50 Of The Best Bernese Mountain Dog Pictures (From Instagram)

Best Bernese Mountain Dog Pictures

There are few better companions than Bernese Mountain Dogs. These goofy, gentle giants are more like teddy bears than dogs. So what better way to enjoy the rest of the summer than with some pictures of these sweet pups? We hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

In this post today, we are going to show you 50 of the best Bernese Mountain Dog pictures that have been shared on Instagram over the past year. Just click on any of the links to go directly to their Instagram page. Enjoy!

1. Hamilton

Instagram: @hamtheman_and_princessparker

I am such a good dog. I greet people and I don’t bark. It’s hard but I get over it.

2. Harper

Instagram: @harper_and_hudson

Is it really worth going to a gym if you can’t bring your dog? 🤔💪

3. Cleveland

Instagram: @cleveland_the_berner

Let me take this moment to appreciate all the good things in my life.

4. Olga

Instagram: @bern_haus_on_oka

You know it’s not easy being this glorious, right? 😂❤️

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5. Boomer

Instagram: @boomeryabmd

Days like this are when I realize just how lucky I am. 😌

6. Ralph

Instagram: @ralph_thebernese

I love summer because it lasts longer and I get to see my favorite people more often 😍😍

7. Ziggy

Instagram: @ziggy_the_tripawd

Did someone say “Friday?!” 🐻

8. Poppy & Maisie

Instagram: @backcountryberners

Our pre-dinner hike included an aperitif of Snake River water. Poppy & Maisie give it a 🐾🐾 rating!

9. Sully

Instagram: @sully.theberner

My face when mom says I’m a good boy.

10. Ritsuko

Instagram: @ritsukomouri

The best way to start a day is with a refreshing morning walk into the park with mom.

11. Balou

Instagram: @thefluffbears

Can I get a treat humommy?🥺😍

12. Brian

Instagram: @thegryffon

Please don’t look at me like I’m a different dog, I promise I’ll be the same as always.

13. Brinkley

Instagram: @doginthenorth

Just trying to find a way out of my anxiety through the small space at the bottom of the door 🤭🤭🤭

14. Bar and Huckleberry

Instagram: @berneseofpnw

I like to think about what life would be like if we weren’t dogs😂🐶🖤

15. Mica & Saylor

Instagram: @mica.and.saylor.shenanigans

Can you tell we’re sisters?!

16. Dogs Deserve Love


What a great family! 😋😘🐶🐶🐶🐶

17. Zoe Black

Instagram: @zoe_the_bernese_girl

Becoming a teenager was kind of rough but now I’m ok, almost done with my first heat ❤️🐾❤️🐼

18. Stephie

Instagram: @hunde_natur_fichtelgebirge

Getting old and staying young is the greatest happiness. ❤ Happy 8th Birthday Stephie ❤

19. Garcia

Instagram: @tashagoeswest

Last day of freedom before we become dads again.

20. Winston

Instagram: @winstonswoofs

If you think I’m cute in the morning, wait until you see me after my nap 🐶❤️

21. Deborah French

Instagram: @bronteandbanks_the_berners

Life is short so we were just trying to live it up while we can😍💛😝🐶🦄👑

22. Jenko

Instagram: @geoooo93

Please don’t hate on my new doo, I promise I’ll keep on being a good boy.

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23. Takako Kuramochi

Instagram: @barong.1218

Are you gonna say ‘no’ to me 😁❓

24. Maverick

Instagram: @mavericktheberner_2020

I wish someone would give me all this attention everyday…

25. Luke

Instagram: @luke.0708

Wait, are you gonna take me to the vet again?

26. Gus

Instagram: @gus_smart_bernese

There’s nothing better than a good ear scratch…why don’t you help me dad?

27. Lambeau and Banks

Instagram: @lambeau_and_banks 

My best friend and I are having a picnic today in the park.

28. Austin

Instagram: @austin.the.great.bernese

Outfit of the day is always mandatory for me 🖤💁🏼

29. Greg

Instagram: @chattieberners

Dad started putting up Christmas tree and we’ve not even had turkey yet, what’s going on?

30. Berty Buff Tucker

Instagram: @berty_the_berner

Please don’t hate on my new paw. It’s just fresh and new and cut straight and I am so proud of it.

31. Cains

Instagram: @cains.2014

Mandatory fall picture. Can I hide behinds dis leaf?

32. Harriet

Instagram: @wildforharriet

living for fall walks 🍁

33. Sunny

Instagram: @sunny_bmd

Mr. After lunch Boi looking for something from me but not sure what 😀

34. Knut & Ollie

Instagram: @knut_and_ollie_the_berners

My brother has moved in with me and he is so adorable 😍😍😍

35. Ernie

Instagram: @ernietheberniee

Should I pee here? Or over there?

36. Murphy

Instagram: @murphy.the.bmd

Went to the lake today with my family and had a nice walk in the rain ☔️

37. Moose

Instagram: @moose_friendly_bernese

Here comes the sun AND the weekend ☀️ Now that’s a reason to smile, my friends 💛

38. Grizzly

Instagram: @grizzlythegoodboy

The only thing better than one Bernese is two 😋😘🐶🐶

39. Angus

Instagram: @angusthebmd

Was zero help with raking leaves today 🍁

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40. Finn Indovina

Instagram: @the_finn_indovina

You didn’t want to sit here, did you, mom?

41. Mazie

Instagram: @susanmbliss

One is 5 months, the other is 14. September photo shoot.


Instagram: @a.loca.mocha

Working with dad got me all tired! Now, let me rest my eyes for a bit, will you?

43. Gunther

Instagram: @gunther_the_barbarian

I wonder what I’m up to…. Maybe I’m working on a way to defeat the dog park.

44. Balou & Rhana

Instagram: @thefluffbears

The best sisters showing their beautiful nametags and collars!❤️

45. Nala

Instagram: @nala_bernesemtdog

Ready to go for a drive ☀️😎🚘

46. Bentley

Instagram: @bentleythebernese360

What a nice day for a walk!

47. Hamilton

Instagram: @hamiltontheberner

This is how I would describe my day to you…I’ve had a good one 😂 And the goal of the day wasn’t getting into trouble 🙃

48. Aimee

Instagram: @aimeekbythebay

My family took me for the first time to something called a restaurant. I did pretty well if I say so myself. Down stays are so boring. 😴😴

49. Maja

Instagram: @majus_hundewelt

Lying down to think about life..

50. Chuck

Instagram: @chucketjacknotreviedechien

Big Chuck with a full stomach after his supper…


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