50 Of The Best Rough Collie Pictures (From Instagram)

Best Rough Collie Pictures

The Rough Collie is a medium-sized dog breed that is often used as a working dog. They are known for their long, rough coat and their intelligence. Graceful, swift, and strong, these dogs have been a favorite of shepherds in Scotland and England for centuries. The Rough Collie is a great family pet. They’re very good with kids and make loving companions.

Additionally, these dogs are super intelligent and they love to please their owners. They are athletic and great swimmers, so they make a good family dog for people who like to be outside a lot and go on walks. The breed has a beautiful and striking appearance- the head is long and angular with an elongated muzzle and almond-shaped eyes and the coat is long and lush. Whether you’re thinking of getting a Rough Collie or if you’re just enamored by the breed’s beautiful looks, here’s a list of 50 stunning Rough Collie pictures from Instagram showing off their stunning appearance.

1. Isla and Jerry

Instagram: @islajajerry

2. Narri

Instagram: @narrisheltie

3. Tahtis

Instagram: @tahtis_the_collie


4. Mila

Instagram: @mila_schotse_collie

5. Zaphira


Instagram: @zaphirasworld

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6. Willow and Sterling

Instagram: @willowandsterling

Cool forest evening.

7. Bailey

Instagram: @collie.bailey

This weather can’t dampen my mood… because it’s my 4th BIRTHDAY 🥳🥳🐾 I hope my age isn’t starting to show yet 🙀

8. Cody

Instagram: @colliecody_

9. Bruce

Instagram: @brucebluemerle


10. Jazzy

Instagram: @jazzy_collie

Sensommer👍. Norwegian late summernight. Love it ❤️

11. Harry

Instagram: @harry_roughcollie

12. Kai

Instagram: @hi_kai_kawaii

Isn’t it a good day to smile 😊

13. Kiwi

Instagram: @kiwi_krakuska

14. Darcy

Instagram: @darcy.the.collie

15. Bodi

Instagram: @bodi.r.collie

Got my annual vaccines today and It’s been a year since my pawrents adopted me 🤗

16. Talisker

Instagram: @mrt_collie

17. Ellie

Instagram: @ellietheruffcollie

Summer colours today 🟩💙

18. Riley

Instagram: @spunkycollie

19. Willow

Instagram: @honeybee_scout_willow

20. Maja

Instagram: @maja_thecollie

In a sea of people, my eyes will always be searching for you 💕

21. Arthur

Instagram: @lordarthur_roughcollie

22. Tayo

Instagram: @collie.tayo

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23. Mister

Instagram: @mister.collie

24. Sulo

Instagram: @sulo_roughcollie

25. Gracja

Instagram: @gracja_in_pleno

Happy dog ❤️

26. Elsa

Instagram: @elsa.the.collie

Happy doggo rolling around!!!! 💞💞💞

27. Cara

Instagram: @cara_roughcollie

28. Paula

Instagram: @paula.palacepaws

29. Zappa

Instagram: @zappasuniverse

30. Nipsu

Instagram: @nipahipa

31. Scott

Instagram: @scott_the.collie

Think I saw s squirrel in that tree over there 🐿

32. Sammy

Instagram: @sammy_theroughcollie


33. Alex

Instagram: @alex7alex2022

34. Liv

Instagram: @livs_w.o.r.l.d._

It finally stopped raining ☀️

35. Winchester

Instagram: @wandering.with.winchester

Enjoyed the sunny weather this weekend running around at the beach! This heat is going to take some getting used to 😅

36. Maggie

Instagram: @maggie_roughcollie

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37. Timi

Instagram: @lionheart_timi

38. Lollipop

Instagram: @lollipop_rough_collie

39. Oreo and Reglisse

Instagram: @les2touts


40. William

Instagram: @colliewilliam

41. Luna

Instagram: @lunamorwen

42. Cash

Instagram: @colliecash

Fern-a-licious! 🌿

43. Jack

Instagram: @jack_thecollie

Finally some blue sky! Perfect hiking weather! 🙌🏼🏞

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44. Dano

Instagram: @danothecollie

Spring is in the air! 🌷🌼🐾

45. Pip

Instagram: @mycolliepip

46. Bandit

Instagram: @bandit.the.bluemerle

Happy 😃

47. Kimber

Instagram: @roughcolliekimber

48. Lotta

Instagram: @lottis_roughcollie

49. Story

Instagram: @rough_collie_story

My mom says I’m full of something that is the same color as my eyes 😂

50. Mia

Instagram: @mia_roughcollie


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