What Does a Bernese Mountain Dog Look Like? (Bernese Mountain Dog Appearance)

What Does a Bernese Mountain Dog Look Like

Bernese Mountain Dogs are a popular breed of dog that originated in Switzerland. Some believe that they originated around 2000 years ago when the Romans brought mastiff-like dogs to Switzerland. Their American history began in 1926 when a Kansas farmer imported a pair. They caught on quickly, and the AKC registered their first Berner in 1937. Affectionately known as Berners, Bernese Mountain dogs have been used in rescue missions due to their ability to work well in difficult conditions such as avalanche zones or on search-and-rescue missions.

Bernese Mountain Dogs have a very distinctive appearance with their large size and adorable dark brown eyes. You might get surprised that under all of their adorable fur, these dogs are quite muscular.

So, what does a Belgian Malinois look like? Read on to know the most interesting physical features of these Swiss dogs!

Bernese Mountain Dog Appearance

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large, rugged dog with a thick coat. They have a long nose, drooping eyelids, and a bushy tail that is carried low. The head is broad and flat on the top and the ears are small, erect, and set high. The most interesting feature of this dog breed is their expressive dark brown eyes. The Bernese Mountain Dog is the only one among the four varieties of Swiss Dogs to have a long, silky coat.

Here’s a detailed look at what an Adult Belgian Malinois can look like:

Body Structure

Bernese Mountain dogs are strong and muscular, so much so, that they were actually bred to work. These working dogs are slightly longer than they are tall. They have a strong, wide back which helped to pull heavy loads. Made for enduring the rocky terrain of the mountains, the legs of this mighty breed are long and quite powerful with round, arched toes.


Males, on average, stand 25 to 28 inches tall at the shoulder while Females stand 23 to 26 inches tall.


Male Bernese Mountain Dogs weigh 80 to 115 pounds while females weigh 70 to 95 pounds.


These large dogs have pretty attractive, tri-colored coats. They have red (or rust) and white markings on their chest while the background body color is black. The major part of your Berner’s body is covered with jet-black hair and the white markings look like an inverted cross on their chest. The rust markings are specifically seen above the eyes, front of legs, sides of the mouth, and also around the white chest. With a thick and fairly long coat, they do require frequent brushing to keep the coat healthy and mats-free.

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The Bernese Mountain dog is distinctively characterized by their long and smooth tri-colored coat, white and rust markings, expressive brown eyes, and strong and muscular build. Despite their large size, these dogs are ever so sweet-looking with a welcoming personality that’s perfect for the family.

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