Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers? Everything You Need to Know About This Super-Healthy Vegetable

Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers? Everything You Need to Know About This Super-Healthy Vegetable

Imagine you were prepping some salad or sandwiches and you happen to see your dog take some bites out of the cucumber. You don’t think much of it at the moment because you believe cucumbers are super-healthy for both humans and dogs, but later you wonder “Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers?”

The answer is yes. Your dog can eat cucumbers. When it comes to humans, there are various health benefits of eating cucumbers. However, this crunchy green vegetable can be a healthy and tasty snack addition to your pup’s diet as well. Here’s everything you should know about feeding cucumbers to your pup in this article. Make sure to read further.

Are Cucumbers Safe for Dogs?

Yes, eating cucumbers poses no threat to your beloved pooch’s health that is if they’re fed in moderation. Occasional cucumber treats offer a low-calorie, crunchy snack that most dogs love. They are also a good alternative to dog biscuits thanks to their low-calorie content.

However, there is a risk of choking when feeding large chunks of cucumbers to your dog. Too many cucumbers won’t cause serious health problems but still, too much of anything can cause intestinal upset in dogs, especially if they’re new to the food. Feeding a whole cucumber at once is also a bad idea.

Can Puppies Eat Cucumbers?

Puppies can eat cucumbers, that is if they are weaned and capable of eating solid food. Still, their digestive systems are still developing. Therefore, you should only feed them small portions in moderation. However, if your pup is relatively young and still receives milk, do not give them cucumber or any other kind of food. Young puppies also have a tendency to panic and may choke or vomit if they happen to accidentally swallow a large piece of cucumber.

Health Benefits of Cucumber to Dogs

Cucumbers have a lot of nutritional value for humans, but is it the same for our pooches? Well, there hasn’t been any specific research done on whether eating cucumbers is advantageous to your dog or not, but dogs can also enjoy most perks that humans can from eating cucumbers. Some of them are:

  • Cucumbers are 95% water, making them a tasty and hydrating treat. It can help quench your pup’s thirst and reduce the chances of heatstroke on a sunny day.
  • Several phytonutrients in cucumbers help fight and remove harmful waste and toxins from the body, reducing inflammation.
  • Replacing cucumbers with dog biscuits for treats can help in weight loss.
  • Tons of antioxidants in the cucumber help fight free radicals in the body, ultimately warding off diseases.
  • The moderate fiber content in cucumbers can help with constipation and other intestinal issues.
  • Fisetin, a flavonoid found in cucumbers, is known to improve memory function, protect nerve cells, and extend lifespan, according to a study done on mice.

Are There Any Demerits of Feeding Cucumber to My Dog?

The benefits of feeding cucumbers to your dog exceed the disadvantages. However, choking is one of the most prominent health issues linked to various foods while feeding your dog. Cut the fruit into small bite-sized pieces that will not harm your pooch even if they swallow the whole piece.

Other than that, it might be difficult for your pup to digest the cucumber skin and seeds. So, you would want to start with small portions of seeded and peeled cucumbers first. If they don’t show any adverse reactions, work your way towards feeding the skin and seeds as well.

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Can Dogs Eat Pickled Cucumber?

No, dogs should never be fed pickled cucumbers if they’re spiced. As pickles include spices and herbs like garlic, your dog can show adverse reactions from eating just a little bit of the pickle. Spicy pickles may also mean intestinal issues like diarrhea and gastrointestinal upset. However, if the pickle only contains raw materials like cucumber, brine, vinegar, and dill that aren’t toxic to dogs, a small bite won’t hurt them. As with every other food item, feeding them in moderation is important. Still, it’s better to stick to plain cucumbers rather than taking risks feeding them pickles.

How Many Cucumbers Can My Dog Eat?

When incorporating new food into your dog’s diet, it is always best to follow the 10% rule. According to this rule, include the treat in their diet, so that it makes up to 10% of daily calories in your dog’s diet. Therefore, how much you feed your dog is mostly depended on their size and daily calorie intake. Cucumbers are low in calories, fats, and sugars so you can add them into their diet without worrying much.

Cucumbers can also make great training treats instead of high-calorie dog biscuits. But still, too many cucumbers can cause intestinal issues, so be sure to feed them in moderation. Be sure to thoroughly wash, peel, and cut the cucumbers before giving some to your beloved canine bud.

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How to Serve Cucumbers to Your Dog?

Below are some ideas on how to serve cucumbers to your dog:

  • Combine peeled, chopped cucumbers along with other fruits or vegetables to prepare a healthy salad.
  • Freeze chunks of peeled cucumber for a fun treat in the summer.
  • Use small pieces of cucumbers as training treats.
  • Top their regular meal with small pieces of cucumber.
  • Dehydrate the cucumber with the help of a dehydrator or oven for a crispy and chewy treat.

If it’s your dog’s first time eating a particular food, try consulting your vet. Your vet will be able to give you a clear standard value on how much you can feed your dog.


Yes, dogs can eat cucumbers. This nutrient-rich and tasty fruit can make a tasty treat for your dog if fed in moderation. Although the benefits of cucumber outweigh the demerits, be sure to only incorporate cucumbers as an occasional treat. Too many cucumbers can lead to intestinal issues, so it’s best to feed them moderately. Also, don’t forget to wash, peel, and cut the cucumbers into small pieces so your dog can enjoy the taste and reap the benefits without much worry.

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How often do you give cucumbers to your dog? Do they like the taste of cucumbers? We would love to hear from you. Please share with us by leaving a comment below!

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