Bernese Mountain Dog Price: How Much Does a Bernese Mountain Dog Cost?

Bernese Mountain Dog Price

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large, powerful, and sturdy dog that has been around for centuries. It was originally bred in Switzerland to help with herding cattle. The breed has a life expectancy of about 15 years or more and is known for their longevity.

The average Bernese Mountain Dog price is around $1,000-2,000, but the cost can vary depending on where you get your puppy from, how much work you want to put into training your new pet, among others.

In this article, we will discuss the average price of buying a Bernese Mountain Dog and the monthly cost of raising one!

Bernese Mountain Dog Price: Initial Cost

The initial cost of buying a Bernese Mountain Dog is $2,000 to $2500. The cost includes the purchase price and initial veterinary expenses as well as the ongoing costs such as food, supplies, and training.

The average cost of a Bernese Mountain Dog depends on many factors. The initial purchase price is only one factor that will affect how much it costs to own one for a certain amount of time. Factors like size, coat type, breeder, and location also contribute to the overall cost.

How to Find the Best Price for a Bernese Mountain Dog

Finding the best price for a Bernese Mountain Dog is not an easy task. There are many factors that contribute to the price of these dogs. You should consider how much you will be spending on food, toys, and other necessities for your new pet. You need to do your research and compare prices from different breeders and sellers in order to find the best deal.

If you want to save money on your new pup, consider buying from shelters or rescue organizations. You can also adopt one of them instead of buying one from a breeder or seller.

While the average cost of a Bernese Mountain Dog is around $1,000-2,000, you can find them for as low as $500 if you shop at the right time of year. The best time to buy your pup is in November or December when they are about six months old and their price will start to drop due to oversupply in the market.

Best Places to Buy a Bernese Mountain Dog

If you’re looking for a Bernese Mountain dog, there are many places where you can buy one online. But if you want to buy from a breeder or an individual rather than online, check out these best places for buying Bernese Mountain dogs:

  • The American Kennel Club: The AKC website provides an abundance of information on the history, breeding, and types of dogs available for purchase or adoption.
  • Pets4Homes: The site has the best selection of pet breeds and offers free shipping on most orders over $99.
  • Petland: This site has a large selection of Bernese Mountain dogs for sale in all sizes and colors.
  • Adopt a pet: This website allows you to adopt or foster a Bernese Mountain dog from one of their many rescue centers across the country.

Adopting a Bernese Mountain Dog

If you are tight on budget, you can always opt to adopt the dog. Depending upon the rescue groups and shelters, the price of adoption can vary from $50 to $500.

But adopting a dog is a tricky decision. Although it can cost less, there are many risks that come with adopting from a rescue. We can never fully know about the puppy’s background and at what risk of health issues they may be.

Detailed Cost Breakdown of Owning a Bernese Mountain Dog

Basis Cost/ month
Health care cost $123 – $247
Food $44 – $49
Grooming $0 – $50
Medication and Vet Visits $35 – $85
Pet Insurance $44 – $63
Toys and other supplies $50 – $90
Total Monthly expenses $296 – $584

 Other Costs to Consider

The above budget prediction includes the basic supplies and factors that makeup to the total monthly cost of raising a Bernese Mountain dog. But there are also other factors that can influence the cost:

  • Genetic health conditions (treatment can cost around $1000-$12000 depending upon the diseases)
  • Private lesson in training ($200-$400)
  • Others like household damages


The Bernese Mountain dog price can vary depending upon where you get your puppy from and how you raise your dog. As your puppy matures, they require more food and nutrition, training and they may also have health issues that should be treated as soon as possible. All of these factors can contribute to changes in the price of the Bernese Mountain dog.

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