How To Teach Your Dog To Talk? Follow These 10 Steps (100% Working)

How To Teach Your Dog To Talk? Follow These 10 Steps (100% Working)

Do you know how to teach your dog to talk? Today we are going to tell you 10 simple steps that you can follow. You will need patience, some treats, and some time.

10 Steps To Follow

1) Hold a treat in front of your dog’s nose and say “speak”. Your dog will try to get the treat by barking. Say “speak” again while holding the treat in front of their nose. Repeat this process until they bark on command even without the treat in front of their nose.

2) When your dog makes a barking noise without you saying “speak”, praise them. This is an important step. Otherwise, your dog will think that they just made noise to get praise.

3) After doing simple steps 1-2, say “speak” when you see your dog’s mouth go wide open just taking a breath. You taught them that there are two basic sounds for bark/talk/call/command, one of which is bark and the other is “speak”. When they make this sound without actually saying anything, they are inferring that it means “you want me to bark?” or “you want me to talk?”. You can even say “speak” and they will bark. Then say “quiet” and they will stop barking. Repeat this until they associate the sound of “speak” with barking.

4) Do step 3 again, but this time you hold a treat in front of their nose while saying it. This time, you are teaching them to associate the sound of “speak” with getting a treat rather than barking.

5) Practice steps 1-4 by holding treats in different positions relative to your dog while saying “speak”. You want your dog to be able to speak wherever they are, not just in one position.

6) After you have practiced step 5 enough times, hold no treat in front of your dog’s nose while saying “speak”. Do not say “good boy” or anything. Only say it once. If they bark, then that is fine. That means they are trying to speak on command. If they do not bark, do not tell them to bark or make any other noise. Simply walk away for a few seconds and go back to commanding them to speak again.

7) Continue practicing steps 5-6 until your dog barks when you say “speak”. At this point, begin mixing up the position of the treat after each time you tell them to speak (only one time). Your dog will bark for the treat every time.

8) After your dog is barking every time you tell them to speak on command with no treat in front of their nose, you can move to verbally commanding them to talk on command without any treats at all. When they say “speak” without you having to give a treat first, then they are ready for many other tricks.

9) Practice steps 1-8 with other words instead of just “speak”, such as “wow”, “yes”, and names of family members. Use more common words than just saying “speak”. This will help your dog understand that there are many different commands that they can learn, not just one or two. After you have taught them all the sounds they can make, you can train them to do many other things.

10) Now you have a talking dog!

Remember, this is not something that will happen in one day. You must be patient while training your dog to talk. Once they learn the first sound you teach them, it gets much easier. They will learn faster if you use many different words at once rather than just repeating “speak”.

When you are putting words together, put them in common phrases that they are likely to hear people use frequently. For example, put “go outside” together with “speak” in your dog’s mind. Then, say “speak go outside” and your dog will bark. Repeat this enough times and they will learn to bark every time you say “speak go outside” because they associate the two sounds together. This is not always how you want them to learn the sound though. Sometimes you will want them to bark immediately when they hear a particular word, so you can train them to do this as well.

Remember these three things when training your dog to talk: patience, treats, time.

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