Are Maltese Dogs Easy To Groom? A Complete Guide To Maltese Grooming

Are Maltese Dogs Easy To Groom? A Complete Guide To Maltese Grooming

Are Maltese dogs easy to groom?

When you have a Maltese, there are a lot of grooming responsibilities to take care of; however, understanding what to do, having the necessary equipment and materials on hand, and sticking to a routine may make grooming pretty simple.

Let’s have a look at the basics of grooming a Maltese before going into further detail:

1. Brushing – The frequency with which you brush the coat will be determined by its length. This might be every day or every three days.

2. Combing – A comb is used on the face of all Maltese, and this is done in conjunction with brushing for those with medium to long coats.

3. Baths – While some conditions may need more regular bathing, most Maltese should bathe once every three weeks.

Here’s all you need to know about Maltese grooming!

Grooming Products You’ll Need

To properly care for your Maltese puppy or dog’s coat and other grooming needs, you’ll need particular supplies and dog grooming gear. The following are the goods you will require:

  1. Comb (a metal-handle comb is best)
  2. Dog comb with detangler
  3. A pair of nail clippers
  4. Scissors
  5. Dog shampoo and conditioner
  6. Toothbrush and toothpaste

Brushing And Combing Your Maltese

Brushing frequency is determined by the length of your Maltese’s coat, but cutting your Maltese’s hair short will not save you from brushing on a frequent basis. Long-haired dogs require daily brushing, although short-haired dogs may get away with brushing every other day. Maltese hair mats really readily, and once a mat forms, you’ll have to spend even more time cleaning it out. Mats that are particularly resistant to cutting must be removed, leaving an unattractive lump in your dog’s otherwise lovely coat.

With a pin brush and metal comb, get right down to the skin and straighten any knots. Dry brushing generates static and broken ends, so spritz the coat with a small spray of detangler or conditioner to dampen it slightly. Concentrate on tiny areas at a time and work carefully to avoid yanking on his hair if a knot occurs.

Maltese with medium to long hair should be combed before brushing. This is done mostly to check for knots (mats in the hair). If not found and treated, they will continue to draw more hairs in, becoming larger by the day, and can be painful as the skin is squeezed.

On Maltese with any coat length, a comb is also used to groom the hairs on the face, which are tough to brush, as well as the tops of the paws and any other tiny portions of the body.

Bathing Your Maltese

You must also ensure that your Maltese puppy or dog is washed on a regular basis. Bathing is essential for a dog’s health. Baths should not be taken too frequently, as the skin and coat may become excessively dry.

The following are some bathing suggestions for your Maltese:

1. Before you begin the bath, double-check that you have all of your bathing necessities within reach.

2. Make sure your dog doesn’t slide and fall wherever you wash them.

3. If possible, wet their coat completely with a spray hose.

4. Never use human shampoo to bathe your dog. A dog shampoo should be used and massaged into your dog’s coat.

5. Ensure that your dog’s coat is clean by rinsing it well.

6. To remove moisture from your dog’s coat, wrap it in a towel.

7. To dry your dog even more, use a hairdryer with temperature control and in a warm setting.

Cleaning The Stains

You must have seen brown stains beneath your Maltese’s eyes and around the mouth. This is because your dog’s gorgeous white hair might be stained by their own tears and the minerals in your water. To observe whether the stains go, wipe their eyes with a cotton ball and warm water on a regular basis, and feed them filtered water. To prevent germs and food oils from coloring their beard, replace their plastic food bowl with a steel, glass, or ceramic one and wash it after they eat.

Taking Care Of Ears, Teeth, And Nails

You’ll also need to learn how to look after the ears of your Maltese puppy or dog. Your dog’s ears are more prone to get inflamed and infected if they aren’t properly cared for. Here are some things you need to consider:

1. You must constantly remove the hair off their ears. This can also help keep your dog’s ears from being clogged with wax.

2. Cotton swabs should never be used as they push the debris deeper into your dog’s ears.

3. You can use liquid ear cleaning solutions.

4. Cotton wool should be used to clean the outside portion of your dog’s ear.

It will be your responsibility to keep your Maltese’s teeth clean, as chewing on toys is insufficient. Daily 3-to-5-minute brushings with an effective canine toothpaste and tiny brush or finger-brush, a daily dental chew, and optionally a canine plaque-fighting water supplement will be part of at-home dental care.

The frequency with which you must clip or file a Maltese’s nails will vary. If their nails aren’t examined often and are allowed to grow too long, they might begin to curl back into their skin. Furthermore, if they are not kept at the right length, they are more prone to break. Nails should be cut every 6 weeks or so, on average. It is a cue to trim their nails if you hear the click-clack of nails on a hard floor surface.


Grooming your Maltese is an essential part of owning a Maltese. It’s important to keep your dog clean and healthy. It includes brushing their coats regularly and giving them baths when necessary. It is best to start early with the process so your Maltese pup can get used to it.

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