Are Bull Terriers Aggressive? Or Is It Just Their Bad Reputation? Let’s Find Out!

Are Bull Terriers Aggressive?

This article gives you a detailed answer on ‘Are Bull Terriers Aggressive?’ and also gives you ways to control your dog’s aggression. Read on!

The Bull Terrier clearly has a bad reputation. This breed has been known to attack people, livestock, and even other dogs. It is also not uncommon for these dogs to be aggressive and territorial with their owners. These dogs are often the victim of their own reputation as they are often seen as dangerous dogs that need to be put down. In fact, they are considered to be so aggressive that it is illegal in many countries to own one as a pet.

However, there are many people who have found success in this breed and have found them to be loyal and loving companions.

Are Bull Terriers Aggressive?

The Bull Terrier is an American breed of terrier that originated from the English Bulldog in the United Kingdom. The name comes from its original use as a fighting animal for baiting bulls in bull-baiting matches that used to take place during agricultural fairs. This is why these dogs are considered aggressive as they were originally bred to fight with bulls. Some people might also consider them to be aggressive because of their size and appearance.

But Bull Terriers are not aggressive by nature and they aren’t raised to be aggressive. These dogs have a possessive, jealous, and attention-seeking mentality that, if not properly socialized and trained, can lead to violent behavior. But a Bull Terrier is an amiable dog breed in general.

The Bull Terrier, like many dog breeds, has the potential to become violent if proper socialization is not provided and not taught who is in control in the family. There are also two other reasons that can trigger aggression in Bull Terriers:

1. Spending excessive amounts of time alone:

Bull Terriers have a lot of bottled-up energy, worry, and anxiety, especially as pups, despite their loving and extroverted personalities. Bull Terriers require so much care and company from their owners that they might get very agitated or concerned when their owners leave for work or a day of golf. They might acquire aggressive tendencies if they spend too much time alone. This is one of the reasons why Bull Terriers are not recommended for all families because they take a lot of time and attention to mature into well-mannered adults.

2. Insufficient physical activity:

Bull Terriers are high-energy dogs. This energy may build up if they don’t receive enough exercise, which can lead to unwanted spurts of aggression. Bull Terriers need a lot of exercise and playtime outside, as well as cerebral stimulation. When their mental and physical stimulation demands aren’t addressed, more than simply hostility might ensue.

5 Ways To Deal With Aggression In A Bull Terrier

Bull terriers have a lot of energy, which can be both good and bad. They need a lot of exercise and stimulation, but they also tend to be aggressive towards other dogs. It’s important to know how to approach aggression in this breed so that you don’t end up with a dog who is too scared or too stressed out about it.

1. Be consistent with your training and positive reinforcement methods:

Bull terriers are very intelligent dogs who will learn quickly when they’re given positive reinforcement for good behavior or punished for bad behavior. Make sure you’re consistent with your training methods and that you always reward good behavior with praise or a treat.

2. Keep your dog on a leash:

This will help you control the situation and prevent your dog from getting hurt. You can also try distraction techniques like playing with your dog’s favorite toy or giving them a treat while they are on their leash.

3. Be assertive:

If your bull terrier starts barking aggressively towards you, ignore it and walk away calmly but firmly without looking back at the dog or trying to make a conversation with them about what is happening.

4. Wear a muzzle:

A muzzle is a good way to prevent any injuries that could happen during an aggressive encounter between you and your bull terrier.

5. Maintain eye contact:

When you avoid eye contact with your dog, it becomes more aggressive. Dogs have a finely tuned sense of when something is not right. When the owner avoids their gaze, the dog may retreat from social interaction or become more anxious or afraid. This can in turn lead to aggression.

Are Bull Terriers Dangerous?

Bull Terriers are not dangerous at all. They’re merely huge and strong, but for some individuals, that’s enough.

A Bull Terrier that has been properly socialized and nurtured in an ethical setting is not dangerous. They grow up to be kind, affectionate dogs who adore and bond with their owners. On the other hand, if you never teach, or socialize your Bull Terrier, they may be harm someone because of their bulky size and great energy. They may also bite someone if they feel intimidated. You should know that the bite force of a Bull Terrier is over 200 PSI (pounds per square inch.)


Bull Terriers are not naturally aggressive, but they do take a great deal of time, patience, and training from their owners. The sooner you can start training your Bull Terrier to be less aggressive, the better.

Bull Terriers are also not dangerous dogs at all, but they do demand a strong, dominating, and patient owner who can prevent hostility from starting in the first place.

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