Are German Shepherds Easy To Train? 5 Easy Ways To Train A German Shepherd

Are German Shepherds Easy To Train? 5 Easy Ways To Train A German Shepherd

Here’s a detailed answer to your question ‘Are German Shepherds easy to train?’

The German Shepherd is a great breed of dog that is both versatile and very intelligent. They are loyal to their owners, they can live both indoors and outdoors, and they are usually very healthy. The German Shepherd is also one of the most athletic breeds because they were bred for herding livestock by chasing down and tackling them. This breed is known for their alertness, loyalty, obedience, intelligence, and athleticism.

German Shepherds are known for their natural ability to learn and obey commands. Training this breed is an excellent way to build a good relationship with your pet which will help you keep your dog under control and prevent any unwanted behavior. Though the training process can be challenging at first, with time, the links between training and rewards will make the task easier.

Are German Shepherds Easy To Train?

German Shepherds are not easy to train because they have strong protective instincts and can be stubborn. Training them requires patience and dedication from the owner.

German Shepherds are very independent spirited which means that they won’t readily submit to your commands without proper training and without being assertive. This means you need to be firm in your commands with them or you could end up with a disobedient dog.

German Shepherds also have a tendency to bark incessantly although it may take some time for them to learn how to stop. This is not always a problem because they will stop when their barking gets on the nerves of their owners.

German Shepherds are intelligent animals and they see the world in a different way to other dogs. They also have an impressive ability to remember objects, locations, and people. This is why it’s easy for them to be trained as military dogs and narcotics detection dogs among others.

5 Easy Ways To Train A German Shepherd

1. Start early:

Dogs are social animals and they need to be in contact with other dogs, people, and the environment. They also need to be stimulated mentally and physically. All these factors contribute to a healthy and happy dog.

Start training your dog when they are a puppy so they can learn the basics of being a good dog and be able to develop their skills as they grow up.

2. Be consistent in your training:

It is important that you are consistent in your training methods so that your dog knows what is expected of them at all times. Consistency will also help you avoid confusion for both you and your dog because the expectations will always stay the same for both of you. This will also make it easier for your dog to learn new things because it won’t get as easily distracted or bored.

3. Create a schedule:

It is important to create a schedule that fits your life and the amount of time you are able to spend with your dog each day. A specific schedule will be more effective for both you and your dog if it is created over time instead of just one night or afterthought. If you decide on a specific weekend as the time when everything will change, they might not take to it right away. Your pup will be more comfortable with the change if it is gradual.

4. Treat your dog the same way every day:

It’s easy to keep your pup familiar with its routine when you consistently treat it, in the same way, each time. A great trick is to label all of your pup’s food bowls and treats so that he knows exactly what is waiting for them after a day of work! And don’t forget about games like fetch and tug-o-war to keep your pup engaged.

5. Feed your dog in the same way every day:

You can teach consistency and predictability by feeding your pup, in the same way, every day. Food will be an integral part of your relationship and being consistent with it is key to its success.

How To Potty Train Your German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is an intelligent and obedient dog, but they are also very stubborn. That’s why it can be a bit of a challenge to potty train them. Here are some tips that will make your job easier:

1) Get them used to their new surroundings as soon as possible by taking them outside every hour or so and praising them when they do their business in the right place.

2) Give them treats when they go in the right spot outside, but don’t give any treats when they go in their designated area inside. This should help them learn which one is which.

3) If your dog is having trouble learning where to go outside, reward them for going in their designated area when you’re out of the house and praise them for going on time.

4) Make sure that you always have a potty break scheduled by rewarding your dog when they go to the designated spot.

 German Shepherd Training Tips & Tricks

Below are some tips and tricks on how to train your German Shepherd puppy:

1. The best way to train your German Shepherd is by using positive reinforcement techniques such as giving them treats when they do something good. It’s also important to be consistent with training because that way they will understand what you want from them better.

2. Start by teaching them basic commands like ‘sit’, ‘stay’, and ‘come’. These commands will help you keep your dog safe when away from home or in public. Step up training with the more advanced commands when your dog has had enough time to memorize the basics and is showing positive behavior around other dogs, people, and things.-

3. Start a short play session before you begin training so that your puppy will be interested in what you have to teach them.

How Long Does it Take To Train A German Shepherd?

It may take a year or two for the German Shepherd to learn new skills, but with consistent training, they will eventually get there.

A German shepherd is typically very obedient, so these dogs have little difficulty following commands from their owners. The dog is intelligent enough to pick up on your cues and understand your expectations. It’s when you step back into the shadows that this breed begins to display their stubborn streak.

Training a German shepherd from puppyhood is an excellent start for any dog owner who desires a well-mannered pet.


The best ways to train your German Shepherd are with patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement. German Shepherds are very intelligent. If you take the time and effort to train your German Shepherd, they’ll be a wonderful companion who will be a loyal and trustworthy member of your family for many years.

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