Can Dogs Drink Coconut Water? Is It Good for Dogs to Drink Coconut Water?

Water is essential to keep your dog hydrated. It is one of the vital substances required for any living body. But what else can your dog drink? What about other fresh beverages like coconut water? Can dogs drink coconut water? Yes, they can. It is generally safe for your pup to drink coconut water.

If your dog has a sweet tooth, you can feed them a bowl of coconut water as a deliciously sweet alternative to their usual drink.

Learn more about this flavorsome juice below.

What Is Coconut Water?

can dogs drink coconut water

Coconut water is often confused with coconut milk/oil. In simple terms, it is the white liquid found inside a young coconut. Coconut water is a nutritious beverage that people have been enjoying since time immemorial, especially in tropical countries. This refreshing drink is found in coconuts from 6-7 months of age.

Also known as ‘Noelani,’ meaning ‘dew from the heavens’ to Hawaiians, this drink is 95% water and 5% other nutritional elements. According to Healthline, one cup of coconut water (240 ml) contains:

Carbs9 grams
Fiber3 grams
Protein2 grams
Vitamin C10% of the RDI
Magnesium15% of the RDI
Manganese17% of the RDI
Potassium17% of the RDI

Note: RDI stands for Recommended Dietary Intake

Here are some of the health benefits derived from this sporty drink.

  1. The high fiber content in coconut water helps in easy digestion.
  2. It is also rich in other nutrients like chloride and potassium, which helps in hydration and rejuvenates the body.
  3. Research suggests that coconut water can improve blood pressure.
  4. This water also aids in lowering blood sugar levels.
  5. Coconut water has strong electrolyte content due to which it has been commercialized as a popular energy drink.
  6. It may also prevent kidney stones by reducing stone and crystal formation in kidneys.

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Is Coconut Water Good for My Dog?

Absolutely! Your furry companion can gain a lot of health benefits from drinking coconut water. The natural electrolytes found in this drink is an immune booster for your pup. Many dog owners also prefer serving coconut water right after their dog’s surgery because of its hydrating and replenishing properties. But your little friend doesn’t necessarily have to undergo an operation just to get a taste of this luscious drink. You can occasionally reward a few cubes of iced coconut water while training your pup, especially during hot summer days.

Some health experts believe that coconut water helps protect your canine companion from infection, fights off viruses, and improves their coat and skin condition. Moreover, it helps with dog arthritis and stabilizes your pup’s insulin and thyroid levels too.

Signs That Your Dog Loves Coconut Water

can dogs drink coconut water
Photo Credit: Harvey Chan/ Pixabay

Coconut water is ideal for refreshing ourselves as well as our pooch. This beverage has a mildly sweet taste that dogs would love to guzzle as much as we do. You can keep a close eye on your pup to find out whether they love this tropical juice. If your pooch greedily drinks freshly served coconut water from their bowl, it is a sign that they are happily enjoying the treat.

Another way of confirming that your dog probably likes drinking coconut water is to speculate their body language. Some will often bark, wag their tail or even drool. If they keep pacing around with you, linger at your foot at the sight of a coconut, raise their little paws, and their mouth often, your dog is definitely asking for more pints of this watery drink.

Since all dogs are different, each has their own personal taste. For instance, there is a chance your pup might turn their head away when you give them a bowl of coconut water. If this is the case, we recommend not forcing coconut water into your dog’s diet. There are plenty of other drinks that can be given as a substitute for this juice.

When Is Coconut Water Dangerous?

The coconut water diet can be concerning for your dog if you provide it in an excessive amount. Since this water contains high potassium, drinking too much can lead to hyperkalemia, a condition when the blood’s potassium level is higher than usual. Severe hyperkalemia can lead to cardiac arrest and eventually death. Therefore, a moderate amount of coconut water in every sitting is a way to avoid such health risks.

Your pup might also be allergic to coconut water. Make sure you observe your four-legged friend’s reaction by first giving them coconut water in small amounts. Upset stomach, vomiting, and nausea are preliminary signs that your pup is allergic to this watery coconut drink.

What About Other Coconut Parts?

can dogs drink coconut milk
Photo Credit: LisaRedFern

Every edible part of a coconut is alright for your dog to eat. It all comes down to how much amount you serve in each sitting. The coconut’s pulp and milk are both safe for your dog as long as you provide them in moderation. But feeding too much of coconut milk may be bad for your pup because it is highly processed and filled with several sugary additives. The milk is also high in calories and fats. Therefore, if given in large amounts to dogs, they can potentially gain weight.

Can dogs eat coconut shells
Photo Credit: Dog Bakery

What about coconut shells? When it comes to the hard-outer covering of coconut, you need to be cautious. We recommend not to give your dog coconuts with shells on them. Such hard shells might possibly obstruct your pup’s digestive tract.

Can My Dog Drink Coconut Water Instead of Water?

No. You cannot provide coconut water as a substitute for the actual water for your dog. Although coconut juice can be an alternative as a sweet treat, never replace it with pure drinking water. It may be nutritious and tasty, but its consumption on a daily basis might do more harm than good. As mentioned earlier, daily intake can rapidly increase the potassium level causing life-threatening health problems in dogs.

Can dogs drink coconut water? Yes! Not only is this juice a natural and delicious treat for your dog, but it also comes with several health benefits. This tropical water can restore energy and improve your canine companion’s immune system, which is why it is a great drink to add in your dog’s diet. Just make sure you avoid coconut products with added sugar.

With a splash of sweet flavor, a bowl of coconut water can be your dog’s ideal drink for a fresh summertime! Visit our website for more information on food and drinks that your dogs can and cannot eat.

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