The Bernese Mountain Dog Temperament: What Makes This Breed So Special?

The Bernese Mountain Dog Temperament

The Bernese Mountain Dog is one of the most popular breeds in Switzerland. They have an extremely friendly disposition. Bernese Mountain dogs are known for their intelligence, loyalty, and devotion. Affectionately known as the Berner, these dogs are also famous for their willingness to please which makes them an ideal pet for children and adults alike.

This breed at times may come off as immature but this is only a result of their open and versatile nature. They just absolutely enjoy goofing around and having fun. But there is also a balance between this silly personality and a strong intelligence in this breed.

Read on to know everything about the Bernese Mountain Dog personality traits.

Bernese Mountain Dog Temperament

These dogs have been traditionally used in Switzerland as herding dogs and hunting companions, but they’ve also proven to be great family pets. What makes the breed so special is their deep and ever-warming loyalty to family.

Being bred to protect their homes and owners, these Swiss dogs carry a vigilant, watchful nature at all times. People sometimes joke that they have eyes in the back of their heads as they are always keeping an eye on things, even when they are goofing off or simply lying around. This trait makes the Berner a good guard dog.

Your Bernese Mountain dog will want to be wherever you are every hour of the day. Considering their easy-going, affectionate temperament, you will also not want them anywhere far from you.

Bernese Mountain dogs are also known as happy dogs. They have legendary, transformative smiles which one can say are brought to mankind by angels. You won’t be able to stop your heart from melting once you see how these family lovers stay the happiest by your side.

Are Bernese Mountain Dogs Good Family Dogs?

Since Bernese Mountain dogs have this extreme need to keep their humans happy, they make loving family pets. In fact, making their owners happy is one of the greatest pleasures for Bernese Mountain dogs. If you get amused by any of their specific antics or actions, they will stick to it and make you laugh by repeating the same thing again and again. These adorable ones will find that particular trick just to keep their humans giggling. We might say that they are some lovable people pleasers.

Are Bernese Mountain Dogs Kid-Friendly?

This sensible breed is specifically gentle and affectionate towards children. They take it as their duty to watch over the children in their families and they do not act boisterous around young kids.

Moreover, the Berne tend to bond with one lucky human, although they are a bit aloof with strangers.

Are Bernese Mountain Dogs Dog-Friendly?

Given their friendly and calm disposition, Bernese Mountain dogs are dog-friendly. When it comes to other pets, such as cats, hamsters, or birds, your Berne may not get along with these small animals. As the breed was developed for herding and tending the cattle, your Berne may nip, poke or ‘try to herd’ your small pets. But if you socialize your dog early and teach them how to act and treat other animals, it shouldn’t be much of a problem.

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Are Bernese Mountain Dogs Aggressive?

The Bernese Mountain dog is the least aggressive breed in the dog world. This shouldn’t come off as a surprise, thanks to their mellow and gentle temperament. If you’re around them often enough they may become protective, but they’re not likely to show aggression unless you provoke them.


Bernese Mountain Dogs are true family companions. Bernese Mountain Dogs are a prime example of what a gentle, family-friendly breed looks like. They make great family pets for those who want something that’s both playful and obedient. Furthermore, they take well to children and are very patient with active kids. This breed is also known to get along quite well with other pets when socialized properly.

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