Can Dogs Eat Sweet Potatoes? Amazing Health Benefits of Feeding Sweet Potatoes to Dogs Explained!

Can Dogs Eat Sweet Potatoes? Amazing Health Benefits of Feeding Sweet Potatoes to Dogs Explained!

Can dogs eat sweet potatoes? Yes, dogs can eat sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are a nutritious and delicious addition to your pup’s diet. And while sweet potatoes are “potatoes”, they aren’t as toxic as the white potatoes belonging to the nightshade family. In fact, sweet potatoes are a healthier alternative to regular potatoes because they have a lower glycemic index. Sweet potatoes are a great addition to your pup’s weight control diet. Since the spuds are high in fiber, nutrients, and relatively low in calories, you can feed your pup just one of them without adding too many extra calories into their daily intake.

Health Benefits of Feeding Sweet Potatoes to Dogs

Sweet potatoes are packed with nutrients. They contain dietary fiber, vitamin C, beta-carotene, and many other vitamins and minerals. The dietary fibers are important for the health of your pup’s intestines. They have a laxative effect, help flush toxins out of the system, support healthy bowel movements, and prevent constipation.

Vitamin C present in these potatoes helps the immune system to function properly. Beta-carotene is converted into vitamin A in the body, which helps protect the eyesight, skin, and mucous membranes of your pup. Sweet potatoes are also a great source of magnesium and potassium, which promote healthy blood pressure levels.

And if these weren’t enough reasons to include them in your dog’s diet, sweet potatoes are also beneficial for weight management. Your pup will feel fuller for longer after eating just one potato because of its higher fiber content. And since sweet potatoes have a lower glycemic index compared to regular potatoes, they are a good choice for diabetic dogs. But still, it’s a good idea to consult with your vet about feeding sweet potatoes to a diabetic dog.

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Serving Sweet Potatoes to Dogs: Raw or Cooked?

When it comes to feeding sweet potatoes to dogs, cooked potatoes are the better choice. Not only are raw sweet potatoes hard to chew, but it’s also difficult to digest and can cause your pup digestive upset. Furthermore, it could also lead to choking or intestinal blockage when swallowed whole. So, if you choose to feed your pup sweet potatoes, it’s best to cook them. You can boil them, bake them or steam them. Do not use any salt, butter, or other seasonings when giving it to your dog.

And make sure you peel off the skin before serving it to your pup. Dogs can find it difficult to digest potato skins, so it’s recommended you remove the skin thoroughly before serving it to your dog. Break the potato into small pieces before feeding it to your pooch to reduce the chances of choking.

How Much Sweet Potatoes Can My Dog Eat?

Feed your pup a sweet potato as a treat, not as a meal. Your dog’s sweet potato intake should not exceed more than 10% of their daily calorie requirement. If you have a small breed dog, then just one potato will be enough to fulfill his/her daily nutritional requirement. No matter how healthy the food, it should only be fed in moderation.

Too many sweet potatoes at once could lead to gastrointestinal problems such as flatulence, diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach pain. So, start with a small amount. Usually, one or two ounces of serving per day should be enough. And if your pup seems to enjoy the potato without any problem, you can increase the number of sweet potatoes gradually.


Overall, sweet potatoes are a healthy addition to your pup’s diet. It has a lot of nutrients that help keep them healthy and fit. You can feed it in moderation, but bear in mind that too many sweet potatoes at once can cause digestive problems in dogs. So, feed your dog one or two ounces depending on their weight, and increase the amount slowly as they get used to them. And if you have any health conditions that may be aggravated by the consumption of sweet potatoes, always seek help from your veterinarian before feeding them to your pooch.

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