Can Dogs Eat Mango Skin? Yes, But Know These Health Hazards First!

Can Dogs Eat Mango Skin? Yes, But Know These Health Hazards First!

Can dogs eat mango skin? Technically, yes. Dogs can eat mango skin. Mango skin isn’t toxic to dogs at all, so dogs could eat the peel. But should they? It’s probably safer to say that dogs can eat mango peel rather than they should eat mango peel. It’s typically not recommended to feed dogs the peel of the fruit, but since mango skin isn’t toxic it’s not necessarily harmful to your dog either. For now, it remains up to each individual pet owner to decide whether or not their dogs should be eating mango skin at all. As is with most things, moderation is key when it comes to mango skin.

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Potential Health Hazards of Feeding Mango Skin to Dogs

While mango skin is technically non-toxic to dogs, it could be hard for dogs to digest it. This means that it could cause stomach upset or diarrhea in your dog if they ingest too much. If you do decide to feed your dog mango skin, be sure to feed small pieces.

Feeding large pieces of the mango skin could lead to choking. If you have ever had a mango peel get stuck in your dog’s throat, you know how dangerous this can be. If you know about the choking hazard and still feed your dog mango skin, there is a possible risk of intestinal blockage. This is exactly why trimming the peels into smaller pieces is important.  You should also keep an eye on your dog to see if they have any signs of health problems after eating mango skin.

If your dog begins having digestive problems or shows signs of choking after eating mango peel, you should limit the amount they eat in the future or take them to a vet for a checkup.

Benefits of Feeding Mango Skin to Dogs

Mango skin has a lot of nutritional value in it, which can be a great bonus for dogs who don’t eat fruits and veggies in their diet. The skin of the mango is full of Vitamin C and fiber. This can help promote healthier cells and a strong immune system for your dog. Fiber is also important to help keep your dog regular, which is vital for keeping them comfortable and happy.

Can Dogs Eat Dried Mango Peel?

Dried mango peel is also technically safe for dogs to eat, but you should keep in mind that dried fruit skin is still not very appetizing. The texture and flavor of the skin would make it hard for your dog to eat it all up. However, there are some dogs who might enjoy the taste of mango skin. Some people even add dried mango skin to dog treats or add it to their dog’s water bowl when they want them to enjoy a treat.

What About Mango Pits?

While some argue that mango seeds could be toxic to dogs, others believe that the nutritional value of feeding dogs mango pits is quite beneficial. But we recommend you don’t feed mango pits to dogs. Mango pits could prove to be a serious choking hazard if swallowed whole. And if the pit doesn’t lodge itself in the throat, it could still cause intestinal blockage.

While it is true that mango pits contain a small amount of cyanide, the Pet Poison Control and the ASPCA don’t include mango in their toxic plant’s list. So, you could feed your dog a mango pit if you wish to, but make sure the pit is broken into small pieces your dog can swallow. But by no means use mango pits as a chewing toy for your dog.

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Mango skin is not toxic to dogs. But it could be more harmful than beneficial. It is best to feed your dog mango peel in moderation, especially if they are already on a highly nutritious diet. Most dogs don’t like the texture of mango skin, so consider adding it to treats or food to make the experience more enjoyable. If you do decide to feed your dog dried mango peel or dried mango pits, be sure that they are broken into small pieces and not swallowed whole, and monitor their health closely to watch for issues with digestion or choking.

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