Can Dogs Mate Cats? 3 Reasons Why Dogs and Cats Cannot Mate With Each Other

Can Dogs Mate Cats 3 Reasons Why Dogs and Cats Cannot Mate With Each Other

Like most of the dogs and cats owners, you’ve might have wondered whether dogs can mate cats. There are a lot of videos floating around the internet that shows dogs mating cats, but the real deal is that there has been no evidence of the breeding being successful. So the answer to the question “Can dogs mate cats?” is no.

Dogs cannot mate cats because they belong to different genus and species. Only animals belonging to the same species can have successful breeding without the aid of modern science and human interventions.  Even if the breeding between cats and dogs was possible, conventionally in labs, the baby would not survive due to biological incompatibility between the parent’s genes. Read on to find out everything about the mating between dogs and cats.

Why Dogs and Cats Cannot Mate 

There are a number of reasons why the two species cannot breed. We will talk about these reasons below:

1. They are from Different Species and Their Chromosomes do not Match

Dogs have 39 pairs of chromosomes while cats have only 19. Due to this reason, the sperm of dogs and ovaries of cats are incompatible. Even if the cat is conventionally impregnated by the dog then the baby will not survive.

However, due to technological advancements, the mating between dogs and cats could only happen in labs. But so far, no evidence of dogs and cats having babies has been found.  This is a clear indication that crossbreeding between them is not possible whatsoever.

2. They Both Have Different Mating Periods

When a female enters heat which is also known as the estrus cycle or mating period, males simply follow their instinct to pass on their genes without any concern. When the time is right, Littermates who live in the same home naturally respond. In dogs and cats, the estrus cycle varies. Dogs get into heat twice a year on average whereas cats get into heat about every few weeks during a breeding season that generally occurs between January and October.

3. They Have Different Mating Rituals

Naturally, Cats and dogs are highly unlikely to mate with each other. Male cats are attracted to female cats based on their smell and sound. Female dogs only mate with male dogs that they find attractive. In either of these cases, both of these animals won’t find each other attractive for mating. Thus, their mating rituals are completely different.

Why Does My Dog Try to Mate with My Cat?

Aggressive dogs are expected to exhibit mounting as a sign of dominance. Some dogs hump over other animals and objects while playing. This playing often leads to erection and can easily be mistaken for a sexual act. The behavior of dogs trying to mount on household appliances, furniture, cats, children, and even your leg is an everyday thing.

Mounting in dogs is habitual and you shouldn’t always assume it as an indication of mating. Dogs’ mounting behavior is quite common in puppies as they love playing a lot, and it doesn’t trigger erection at all. Therefore if you notice this behavior developed by your canine friend, then it is the right time to discourage them by early training. You can seek help from a dog trainer too.  Also, if the behavior is seen among your female dog, then it may be due to an infection in the urinary tract, and it is good to seek medical advice from a vet.

Can A Cat Impregnate Dog?

Biological research suggests that dogs and cats have unnatural mixtures of DNA; hence breeding is usually unsuccessful. Both of them have different reproductive organs from each other.  Female dogs are not adapted to accommodate barbed penises that male cats possess. Mating between female dogs and a male cat would injure the female dog. In addition, the two pets tend to differ in physiology. This is yet another indication that breeding is typically impossible unless genetic manipulation takes place. So in normal conditions, dogs cannot impregnate cats neither cats can impregnate cats.

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Till now, there are no records of hybrids obtained by mating between cats and dogs successfully. The emergence of hybrids has brought scientists into the laboratory conducting endless tests.

Hybrid tends to occur on the same species as a result of mating. Typically this occurs in various forms such as structural hybrids, permanent hybrids, numerical and genetic hybrids. However, Hybrids do not permit breeding, even after mating. Hybrids have transformations in appearance and traits that they get from both of their parents. This transformation has been seen in both plants and animals — a mule representing a crossbreed of a horse and donkey, for example.

Unfortunately, crossbreeding is linked to a lot of limitations and this is probably why dogs and cats can’t mate. In general, these animals typically display differences in physiological processes, mating rituals, and fertility stages because of which mating is not possible. The second reason why hybrids between cats and dogs don’t exist is that hybrids are highly prone to diseases and birth defects. So, even if a hybrid between dogs and cats was bred scientifically in a lab, it would not survive.


Cats and dogs cannot mate with each other. It can hardly be possible by using modern science and equipment. The two animals belong to completely different genus and species. Genetic manipulation is not needed either as unnaturally born hybrids are vulnerable to many diseases, are born with defects, and hence live for a shorter lifespan.

Both cats and dogs are unique with their own traits. So you must respect your four-legged friends. Never try to mate your dogs with cats. You have to love your pets for what they are. I hope this article was able to provide you with reasonable information regarding mating dogs and cats.

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