Great Dane Personality: All the Traits You Need to Know About These Gentle Giants

Great Dane Personality: All the Traits You Need to Know About These Gentle Giants

Great Danes are a truly great and noble dog breed that loves spending time with their families. They can be quite large but also have gentle personalities.

These magnificent creatures are known for their gentle demeanor, but they are also known to be stubborn and strong-willed. They are loved for their confident, and friendly personalities. Great Danes enjoy human companionship and have a tendency to be extremely affectionate. They are great with children and make a good family dog.

Read on to know the Great Dane personality traits.

Are Great Dane Good Family Dogs?

Expected for their gentleness and serene demeanor, Great Danes are often cherished for being amazing family dogs. They can be playful too, with an even temperament. They have a solid track record for being dependable and loyal. With their large size, they are gentle and loving but also possess a strong and imposing personality.

The Great Dane can be a great family dog if you know what to expect from them. They require lots of attention and exercise, which means that they will need to be walked on a daily basis. If you have children or other pets in your home, you should make sure that you have enough space for them all.

Are Great Danes Kid-Friendly?

Great Danes are generally very friendly and tolerant of children, but their size and strength can make them intimidating for small children. it is strongly recommended that you monitor the children at all times, even when they are around them. They’re so big that they can easily knock kids down accidentally when they walk. They can even send a grown man running to the hospital. It is equally important to remember that Great Danes have a high prey drive which means they will want to chase anything that moves. They are also territorial by nature so it is best to keep your dog away from the kids when you’re not home.

This is why you should train and socialize your Great Dane while they are very young and smaller in size These dogs are not purposefully hurting you, but they’re unaware that they are too big. However, if you can tackle this and train them from a very young age, they can be great house dogs and a lovely addition to your family.

Do Great Danes Get Along with Other Dogs?

The Great Dane is not only a great family dog but also a great companion for all other dogs. Due to their calm and gentle temperament, they don’t typically show any signs of aggression towards other dogs. But it’s always important to socialize your pets early and be mindful of their needs. When you socialize your pet with other dogs, you’re also teaching them proper behavior and how to play with other dog breeds.

Do Great Danes Think They Are Lap Dogs?

It may sound absurd judging by their size, but Great Danes are big fans of cuddling and they would love nothing more than being a lap dog. Despite their great stature even as puppies, they’re so cute and loveable that it’s easy to let them sit on your lap for some snuggle time. As they start to grow, it’s not long before the dog is bigger than you and doesn’t fit in your favorite chair. When this happens, it’s better to have a full-sized couch for cuddle time or to just give in and roll on the floor with your Great Dane.

Can Great Danes Get Along with Other Animals?

As mentioned earlier, Great Danes are a good choice for families looking for a pet that will fit in well with children and other household members. They can be very friendly and love to socialize with other animals. However, they are not always the best option for households with small animals like cats or rabbits because of their size and strength.

Are Great Danes Aggressive Dogs?

Great Danes are not aggressive but rather just want to please their owners so much that they will do anything for them. Although these gentle giants are known for their calm and friendly demeanor, they can be aggressive towards strangers who come too close to them or their owners without permission. Do not leave your Great Dane unattended in the backyard without supervision if you don’t want it to get into trouble with other animals or humans. This behavior, however, can be corrected if you train and socialize your dog early.

You should spend some quality time with your Great Dane puppy before introducing them to new settings or people. Importance of socialization in dogs is important for their mental and physical health. In order for your dog to grow up into healthy, happy adults, they need to be exposed to a wide range of different people, dogs, other animals, and experiences.


Great Danes are often considered one of the most intelligent dog breeds. Also known as gentle giants or Apollo of dogs, this regal breed combines great size and power with elegance. Great Danes are calm and playful, widely known for their gentleness as well as their loyalty. They are not aggressive but rather just want to please their owners so much that they will do anything for them.

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