Do Tibetan Mastiffs Shed? 6 Easy Ways To Reduce A Tibetan Mastiff’s Shedding

Do Tibetan Mastiffs Shed? 6 Easy Ways To Reduce A Tibetan Mastiff's Shedding

Tibetan Mastiffs are known for their thick, double-layered coats. This is one of the reasons they are so popular as pets. But do Tibetan Mastiffs shed?

Yes. Tibetan mastiffs shed year-round. These dogs are most likely to shed in the spring and fall due to the change in temperature and humidity. They shed more in the summertime because of the warmer weather.

This breed’s coat needs to be brushed regularly, especially during shedding season when they will need brushing twice daily.

If you are considering adopting a Tibetan Mastiff, here’s what you need to know about their shedding.

What Causes Tibetan Mastiffs To Shed?

To understand why Tibetan Mastiffs shed, it is important to know how their fur grows. The fur on a Tibetan Mastiff grows in a double layer, with an outer layer of long guard hairs and an inner layer of short down hairs.

There are many reasons why the Tibetan Mastiff sheds. One of the most common reasons for this is because they have too much hair on their skin and it needs to be removed in order to keep them healthy. This can happen because they have been groomed too much or not groomed at all. Another reason is that they have consumed an excessive amount of food which has caused them to produce more oil than usual, which then causes the coat to shed more often than usual.

Some other reasons for shedding could be that they are too hot or cold, or that their diet has changed drastically, causing them to lose protein. Or they might have an underlying condition like hypothyroidism and need to be eating foods high in iodine and taking supplements to help with the condition.

How Often Do Tibetan Mastiffs Shed?

Tibetan Mastiffs shed twice a year. They will shed in the spring and fall, but their shedding patterns depend on the climate. If it is cold outside, then they will not be shedding as much because it is too cold for them to lose the fur to keep themselves warm.

6 Ways To Reduce A Tibetan Mastiff’s Shedding

Here are 6 most effective ways to reduce your Tibetan mastiff’s shedding:

1) Brush your dog’s coat with a slicker brush regularly.

2) Keep your dog on a regular grooming schedule.

3) Use a shedding blade to remove loose hair from the undercoat.

4) Bathe your dog regularly with shampoo that is specifically designed for dogs with thick coats.

5) Clip the hair around the eyes, ears, and feet to prevent mats from forming in those areas and causing pain when they are brushed.

6) Brush their coat after they have been playing outside because dirt and debris can get stuck in their fur.

Why Do Some People Think That Tibetan Mastiffs Don’t Shed?

Some people believe that Tibetan Mastiffs don’t shed because they have a thick coat of hair. However, this is not the case. Tibetan Mastiffs do shed but their fur is so thick that it’s hard to see the hair on the ground.

Since many people believe that Tibetan Mastiffs don’t shed, they think it will be easier to care for them and less expensive to groom them. This is not true because they still need to be bathed and groomed regularly and their fur needs to be brushed every day.


Tibetan Mastiffs shed moderately twice a year. The best way to reduce shedding in your Tibetan Mastiff is by brushing them on a daily basis, bathing them at least once every two months, and removing any mats or tangles from their coat before they get worse.

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