breed, they are susceptible to the health issues that are found in their parent breeds. Here are some of them:

  1. Dental problems
  2. Hypoglycemia
  3. Tracheal Collapse
  4. Shaker Dog Syndrome
  5. Luxating Patella
  6. Eye Problems
  7. Patent ductus arteriosis
  8. Liver Shunt

The Malchi has a lifespan of12 to 15 years. Remember that your dog will stay in top shape if you feed them a good diet, give them plenty of exercises, and take them to the vet on a regular basis.

Maltese Chihuahua Mix: Cost

The Malchi is still a new hybrid dog breed, having only been presented to the designer dog market 20 years ago. But the breed is gaining popularity as a result of their feisty attitude and tiny form.

Malchi pups can cost anywhere from $300 to $1,000 if purchased from a reputable, high-quality breeder. It is critical to get a puppy from a reputable breeder at all times. Physical and behavioral issues can occur in dogs from puppy mills or backyard breeders.


The Malchi can be the perfect pet for you if you’re seeking a beautiful small dog to add to your family! They’re affectionate, low-energy dogs with mild shedding. They do best in families without small children or other pets. The Malchi also has the ability to bark. Sure, they’re a bit of a pain to train and socialize, but they’re well worth the effort!

Thank you for reading the article.

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Have you ever come across a Malchi? Do you think the Maltese Chihuahua Mix is the right breed for your family? Let us know in the comments below!

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