German Shepherd Vs Husky: Top 5 Differences

German Shepherd Vs Husky: Top 5 Differences

Both the German Shepherd and the Husky are big famous breeds with high energy requirements. There are several similarities between the two. There are, nevertheless, some significant differences.

We’ve broken down everything you need to know about these breeds below to help you figure out which one is appropriate for you and which will make the ideal companion for your home. ‘German Shepherd Vs Husky’ – here’s how to pick.

1. German Shepherd Vs Husky: Their History

German Shepherd History

Siberian Husky History

The German Shepherd is a comparatively new breed, having been developed in 1899. Captain Max von Stephanitz, a retired German cavalryman, began raising German Shepherd dogs for sheepherding. The Chukchi, a Siberian clan, developed the Siberian husky, which is one of the oldest dog breeds. They were utilized as sled dogs to convey the tribe’s youngsters and even slept with them to keep them warm.

2. German Shepherds Are More Popular Than Huskies:

German Shepherd Popularity

Siberian Husky Popularity

German Shepherd dogs are the fourth most common dog breed in America, according to the American Kennel Club. Huskies are only the nineteenth most popular breed, according to the American Kennel Club.

3. German Shepherds Are Bigger In Size Than Huskies:

German Shepherd Size

Siberian Husky Size

The German Shepherd stands 22-26 inches tall and weighs between 50 and 90 pounds. Huskies stand from 20 to 23.5 inches tall and weigh 35 to 50 pounds.

4. German Shepherds Make Better Watchdogs:

German Shepherd Protectability

Siberian Husky Protectability

German shepherds are devoted to their families, but they aren’t often excessively outgoing when they meet new people, and they don’t warm up to strangers fast. They are good watchdogs because of their aloofness toward strangers. Huskies aren’t known for being good watchdogs. With their wolf-like appearance, they may appear threatening, but the breed is actually quite gentle. They aren’t particularly loud either.

5. Huskies Are Better With Children Than German Shepherds:

German Shepherd Around Kids

Siberian Husky Around Kids

German Shepherds may be wonderful family pets and friends, but they should be socialized from a young age to ensure that they get along with kids. The Husky could be a better fit for a family with small children. They are fun, enthusiastic, and gentle with children.

 More About The German Shepherd And The Husky

The intellect and independence of Siberian huskies are well recognized. They are incredibly loving and make wonderful family pets, yet they are not needy. Despite their incredible capacity to learn, huskies are famously tough to train and maybe mischievous, so they are best suited to people who are confident and experienced with dogs. Because they are pack dogs, they require an owner who can act as the pack’s leader.

German shepherds are also exceptionally clever, robust, and energetic dogs that make excellent pets. Because German Shepherds are simple to train and like working, they are frequently employed to assist persons with disabilities, as police dogs, and to rescue avalanche victims.

When it comes to shedding, there really is no competition. Both dogs are known shedders, as both breeds have double coats and a lot of furs.

However, their shedding habits are slightly different.

In the spring and fall, huskies shed a lot, but in cooler regions, they shed less. Huskies are also a relatively clean breed that enjoys grooming itself. They don’t emit much odor and don’t require much maintenance, just a lot of brushing. Brush them at least once a week during the year and daily while they are shedding.

Similarly, German shepherds are nicknamed “German shedders” because they shed so much. This breed sheds all year, so be prepared to vacuum frequently and have your clothes coated in hair if you own one. German shepherds shed so much twice a year that their hair practically ‘blows’ off them. The breed, like the husky, is fairly clean with little odor and requires frequent brushing all year.


There are a number of similarities between the German Shepherd and the Husky. They’re both highly bright canines who need a lot of activity. Both breeds require training and mental stimulation and do not perform well when left alone for lengthy periods of time. They both shed a comparable amount, live for about the same amount of time, and are usually healthy animals, but they do require some grooming on a regular basis.

But you should know that adopting either one of these two beautiful breeds is a lifetime commitment. You’ll need to make sure you understand more about both breeds to know if you can offer them a suitable home.

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Which is the breed of your choice? The German Shepherd or the Husky? Let us know in the comments below!

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