5 Reasons Why You Should Feed Bran Flakes to Dogs

why you should feed bran flakes to dogs

You are sitting at your kitchen table, catching up on the local news and having a bowl of cereal, when you suddenly notice that your dog is drooling over your food. You look in front of you and see the box of Bran flakes that you’ve been enjoying. You want to offer your friend a treat but you pause and ask yourself “Can dogs eat bran flakes?” or “Is it even healthy for dogs to eat bran flakes?”  Dogs can eat bran flakes. In fact, there are many reasons why you should feed bran flakes to dogs. Bran flakes are perfectly healthy treats for dogs to chew and munch on.

These flakes are rich in fiber and energy, which are responsible for maintaining your dog’s digestive system. It is even better if you soak bran flakes in warm water or milk before you feed it to your dog as it becomes softer for them to chew. Now if you want to know more about feeding this crunchy treat to your pup, make sure to read further!

5 Reasons Why You Should Feed Bran Flakes to Dogs

There are many benefits of Feeding Bran Flakes to Your Dog. We will discuss why you should feed bran flakes to your dog below:

  1. Bran flakes without sweeteners are healthy for your dog. They are a good and natural source of fiber and, as wholegrain cereal, can benefit the heart and digestive health. Like for humans, fiber is a perfect option for the digestive system of a dog.
  2. The Fiber found in bran flakes is also fermented into fatty acids by helpful bacteria living naturally in your dog’s intestine. This fatty acid ensures that bad bacteria don’t develop too fast and it allows the colon to get rid of damage.
  3. Fiber can help minimize the risk of colon cancer in dogs because it decreases the dog’s reactions to carcinogenic agents. It’s no surprise that fibers also decrease the dog’s diarrhea and constipation symptoms.
  4. Bran Flakes also contain considerable quantities of zinc, copper, and other vitamins and minerals to help your dog sustain a balanced lifestyle.
  5. This breakfast cereal is low in carbohydrates which provides energy without excessive sugar crashes. It also helps to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol and improve the appetite of your dog.

How Much Bran Flakes Can I Feed My Dog?

The amount of bran flakes that you feed will depend upon your dog’s size and weight and is about half a tablespoon for a dog that weighs 10 pounds in a decent section. For larger dogs, you can raise this amount, but remember to start with small portions. If your dog shows any sign of diarrhea then you should stop feeding and consider an alternative source of fiber.

You should still cautiously and slowly add new items into the diet of your dog and check for issues to minimize the risk of your dog.

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How To Feed Bran Flakes to Your Dog?

You can soak bran flakes in warm water or milk before serving. Make sure you cool it and serve it in a small amount first. Use unsweetened bran flakes because there are some fruits and sweeteners like grapes and xylitol that are dangerous for dogs and some cereals can contain these.

Whole-grain cereals such as bran flakes, malted wheat cereal, and wheat biscuits are rich in fiber and would often typically have added sugar and salt, but avoid adding more sugar and go for sweet fruits or berries. You can mix bran flakes with daily meals of your dog but make sure that you do not feed too much to avoid weight gain.

Here are some things you must remember while feeding bran flakes to your dog:

  • Soften flakes in warm water to prevent choking.
  • Don’t use milk if your pup is lactose intolerant.
  • Cautiously add bran flakes to your dog’s diet.
  • Make sure you don’t over-feed them.


So, there are many health benefits of feeding bran flakes to your dog. Provided that these flakes are served in moderation, bran flakes are perfectly safe for dogs to eat. Bran flakes are rich in fiber and excellent for the intestinal wellbeing of your dog. They also help to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol and improve the appetite of your dog.

Now that you know bran flakes make one of the healthiest breakfast cereals for your dog, explore more on other cereal-related dog articles that you might be interested in.

Is a bowl of bran flakes a common breakfast cereal for your dog? How often do you feed bran flakes to your pooch? We would love to hear from you. Please share with us by leaving a comment below.

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