Can Dogs Eat Apple Chips? Yes, As Long As You Take These Measures

Can Dogs Eat Apple Chips? Yes, As Long As You Take These Measures

There has been some controversy over whether or not dog should consume human food, especially if it contains any animal-derived ingredients, including eggs and dairy. But that’s not the case with apple chips— they are made with just apples and sea salt. The answer to ‘Can dogs eat apple chips?’ is Yes. Dogs can eat apple chips as long as they are not too big and the slices are not too salty.

The dietary fiber content in apple chips is decent, especially when compared to other snacks that dogs can enjoy. It helps to keep your dog’s digestion systems healthy and functioning well. Apple chips also contain plenty of antioxidants and nutrients such as vitamin C and B5 (pantothenic acid) that can be beneficial for dog’s overall health.

If you decide to let your dog eat apple chips, it is best to limit the amount they consume. This is because dogs can sometimes overindulge in the snack due to its delicious taste. The chips should also not be fed on a frequent basis because apple in general contains a lot of sugar which is bad for canine’s health.

Apple chips also contain a lot of trace elements that are good for humans, but because of how dogs process food, these elements could be toxic to them. This is especially true of xylitol – which is found in many brands of apple chips – since it’s believed to be toxic to canines.

Is It Safe For Dogs To Eat Apple Chips?

Dogs can eat apple chips without any complications, but their dietary needs may vary a little depending on their health. If your dog has any medical conditions, it is best to consult with your vet before making the decision.

For example, if your dog suffers from allergies, they might not be able to eat certain kinds of treats or foods. This would be particularly the case if they have allergies to fruits and vegetables. It is always the best idea to talk things over with your vet before making the decision to feed apple chips to your pet.

Since apple chips lack the same texture as their regular food, it makes it easy for dogs to choke on these snacks. Choking is a serious health emergency. If you think your pooch is choking on apple chips or other foreign object, call your vet immediately.

Apple chips should be safe for dogs to eat in small amounts, especially if they are not used as a substitute for their regular food.

How Much Apple Chips Can Dogs Eat?

Some dog owners report that their dogs have been able to eat small amounts of apple chips at a time, but these people did not specify amounts. In some cases, the dogs liked the taste but would not eat more than one or two chips. Some people claim that they have only given their dogs a few pieces and had no issues afterwards. These reports are all very subjective as the owners do not specify how much their dog ate and which kind of apples they were using.

We recommend feeding apple chips only in moderation because apples themselves contain a lot of sugar which can affect a dog’s blood sugar levels. Those with dogs who have diabetes or who are overweight may wish to avoid feeding apples or apple chips since the sugar can cause blood sugar imbalances.

The dog might try and help themselves time and time again until the bag is empty, so it is up to you whether or not you want to continue supplying your dog with apple chips. To make it easier for yourself, simply put the bag of apple chips out of reach from your pet.

If you find that your pet has overdone it a little, and they have consumed too many apple chips, make sure that you take them for a walk immediately. This will help them get rid of any excess energy and may help to prevent any digestive issues as well.

What Kind Of Apple Chips Are Best For Dogs?

The “natural” apple chips typically found in stores are good for dogs. Just be sure to check the ingredients before you buy. Some items that should be avoided include bacon bits and anything deep-fried in oil (i.e., tater tots). These type of chips are also often dipped in sugar or salt (among other things) – which can be very dangerous for dogs!

Apple chips also contain preservatives and colors that are toxic to pets. There are some brands of apple chips that contain benzoic acid, which is a known preservative that makes food last longer by preventing the growth of bacteria. Benzoic acid can cause neurological damage when consumed in large amounts by dogs. The symptoms include an increment in body temperature and a change in the dog’s behavior.

If you want to get apples chips for your dog but don’t know what brand to use, here are some products that have gotten good reviews from other dog owners:

Wholesome Pride All Natural Healthy Dog Treats –It’s been recommended as an alternative to rawhide chews because it’s less processed and more natural than most dog treats.

Nutro Crunchy Natural Biscuit Dog Treats – This brand has multiple flavors which is popular among owners whose dogs seem to dislike plain ones.

Kaytee Timothy Biscuits Baked Treat – It has been recommended by dog owners due to how rich in fiber it is.


Can dogs eat apple chips? Yes they can! Just make sure that your dog does not feed on too many of these chips at once. As with any other kind of dog treat or food, too much can cause a stomach ache (or worse).

While you should always avoid feeding your pup junk food, keeping an apple on hand when you want to reward them is perfectly fine. If you have an apple lying around the house and your dog wants it, cut it into small pieces to eat. Find all about feeding apples to dogs in our article “Can dogs eat apples?”

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Have you ever fed apple chips to your pup? What was their reaction after eating it? What did you observe in your dog after feeding it? We’d love to hear your story. Please leave a comment below to let us know!


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  1. My dog loves to eat apple chips. I don’t give it to her too much tho since it has a lot of sugar so I give her some for a treat!

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