Can Dogs Eat Mushrooms from Pizza? Yes, But Beware of These Ingredients…

Can Dogs Eat Mushrooms from Pizza? Yes, But Beware of These Ingredients…

While the mushroom itself might be fine for dogs to eat, the pizza might be seasoned with a few toxic ingredients such as garlic or onion. So, before allowing your dogs to hunt down the tasty fungi from their favorite slice of pizza, it would be wise to find out if the pizza is seasoned with the aforementioned ingredients.

Read on to find out whether dogs can eat mushrooms from pizza and how you can safely feed them.

Can Dogs Eat Mushrooms From Pizza?

Yes, dogs can eat the mushrooms from pizza but this option is not without any risks. It usually depends on the type of mushrooms used, but the majority of the mushrooms used as pizza toppings are fine for your pup to eat. However, most dog owners will agree that this isn’t a good idea. There is no guarantee that the dog will just eat the mushroom off the pizza leaving behind other additional ingredients. It is quite possible that the pizza will contain garlic, onions, or other ingredients that can be toxic to dogs. If it is your goal to have your dog eat the fungi, consider making your own mushroom pizza at home. Also, it would be wise to be sure the pizza does not have any garlic or onion on it.

Furthermore, the pizza might be seasoned with a hefty amount of salt, spices, and oils. So, while dogs might try to eat the mushrooms off the pizza, it’s possible that the pup might get sick because of the additional seasonings. So, before your dog pounces on the pizza, it would be a good idea to check what’s on the pizza.

But generally, if the dog does eat a small amount of the mushroom with just a tiny amount of garlic and/or onion seasoning, it will be ok. Small amounts of seasoned mushrooms on the pizza shouldn’t do much harm. Make sure to check up on your dogs’ condition after they eat the mushrooms on the pizza and make sure they drink plenty of water afterward. If the pup shows any adverse reactions after eating it, take them to the vet immediately.

So, it’s wiser not to take chances and feed the mushrooms on the pizza to the dog. Instead, you could try feeding raw or cooked mushrooms. Either one will be fine.

And If you’re still unsure about your dog eating mushrooms directly off the pizza, you can always make your own mushroom pizza at home. Just make sure not to use any ingredients or seasonings that could prove toxic to your pooch on your homemade pizza.

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Dogs can eat mushrooms from pizza but there are a few risks to consider while doing so. Avoid ingredients used in pizza such as garlic and onion which are toxic to your dog’s health. If your dog doesn’t feel good after eating mushrooms, take them to the vet as soon as possible.

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