Bull Terrier Colors: Your Guide To All Amazing Coat Colors Of The Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier Colors: Your Guide To All Amazing Coat Colors Of The Bull Terrier

There are two types of Bull Terriers: “White” and “Colored.” This may appear strange at first. Why are there just two groups while “Colored” has so many different and gorgeous shades?

The explanation may be found in the history of the breed, which dates back to the 1800s when the first breed standard was established. The dog’s perfect porcelain coat, more than any other feature, was widely regarded as the most desired attribute by early breeders. This “rule” was the law for a long time. Fans of “Colored” rose in number and influence over time. Despite this, “White” remains a distinct category.

This article will provide you with detailed information on all Bull Terrier colors.

White Bull Terriers

bull terrier colors- white

“White” Bull Terriers formerly experienced discrimination of their own. Any flaw, even a dot of a different color would result in the animal being barred from the show ring. It took a long time for “Whites” to be allowed to wear marks. These were, however, restricted to the head. Even today, a dog’s entire neck and body must be porcelain to be labeled a “White.”

The “White” is still associated with albinism, according to a prevalent myth. The pink ears, muzzle, and eyelids are simple to understand why some may believe so. The slang name “pig dog” comes from these characteristics. Albinos, on the other hand, have crimson reflections in their eyes and pink nostrils. The eyes of a real “White” are dark, and the nose is equally black.

You should also know that White Bull Terriers are more susceptible to the breed’s health issues. Deafness is one of the oldest traits in the breed’s history, dating back to the extinct English White Terrier in the 1800s. The risk of skin cancer is also increased since their skin has less pigmentation if any at all.

The Different Types of White Bull Terriers Varieties

White and Black Brindle: Black with light-colored stripes on the head of a white and black brindle.

White and Brindle: Brownish head markings with black streaks.

Red and White: An eye patch or an ear will be red and white.

White and Red Smut: This variant is very similar to a regular white and red smut. “Smut,” on the other hand, denotes a darker face, as if the muzzle had been sprinkled with charcoal.

White, Black, and Tan: Tan head markings with a hint of black.

White and Fawn: Pure fawn markings on the head.

Smut in White and Fawn: As above, but with a black muzzle.

Red Bull Terriers

Bull terrier colors: Red

The “Red” has a distinct personality. The deep rust makes for a neat and appealing arrangement. The majority of the body is usually red, with white stockings, a white tail, and a white chest and muzzle stripe. Some people have dark circles over their eyes or folds beneath their chin. This is likely the most popular coat color, second only to “White.”

Red: The dog’s body will be red for the most part, although their paws, chest, and chin may be white.

Red and White: The dog will fall into this group if there is additional white, such as leg stockings, a white chest that wraps around the neck and links to a white face mask.

Red smut: The dog has a darker muzzle than the whole red.

Red smut and white: It’s a red smut and white if the red smut also has a lot of white, or is equivalent to the red.

Fawn-Colored Bull Terriers

Bull Terrier Colors


Although technically a red, the Fawn coat is more sandy or light tan in appearance and comes in the now-familiar varieties.

Fawn: White markings are minimal to non-existent in fawns.

Fawn and white: It is no longer a solid Fawn if the legs, neck, chest, and face have white.

Fawn smut: Because the Fawn coat is light, the smut muzzle shines more brightly, giving it a very lovely appearance. White marks, on the other hand, should be kept to a minimum.

White and fawn smut: Your Fawn smut will be placed in this section by a lot of white.

Brindle Bull Terriers

Brindle Colored Bull Terrier

The beauty and presence of a brindle Bull Terrier are unmistakable. The many types are listed below.

Brindle: A dog with a dark coat, generally brown, that is lined in a deeper color. There may be some white, but it isn’t excessive.

White with brindle: The same as before, but with white on the chest, legs, and face, as is customary.

Black brindle: The animal will have a black coat with lighter lines, similar to the standard brindle.

Black and white brindle: A black brindle with a lot of white.

Bull Terriers: The Tricolor

Bull Terrier Colors

Last but not least, there are Bull Terriers with a coat of three different colors. There are two types, but both have coats that are black, brown, and white.

Black and tan: The black will be the predominant color throughout the coat. Tan can occur on the cheeks, legs, and chest.

Black, tan, and white: The animal’s black coat will have big white spots, making it the “official” tri-colored Bull Terrier (muzzle, chest, neck, and legs). Tan will show up in the same spots as regular black and tan canines.


Bull terriers come in a variety of coat colors. The different shades that they come in can add up to a lot of variety and impact the dog’s appearance.

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