50 Of The Best Shih Tzu Pictures (From Instagram)

best shih tzu pictures

The Shih Tzu is a small dog breed that originated in China. Their spots and long drop ears make them very cute-looking. They also have a long, scruffy coat that is usually white with black or brown markings on the head, tail, and legs. The ideal height for a Shih Tzu is 22 to 23 inches at the withers. These dogs are active and intelligent, making them a popular pet choice.

This post features 50 of the best Shih Tzu pictures from Instagram.

1. Ma

Instagram: @antoniuk474

Ma does not lag behind you
We get a photo from the forest!

2. Muffin

Instagram: @muffinkurbah

SuperMuffin 😎

3. Soon-dong

Instagram: @love_sunshim

The weak southern gangster
When I roll up the guy who complains about being cold, he says he likes the temperature and falls asleep 😉

4. Odin

Instagram: @odin.tzu

After so many handsome looks and pic, I am calling it a day. The last pic says I am done modeling!

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5. Nacchan

Instagram: @lovelynanamomo

Exciting! Lulu Doll Winter Outfit

6. Sissi

Instagram: @rockysissiwendy

💬 “Mom it’s cold 🥶! Are you sure that I have to get up!? “ 💬🙁

7. Rocky

Instagram: @rockysissiwendy

Happy new day friends 💙💚💛 Here it’s cold 🧣🧣🧤🧤 but luckily it’s sunny ☀️🐾

8. Bingo


🔲 Mood— 💩 💩 Tzu.
Bingo 🐶 : and while you’re up, bring snacks.

9. Bailey

Instagram: @baileybabyshihtzu

Road tripping and enjoying the (straw)berry cool breeze. Love the -ber months 😍

10. Poco

Instagram: @poco.a.doggo


11. Chibi

Instagram: @shi.chibi


12. Dolly

Instagram: @dolly.shih.tzu

Yesterday in the afternoon 🍂🍂🍂

13. Milo

Instagram: @hungry_milo

Any song requests? 🎸🎶

14. Chloe

Instagram: @chloe_bailey_the_shih_tzu

Checking how’s the weather outside ⛈🐾🐶

15. Boo

Instagram: @boobooisgucci

that side-eye 🐶

16. KimBap

Instagram: @kimbap_the_shihtzu

Throwback Thursday to Baby Kimbap 💜🐻🐶🥰

17. Levi

Instagram: @hifromlevi

Christmastime leg naps 🐶🎄(please take note of dad’s socks 😍)

18. Jersey

Instagram: @jerseyshihtzu

Harper is warming up the next batch of calendars that are going out tomorrow!

19. Maju

Instagram: @maju_specialshitzu


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20. Oreo

Instagram: @the_shihtzu_oreo

This baby is my little fur-wrapped love package. 😍🐶

21.  Hanimaru-Chan

Instagram: @fuku_hani_diary

I love walking Hanimaru-chan 🐶᠉

22. Grifinória

Instagram: @grifinoria_shihtzu

‘Good night my little friends’ 🐶 Dad didn’t believe in angels, until he fell in love with me 💙

23. Chico

Instagram: @chico_auau

moms and dads of atopic babies what do you have using to clean your house?

24. Noddy

Instagram: @noddy_dshihtzu


25.  Enzo

Instagram: @lordenzofurrari 

Tis the season in my household 🎄🎅

26. Jojo

Instagram: @bonjyojyo

Let’s wear the Mokemoke vest and survive the cold

27. Benny

Instagram: @benny.tzuu


28. Skye

Instagram: @skye.beth2021

Finally, we made it to the gram!💯
Lots of woof content on the way and you’re absolutely gonna love me 🐾💜

29. Mocha

Instagram: @shihtzumocha

If you wake up a little, you’ll get sick.

30. Toby

Instagram: @toby.shih.tzu

Car rides

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31. Tang

Instagram: @tang.toong


32. Bodhi

Instagram: @bodhi.the.cavatzu

It looks like La Niña has decided to take a break today to let the sun come out 😍🙊☀️💛 Have a Happy Sunday furiends 💕💜💕💜

33. Charley

Instagram: @charley_melodias

I’m excited! Waiting for my goggles 🥽 to be delivered so I can open my eyes 👀 when I ride my daddy’s 🏍

34. Molly

Instagram: @turdbearmolly

A beautiful Christmas angel baby!

35. Kinder

Instagram: @antoniuk474

Decided to participate in the mobile photo contest

36. Tatsu

Instagram: @tatsuthetinydragon

90° is slightly hot for me 🥵🌞

37. Bebe

Instagram: @bebe_21052021

I’m giving a cute and smiley face when I’m waiting for my food 🥘 😋

38. Mandu


Mom got me this salmon stick for a snack. Smells fishy 🍣 but kinda yummy.

39. Chubbi

Instagram: @crazyeyemonster

Chubbi aka the cutest!

40. Tazo

Instagram: @tazo_boi

Hoomans I’m trapped….🐾🐶

41. Tessie

Instagram: @tessietheshihtzu

I love being in the car

42. Serissi



43. Takeshi

Instagram: @djshout

The weather was nice today
GO to Koganei Park 🐸

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44. Simba

Instagram: @simba_ourshihtzu

Getting ready to solve some mysteries. Sherlock Paws!

45. Teddy

Instagram: @corrinepixel

Pretty girl go party today?

46. Poppιe

Instagram: @poppie_the_shih_tzu


47. Macy

Instagram: @macy.the.shih_tzu

🌱 Enjoy your Sunday 🌿

48. Yuta

Instagram: @uta_stagram

I got up (18)

49. Moko

Instagram: @moko8692

Shopping for mom and dad
Relationship 🐶👚👟

50. Sota

Instagram: @sooutan_

Human muffler 🧣 Suits you ❄️


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