50 Of The Best Borzoi Pictures (From Instagram)

Borzoi Dog

Borzois, also known as Russian Wolfhounds, are a breed of large, elegant, and athletic dogs that were originally bred in Russia to hunt wolves and other large game. They are known for their long, silky coat, narrow head, and tall, slender build. Borzois are intelligent, independent, and sensitive dogs that are well-suited to apartment living. They are known for their quiet nature and low barking tendency, making them good choices for people who live in close quarters.

If you’ve ever wanted to own a Borzoi, or if you just want to enjoy their unique looks, here’s a list of 50 of the best Borzoi pictures from Instagram that show off their friendly and playful personalities.

1. Tuco

Instagram: @cbr_borzoi

Young man loves the cold weather ❄️

2. Emma

Instagram: @emma_n0823

3. Alina

Instagram: @artemus_and_alina_borzoi

She grows some long legs when she’s wet 🌊

4. Artemus

Instagram: @artemus_and_alina_borzoi

Saturday #morning are for finally getting to relax 😂😂😂

5. Siena

Instagram: @sienaborzoi

No filter, just beauty

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6. Fisher

Instagram: @fisher_borzoi

a goofy boy for you this morning (i love this man so much)

7. Gyuri

Instagram: @diamondd.and.gyurika

Tall, dark and insanely handsome

8. Dino

Instagram: @diamondd.and.gyurika

When he’s a 10 and he is also your soulmate 🥹💛

9. Lapsha

Instagram: @loopsnoot

👻 SPOOKY SEASON IS UPON US! 🦇 Im so hyped for autumn, and it appears LoopSnoot is as well. She even dripped on the first pumpkin of the year (and the first pumpkin we’ve ever grown!) 🎃

What is your favourite season? 🍂

10. Tsar

Instagram: @tsarthegreatzoi

Day 77 of no hoomom. Saw some more big rocks that gave me idea. If I were a Big Money Boi (at least Two-Hundredaire), I’d build my own called Bonehenge. Then I would eat it.

11. Nikolai

Instagram: @good.boy.zoi

Baby boy is homeeeee! I’ve missed this booger while he’s been gone. It’s so good to have him back. ❤️❤️❤️

12. Twiggy

Instagram: @twiggyborzoi

Twiggy is such a happy sunbather. She’ll go outside and lay in the sunny spots and rub her head around in the grass until she gets too hot and moves to the shade, then repeats the process.

Also, Miss Grimy Neck Fur needs a bath 🛁

13. Veruschka

Instagram: @borzoiqueen

Happy 11th Birthday to Queen Veruschka!!❤️🧁🍩🍰💞🎂🐶😍🎉😘🌟💜💙👍

14. Tux

Instagram: @pittsburghzoi

Tux is very happy about his hat 🎩 🐶

15. Olive

Instagram: @pittsburghzoi

This antique looks really familiar, I just can’t quite put my nose on it…

16. Oliver

Instagram: @oliverborzoi

my bum curls routine is super easy and only involves a minimum of 7 dips in fresh mountain water (air dry of course) – follow for more easy curl tips!

17. Stella

Instagram: @mustangluna_stellatheborzoi

Guarding the sprinkler 💦

18. Wakiza

Instagram: @lilythesilken

Our beautiful girl now Estonian and Latvian JCH at the age of 11 months😍

19. Jataka

Instagram: @jatakaborzoi

Relativity in motion 🖤

20. Loki

Instagram: @loki.thelongboi

Long time no post! Here’s a little photo dump of Loki during an adventure up the mountain to pick some wimberrys 💜🫐

21. Hella

Instagram: @hella_hella_umbrella

💖🎵Hella Hella Umbrella 🎶🎵💘

22. Merlin

Instagram: @lydiatheborzoi

Does Merly Mans look like a heckin model? 😍

23. Lydia

Instagram: @lydiatheborzoi

Ams loves to trot along with the hooman 😍

24. Fawn

Instagram: @fawntheborzoi

Beach babe

A little break after all the zooms and going exploring 😂

25. Birch

Instagram: @birch.the.borzoi

He’s so incredibly handsome!

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26. Jack

Instagram: @jack_borzoi

So dusty and dirty after a weekend at the farm!

27. Sanin

Instagram: @sanin.borzoi

He made me get off the couch so he had more room and could lay on the other side of it 😭 I cannot begin to describe how spoiled and demanding this dog is, and I let him get away with it of course 🥰

28. Saluki

Instagram: @salukiabi

29. Vera

Instagram: @vera_the_borzoi


30. Party

Instagram: @itsapartyborzoi

Party after a quick romp through the redwoods, filled with energy and senses alerted. Love me some 🐰ears 🐾💕

31. Embla

Instagram: @norse_noodle_horse

Just our long snoot posing, as she usually does.

32. Jasnaija

Instagram: @jasnaija_ginny_adventures

too hot this morning, hence i‘m stalking ants in the garden.🌳🐜🐜🐜

33. Feegelina

Instagram: @feegelina

⚜🤍I stand here because I can🤍⚜

34. Chia

Instagram: @chiatheborzoi

Love to cuddle up in the easy chair ❤️

35. Stanley

Instagram: @stanleythesighthound

After work walks to keep the brain at bay

36. Moose

Instagram: @lifeofahousemoose

Spring has almost sprung. I think I know someone who’s pretty happy about it 🌼

37. Dante

Instagram: @dante_borzoiprince


38. Valkyria

Instagram: @valkyriaborzoi

39. Pulse

Instagram: @itspulsetheborzoi

King of the kiddie pool 👑

40. Pearl

Instagram: @pearlborzoi

I played so hard this morning I fell asleep whilst still playing 🥹😴

41. Mademoiselle Mascha

Instagram: @mlle_mascha

42. Gin

Instagram: @borzoierna_gin_tonic

Gin, a very thoughtful borzoi. Very gentle and a bit of an old soul, My best friend ♥️🍂

43. Tonic

Instagram: @borzoierna_gin_tonic


44. Adila

Instagram: @adila_thegreekborzoi

Chilling on the beach

45. Zofia

Instagram: @zofiathezoi

Is it wrong to be long?✨

Enjoying a lazy Sunday before uni starts again💚💙

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46. Cosmo



47. Salsa

Instagram: @salsatheborzoi_and_bedlington

Watching over his kingdom.

48. Elena

Instagram: @fanny_and_elena

So we went to the dog park this evening, and the dogs were a big fan of this ‘mud bath’ 🙄. It looks like Elena is wearing brown socks! 😬 As long as they had fun, right? 🤣

49. Yeti

Instagram: @yetiandthebear

A luxury hound 💅🏼

50. Jordi

Instagram: @jordiopossum

Beautiful evening and got to meet a neighbor to the work field, what a day!


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