Can Dogs Eat Grilled Cheese? No. Here Are 4 Reasons Why!

Can Dogs Eat Grilled Cheese? No. Here Are 4 Reasons Why!

How much does your dog love grilled cheese?

Some dogs are diehard grilled cheese fans, while others are more discriminating when it comes to this gooey, cheesy sandwich. But before you feed them a slice of their favorite food, consider how it may affect their health. Some experts believe that the refined carbohydrates in white bread and processed cheese could lead to weight gain and other health problems.

So, can dogs eat grilled cheese? The answer is no. Grilled cheese sandwiches are not very healthy for canines. Cheese is high in fat and calories and can result in stomach problems if eaten too often. It does contain calcium, but the calcium intake from meat is much more beneficial to dogs than calcium intake from dairy products.

This article will provide you with a detailed answer to the question, ‘Can dogs eat grilled cheese?’ Read on!

Nutritional Value of Grilled Cheese

The nutritional value of a grilled cheese sandwich is not very high. The cheese, which is the main ingredient in a grilled cheese sandwich, provides very little nutritional value to your dog. Cheese has some calcium content, but it also has almost no nutritive value other than calcium. One slice of cheese may have calcium equivalent to 1 ounce of meat. One-fourth of a grilled cheese sandwich cannot make up for all the calcium in a single slice of cheese, or in one ounce of meat. In order to provide your dog with the best nutritional value, you should give him a relatively small portion for a snack between meals.

4 Reasons Why Grilled Cheese Is Bad For Dogs

Here’s a quick look at the health ramifications of feeding your dog a grilled cheese sandwich:

1. Unhealthy Fat and Saturated Fat:

Grilled cheese sandwiches typically contain two slices of white bread and processed cheese. While not all cheeses are created equal, many commercial varieties of cheese contain preservatives and saturated fats that aren’t good for your dog. They can cause negative effects like diarrhea, weight gain, and dehydration. Some experts recommend switching to low-fat cheese or cutting out all fat altogether.

2. Decreased Digestion:

Dogs are designed to make use of what they eat. If your pet has trouble digesting the nutrients in cheese, it’s not likely that she’ll be able to do so when she eats it. Some experts also believe that the hard cheeses of grilled sandwiches may irritate an animal’s esophagus or stomach lining, which can lead to problems like diarrhea or potentially fatal bloat.

3. Simple Carbohydrates:

Grilled cheese sandwiches contain processed white bread with an abundance of carbohydrates. Dogs aren’t equipped to process carbs like humans are, so the sugar in white bread is likely to cause blood glucose levels to spike and then drop rapidly. This isn’t good for your dog’s energy level, metabolism, or health in general.

4. Additives:

Many commercial varieties of cheese contain additives like flavorings, food dyes, and preservatives like nitrates that aren’t good for your dog. It’s best to stick to plain white cheese that contains no additives.

While not as healthy as other dog treats, grilled cheese sandwiches provide protein and calcium, and some brands contain added fiber and vitamins A and D. But these benefits may be greatly obscured by the potential negatives associated with the sandwich’s refined carbohydrates and processed cheese.

How to Feed Your Dog a Grilled Cheese Sandwich?

If you decide that your dog should have some grilled cheese, introduce this cheese to your dog gently. Giving dogs new foods can sometimes cause diarrhea or other stomach issues if the food is pushed too fast, too soon. An abrupt change in diet can upset their digestive system and result in sickness.

According to the ASPCA, your pooch should be fed only one piece of white bread and one slice of processed cheese per day to avoid any negative effects.

As an alternative, you make always homemade grilled cheeses with low-fat cheese and whole-grain bread for your pooch.


Grilled cheese is a popular snack for many people, but how does it fare with dogs? Can dogs eat grilled cheese? There are some nutritious benefits of grilled cheese, but it shouldn’t be used as a treat to share with your dog. Giving your dog grilled cheese could result in diarrhea or can have other negative side effects on their bodies.

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