Can Dogs Eat Garlic Sausage? You Must Know About These Health Concerns

Can Dogs Eat Garlic Sausage? You Must Know About These Health Concerns

Dogs can eat sausages, but should they? No, at least not in large quantities. The spices and ingredients in sausage could cause some health problems. And, as many of you will know, dogs should avoid eating large quantities of garlic because of possible adverse effects on their digestive tract. In small amounts, though, garlic sausage is ok for dogs to eat. However, we recommend you abstain from feeding any kind of sausages to your dog.

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Why Are Sausages Bad For Dogs?

Sausages are very high in salt, fat, and preservatives. All of these ingredients are bad for dogs in high quantities. And, if you often give them to your dog, you might notice some changes in his health. To start with, he/she will have a hard time digesting the ingredients of the sausage because of which his/her stomach will be upset. Most sausages have very little nutritional value compared to the high-fat content. The high fat in sausages could lead to obesity in dogs. Additionally, the spicy ingredients in the sausages could irritate the digestive tract of your dog resulting in diarrhea. Dogs need protein, but the protein should be lean and healthy.

Sausages also contain preservatives, which contain nitrate and nitrites. These preservatives are harmful to dogs when consumed in large quantities. They can lead to life-threatening health problems in dogs, such as cancer, eye problems, and organ problems. Nitrate and nitrite ingestion may also cause a sudden drop in the blood pressure of your dog. You should also keep a check on the nitrates and nitrites in the sausages you give your dog to make sure that they do not affect his health.

Additionally, sausages contain a lot of salt and seasoning. The extra seasoning in the sausages could be the trigger to a boatload of health issues. Excess sodium consumption in dogs is linked to elevated blood pressure and elevated blood cholesterol levels. It could also lead to dehydration and salt poisoning. Salt poisoning is a very serious health condition, even fatal, that can develop in dogs that eat salty foods regularly. Thus, we advise you to avoid giving sausages to dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Garlic Sausage?

Now that we know sausages are a potentially harmful food for dogs, it’s time to talk about garlic sausage.

The answer is yes. Dogs can eat garlic sausage, but you should definitely avoid feeding it to your dog in large quantities. The garlic in garlic sausage is a well-known digestive irritant and a well-known ingredient to dogs. Excess consumption of garlic could lead to irritation of the digestive system of dogs leading to diarrhea, vomiting, and even a decrease in appetite. Furthermore, consuming large amounts of garlic is linked to a life-threatening condition called hemolytic anemia in dogs in which the red blood cells in dogs are destroyed, leading to a drop in the number of red blood cells.

Additionally, garlic isn’t the only thing you should be worried about while feeding garlic sausages to dogs. The fat content along with the preservatives and seasoning used in garlic sausages is also a problem. We know that fat causes obesity and other health problems in dogs. But the preservatives and other ingredients used in sausage can also cause serious harm to your dog. Excess consumption of fat and preservatives could also lead to other life-threatening conditions such as pancreatitis and cancer. So, it’s best to avoid feeding sausage to your dogs and opt for healthier and less harmful food for dogs.


Garlic sausage is fine for dogs to eat in small quantities. However, you should not give large amounts of garlic sausages to your dog as it could cause diarrhea and health issues such as anemia and pancreatitis. Additionally, sausages also contain preservatives that are harmful to the digestive system of dogs. So, we advise you to keep garlic sausages to a small extent.

In the event, your dog eats garlic sausages and feels ill, seek the advice of a vet. Also, if you are not sure about the ingredients in the sausages you are giving your dog, then avoid giving them.

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One thought on “Can Dogs Eat Garlic Sausage? You Must Know About These Health Concerns

  1. In the UK you can buy a chunky garlic sausage from Home Bargains – this is perfectly safe for your dog in SMALL QUANTITIES, as in, maybe little cubes given as a high value reward during training. I have a cocker spaniel if this helps people make a decision on whether to give this to the dog. DO NOT give your dog big slices of this, as it can upset their tummy. If they do however get a hold of the whole sausage and scoff it before you can stop them, then put a bowl of water down for them, feed them some wet dog food and observe them for a couple of hours. ALWAYS CONSULT YOUR VET if you’re in any way doubtful or concerned.

    Hope this helps 🙂

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