Can Dogs Eat Orange Peels? The Problem With Orange Peels For Dog’s Health: Explained

can dogs eat orange peels

In this article, we will discuss the answer to the question “Can Dogs Eat Orange Peels?”

Many people have the misconception that because dogs have a keen sense of smell, they can eat citrus fruits and vegetables without any negative effects. However, this is not true. This misconception has led to many cases of dogs eating orange peels and subsequently getting sick from the toxic effects of the peel.

The answer to ‘Can dogs eat orange peels?’ is yes, but there are risks involved with this decision. Read on to find out more on why it is not a good decision to feed orange peels to dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Orange Peels?

Orange peels aren’t toxic to dogs, but still, it’s wiser not to feed the peel to pooches at all. Dogs can have a hard time digesting the peel and it may cause them to get an upset stomach, or throw up. The peel can also cause a blockage in the intestines, and this is what should be the biggest reason not to feed orange peels to dogs. Small pieces of the peel shouldn’t cause any problems otherwise.

And as far as the nutritional value goes, you should know that an orange peel is actually rich in fiber, vitamin C, folate, vitamin B6, calcium, and other essential nutrients, but your dog can get most of these nutrients from his/her daily kibble anyway. And feeding the peel to the pup for providing him/her with the nutrients with little regard for the health problems it might cause is probably not a good idea.

So, if you do decide to feed your dog the peel of an orange, only let them have a small piece. To help avoid any problems with choking or intestinal blockage, it’s best not to feed your dog the whole peel. So, it’s true that dogs can eat orange peels, but feeding the peel to dogs is not the best thing to do.

Can Dogs Eat Dried Orange Peels?

Dried orange peels have a harsher taste and are harder to chew compared to raw orange peels, which is why dogs shouldn’t eat dried orange peels. However, if your dog really wants to eat dried orange peels, you can offer them small amounts of dried orange peels in moderation.

Every dog is an individual and not all dogs can eat a dried orange peel in the same manner as others, so some dogs might be able to eat the dried orange peels, while others might not. Symptoms that your dog may not be able to eat dried orange peels include vomiting, diarrhea, stomach upset, and/or dehydration. Just watch your dog for any signs of discomfort and stop giving them the dried orange peels as soon as you see these signs.


As far as the question “Can dogs eat orange peels?” is concerned, you should know that it’s not completely safe to feed your pooch an orange peel. Your dog can have a hard time digesting the orange peel and this may cause him/her to get an upset stomach, or throw up. Dogs also have a harder time chewing small pieces of the orange peel, so it’s best not to feed your dog a whole piece.

As far as dried orange peels are concerned, if offered small amounts of dried orange peels in moderation, they shouldn’t cause any harm to dogs. And if the dog does suffer from stomach upset, it can be treated easily with home remedies but if the symptoms persist, consult a vet.

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