Can Dogs Eat Avocado Skin? No! Here’s Why…

Can Dogs Eat Avocado Skin? No! Here’s Why…

While dogs can eat small amounts of avocado skin, it is highly recommended that you do not feed your dog avocado skin. While there are differing opinions on whether or not eating an avocado is good for dogs, the truth is that it can be toxic. This is because avocados contain persin, which is a fungicidal toxin, that can cause serious health problems – even death, in pets. Most dogs have an adverse reaction to eating avocados, which includes vomiting, diarrhea, and excessive drooling.

Now if you’re still wondering “Can Dogs Eat Avocado Skin?”, then the simple answer is No, dogs cannot eat avocado skin. Read on to find out everything about why dogs should strictly avoid avocado skin.

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Dogs And Avocado Skin: A Recipe for Disaster!

Your dog should never eat a whole avocado because of the high level of persin it contains. This toxin can severely affect the dogs’ gastrointestinal and cardiovascular systems.  When avocados are eaten by dogs at unacceptable levels, they can become severely ill. Regular consumption of avocado by dogs has been linked to pancreatitis in both large and small breeds.

But while the whole fruit does contain persin, there is a reduced extent of persin in the flesh of the avocado. So, dogs could actually eat avocado meat as long as the pit and skin are removed. As for avocado skin, it’s best for dogs to stay away from it.

This is due to the fact that there is still persin on the skin of an avocado. Dogs could eat small amounts of avocado skin and not have any long-lasting health issues, but it’s simply not worth the risk. If your dog eats a large amount of avocado skin, you could be looking at major health issues – even pancreatitis. Some of the symptoms of eating large amounts of avocado skin and persin include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Gastrointestinal upset
  • Myocardial damage
  • Cardiac effects and so on.

Feeding your dog avocado skin is not only bad for them, but it’s also simply not worth the risk of your dogs’ health. And if you notice your dog eating any avocado, make sure to keep a close eye on them for any symptoms of persin toxicity and abnormal behavior. Mild symptoms like diarrhea and vomiting could be treated at home. But, if the symptoms get worse, it’s best to consult your local veterinarian right away.

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Dogs shouldn’t eat avocado skin. The fruits’ skin contains persin, which can cause serious health problems to your dog. So, if you’re planning on feeding avocado skin or any other part of the avocado to your dog (other than the flesh), reconsider it. Not only could it make your dog sick, but it could eventually cause serious harm and even death.

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Now that you know why you should strictly avoid giving avocado skin to your dog, explore more about feeding avocado to dogs here.

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