50 Of The Best Tibetan Mastiff Pictures (From Instagram)

best tibetan mastiff

The Tibetan mastiff is one of the largest breeds of dogs in the world. It is a livestock guardian breed with roots in Tibet, but it’s now found worldwide. This gentle giant may look intimidating, but beneath the tough exterior lurks an intelligent, gentle soul. Tibetan Mastiffs are very heavy dogs, typically weighing 140 pounds or more at full growth — larger than many bears!

This post features 50 of the best Tibetan Mastiff pictures from Instagram.

1. Sage

Instagram: @sagethetibetanmastiff

Well, Hello there!

2. Mateo

Instagram: @ertong_tibetanmastiff

beautiful, very fluffy, and massive puppy boy looking for a new home again 🏡 ONLY for a good and loving family!

3. Mateo

Instagram: @ertong_tibetanmastiff

Mateo is looking for the best home !!! Not cheap, dogs of this level are exclusive and expensive in themselves, but worth it. ☺️

4. Teoś, Ore and Danube

Instagram: @fundacjaduchleona

Connoisseurs of the taste of decorations – Teoś, Ore, and Danube. Leon’s Spirit – a foundation unlike any other. Support – don’t wait!

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5. Sage

Instagram: @sagethetibetanmastiff

Today’s look ✨


Instagram: @brumizo_dogs


7. Rudy

Instagram: @winniethetibetanmastiff

What a difference one year makes…happy 1 year birthday to our little bb, Rudy!!!

8. Bruno

Instagram: @stedrups

Have a nice Sunday

9. Bruno

Instagram: @stedrups

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself. – Josh Billings

10. Soda

Instagram: @soda_vinky_tibetan_mastiffs


11. Vinky

Instagram: @soda_vinky_tibetan_mastiffs

We leave the tennis balls for a while … you have to be serious sometimes 🙃

12. Buzo

Instagram: @vitaly_grigorev


13. Teddy

Instagram: @teddy_the_tibetan

Getting a bit big for my puppy bed 😔

14. Chewbacca & Freya

Instagram: @double_tibetan_shenanigans

Me and my sister ❤️ 🐕 🐕

15. Achaia

Instagram: @achaiatibetanmastiff

No caption needed

16. Drakyi

Instagram: @drakyi_tm

Good Morning Everyone! 🐾

17. Goofy

Instagram: @drakyi_tm


18. Giulia

Instagram: @tibetanmastiff_recsanpark

Our Giulia😍 is so fluffy 🦄

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19. Sombra

Instagram: @sombratheakita

Snowed family ❄️🤎 Can you guess who is missing?

20. Sirius

Instagram: @sirius_the_tibetan_mastiff

Always guarding🐕👀

21. Kettunen

Instagram: @liliesnlove

A break on the top of the hill.

22. Mishka

Instagram: @mishkathegreatfloof

Mom was away last night so I made sure to keep dad company

23. Mishka

Instagram: @mishkathegreatfloof

That will be 3 treats to pass

24. Guzt & Cléo

Instagram: @guztandcleotibetanmastiff

Happy birthday Guzt & Cléo 🥳❤️😍🎈

25. Bruno

Instagram: @brunothetm

happy 5 months my boy ❤️

26. Bailey

Instagram: @tahoetibetanmastiff

Throwback goals! 🐶🐾🦁 The floof is making a comeback. Come on freshies, we’re ready! 👊❄️☃️

27. Alice

Instagram: @veneras_dynasty


28. Sandra

Instagram: @outikm

Beautiful Sandra – beautiful head with her special eyes that can see through you. Sandra is the daughter of Bagro and the mother of Donatella

29. Dorjee

Instagram: @s.a_2710

The beach and swimming… Whatever you want my potato for this precious time we have left together…

30. Molly Mop

Instagram: @mollytibetanmastiff

Say cheese! 📸🤣

31. Makalu

Instagram: @klanbetta2015


32. Bystryi

Instagram: @tibetan.mastiff 

Tibetan Mastiff
Free Puppy

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33. Baby Boy

Instagram: @thebabyboymastiff

hey hooman im waiting for treats 🍭

34. Bunia Mastif

Instagram: @buniamastif

Happy dog with happy People! ❤

35. Cairo

Instagram: @cairo.tibetanmastiff

Morning coffee with mom

36. Everest

Instagram: @charles_everest

Giving so much love to this little dude. 🐶

37. Jugo

Instagram: @jugoandash

Jugo is getting stronger every day although still a bit wobbly, Ash gives him lots of love to help his recovery 💕

38. Chepo

Instagram: @phoenixnismo 

I keep saying it’s the last time she’ll ride in the Z….it’s not working out that way 😅 and she just keeps getting bigger.

39. Loki

Instagram: @lokithelovebug114

Look at my paws I just loved grass to much

40. Odyn

Instagram: @odyn.from.tibet

No filter needed 🐾

41.  Bowser, Beer and Blizzard

Instagram: @bowser_and_beer

First, we steal your heart… then we steal your bed & sofa!

42. Ava

Instagram: @ava_thetibetanmastiff

This is my grumpy face… I didn’t think the hooman could see without glasses, I was wrong, I got in trouble 😔 That will teach me for trying to be clever… maybe. Swipe to see what was left 🤓😈

43. Wangchuk

Instagram: @sarri.alessandro29

Grow up 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻🔥

44. Shilton Dynasty

Instagram: @shilton_dynasty

Tongues out Tuesday!

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45. Nagbo

Instagram: @athenatheetibetanmastiff

love your neighbor • • • one pup at a time… I mean one CUP at a time.

46. Talia

Instagram : @taliathetibetanmastiff

Love my little

47. Freya Melvin

Instagram: @freya_the_tibetan_mastiff

Making sure mom is not attacked by snow leopards while drinking coffee.

48. Patrick D

Instagram: @doodianthedude94

“Everyone hail to the pumpkin king!”

49. Chewbacca & Freya

Instagram: @double_tibetan_shenanigans

Sleepy sleep

50. Jamie Casper

Instagram: @tibetan_mastiffs_uk

Big Bear & his little buddy🐾❤️ Little & Large😂


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