50 Of The Cutest Saluki Puppies (From Instagram)

Saluki Puppy

Saluki puppies are adorable, fluffy balls of energy that bring joy and laughter to any household. As with any breed of dog, it is important to properly care for and train a Saluki puppy to ensure that it grows into a well-behaved and well-adjusted adult. Saluki puppies are known for their intelligence and independent nature, and they generally respond well to positive reinforcement training methods.

These pups were snapped by people who love their Salukis just as much as we do. Hope you enjoy 50 of the cutest Saluki puppies from Instagram.

1. Bella

Instagram: @bella_saluki

Yawn 😴

2. Reggie

Instagram: @reggiethesilkysaluki

3. Rodhe

Instagram: @rodhesaluki

HELLO friends, play with me! 👹✨10 weeks old ✨

4. Slyvie

Instagram: @growingup_with_sylviethepup

Hosepipe 1 – Sylvie 0

5. Jazz

Instagram: @jazz_the_saluki

From this weekend

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6. Eshraq

Instagram: @eshraq_the_saluki

Henlo 🐕‍🦺

7. Lily

Instagram: @ninniosterholm

Lily in the forest, now 16 weeks old 😁

I got a few questions that I haven’t answered yet. Like what her colour is called and how I will make it work with 3 dogs.

Well. The first question is both easy and difficult. Her colour is called grizzle, but that’s only describes the markings she have. I’m not sure what type of grizzle she is, but her breeder have done a DNA-test to really find out 😅 Saluki-colours can be a bit confusing…

And 3 dogs? Since Aysu and Ebrah are so extremely easy to live with, I’m just happy that they can help me with Lily. They’re fantastic with puppies, and likes Lily more and more for each day. You know, I never get sad, angry or so because of my salukis, they always makes me happy and my life better (except from when they’re sick or injured of course). To have 3 salukis for me isn’t ideal, but now when I have 3, I love it.

8. Milo

Instagram: @storyofmilo_

Just been back to the vets and they said my leg is healing great! Yay 🥰🖤

9. Lewis

Instagram: @lifeoflewis_saluki


10. Dash

Instagram: @luna_and_dash__saluki

 11. Luna

Instagram: @luna_and_dash__saluki

12. Heidi

Instagram: @heidi_and_coco_salukis

Snow dog

13. Coco

Instagram: @heidi_and_coco_salukis

Have a great weekend frens!!! I’m Coco , Im a beauty and I knows it ..😃

14. Gwendolina

Instagram: @me_gwendolina

15. Ekku

Instagram: @saluki_ekko

Ekko 🥰

16. Lily

Instagram: @lily_saluki

🌟Princess Lily 🌟

17. Luthor

Instagram: @luthor_thesaluki

First proper day at home, had to get the camera out💕

18. Zamir

Instagram: @zamir_the_saluki

When I was a puppy 😍

19. Chazira

Instagram: @chazira.und.enissa

Long way home.Dresden – Rosenheim✔️

20. Spigola

Instagram: @spigola.saluki

21. Trixie

Instagram: @trixiesaluki

It was super icy and cold when I went for my run this morning!

22. Woody

Instagram: @lynda_from_hampshire

Poor Woodie, Billy-no-Mates this morning. “Where are all my friends this morning”?
I love the tilt of his head. Looks like he really is listening.

23. Berry

Instagram: @saluki_in_sunnymoonplace

This little silk princess has completely changed our world, for the second week as…

24. Astraea

Instgaram: @saluki_in_sunnymoonplace

Meet Astraea Tawalla !!! Our new saluki girl in family !!!!

25. Rye

Instagram: @rye.saluki

Love my stick 🌱💛

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26. Rigby

Instagram: @rigbythesaluki

Hi, excuse me, I’m hungry. And bored.
And I ate your shoes. Oh and there’s a 💩 somewhere in the house. So glad you’re back.

27. Alfie


Today Mama took me to the beach, the sand felt funny on my toes at first but then I had a good run and it was the best fun!! I can’t wait to go back!!

28. Amiyat

Instagram: @greeja_thesaluki

I like to take it easy when my mom does schoolwork📝

29. Jasmina

Instagram: @persian_grace_of_baba

Začínáme…Let the fun begin!

30. Cesmina


Instagram: @cesmina_devon_exe


31. Lewis

Instagram: @lifeoflewis_saluki

Finally the weekend!!

32. Gota

Instagram: @gota_gerdoo

Yep that sofa seems just fine!

33. Philo

Instagram: @hoka_philo_salukis

HOKA has a little brother, PHILO !
Thanks to the breeder Margaret Smith from Redding, CA.

34. Simba

Instagram: @jemappellesimba

This is me with my new dad after arriving my new home on the first day. New, new, and new!!!

35. Ellie

Instagram: @ellieedensthesaluki

Ellie, Just a few months old. A perfect baby girl 😍

36. Prince

Instagram: @mysalukiprince

37. Willow

Instagram: @puli_power

More cuteness-Willow🌸☺️

38. Kira

Instagram: @kira_rose_saluki_girl

Posing and doing my tricks for mom, she’s proud of me ☺️

39. Ramesses

Instagram: @rammy_the_rambledog

Having moved home twice in 24 hours and had a trip to the vet for his castration our little boy was feeling tired and worried!

40. Leo

Instagram: @saluki.leo

I love to sleep in the sun🌞

41. Pina

Instagram: @saluki._.tito.gino

42. Sonny

Instagram: @sonny.saluki

Maybe it was time for Sonny to get an Instagram too! ❤️

43. Luna

Instagram: @saluki_luna_max
Looking for my Luna💗

44. Max

Instagram: @saluki_luna_max

😍😍😍looks cuddly

45. Alfie

Instagram: @alfie.saluki

Who? Me? I haven’t eaten your sausage roll mum

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46. Pablo

Instagram: @thelifeofpablothesaluki

Got those feed me eyes!

47. Apollo

Instagram: @apollo_saluki


48. Emma

Instagram: @emmathesaluki

My beautiful picture and I am curiously looking out that my mother took me a video

49. Lola

Instagram: @lola_saluki

My precioooousss!!!

50. Zoe

Instagram: @zoe_thesaluki

Currently contemplating how I can get Hooman to forget that she fed me , which will get me more treetos and meals. Suggestions are welcome .


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