50 Of The Best Akita Pictures (From Instagram)

Akita Dog

Akita is a large, muscular breed of dog that originates from the Akita Prefecture in Japan. They are known for their intelligence, courage, and loyalty, and were originally bred for hunting and guarding. Akitas are independent and strong-willed and require a confident and consistent trainer. They are also protective of their family and territory and may be aggressive towards strangers or other dogs if not properly socialized and trained. They are generally healthy and hardy but can be prone to certain health problems, such as hip dysplasia and eye conditions.

If you’ve ever wanted to own an Akita, or if you just want to enjoy its unique looks, here’s a list of 50 stunning Akita pictures from Instagram.

1. Gryffindor

Gryffindor Akita Dogs
Instagram: @akita.gryff

1 or 2? 🐾

2. Lucy

Lucy Akita Dogs
Instagram: @lucy.the.akita.sunshine

An image from the spring. 🌿🏵️🌼🌿 This was 7 months old. . . .

3. Hati

Hati Akita Dogs
Instagram: @hati_akitainu


4. Donut

Donut Akita Dogs
Instagram: @donuttheakita

Summer is around the corner🍉

5. Hachiko

Hachiko Akita Dogs
Instagram: @hachiko_the_japanese_akita

The 🐻💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

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6. Sushi

Sushi Akita Dogs
Instagram: @akitainu_sushi

Today we did a little historical hike to the Salegg ruins 🏰 🧡🐕⛰🧡

7. Hero

Hero Akita Dogs
Instagram: @super.hero.akita

Good morning my frens. 🐾🐕

8. Diva

Diva Akita Dogs
Instagram: @duchess_diva_akita

Getting ready to welcome the arrival of the weekend 😉🥳🎊

9. Dudu

Dudu Akita Dog
Instagram: @dudu.0731

10. Magnus

Magnus Akita Dog
Instagram: @magnustheakita

Good morning frenz!

11. Akito

Akito Akita Dog
Instagram: @akito_the_boss

“A good life is a collection of happy moments”

12. Kyo

Kyo Akita Dog
Instagram: @monpetitkyodai

• SUNDAY • 🐺🧡✨

13. Kenta

Kenta Akita Dogs
Instagram: @iamkenta_dog

Had a lovely morning walk!

14. Coco

Coco Akita Dogs
Instagram: @coco_akitalife

Today is a sunny day☀️☀️🧡

15. Saiko

Saiko Akita Dogs
Instagram: @adventures_of_saiko_akita

39.8kg of love ❤️

16. Yori

Yori Akita Dogs
Instagram: @yori_american_akita

Our boy is wedding ready 😍. I’m going to be a part of the

17. Kuma

Kuma Akita Dogs
Instagram: @akitabezkity

18. Xeno

Xeno Akita Dogs
Instagram: @theamericanakita_xeno

Lazy Sunday post…enjoying the garden with my humans.

19. Uni

Uni Akita Dogs
Instagram: @akitainu_uni

20. Aika

Aika Akita Dogs
Instagram: @aik_a2501

Summer days 🥵🥵🥵

21. Orson

Orson Akita Dogs
Instagram: @orson_akita


22. Rhapsody

Rhapsody Akita Dogs
Instagram: @brenda_rhapsody

❤️ Curiosity

23. Miko

Miko Akita Dogs
Instagram: @akitamiko_411

24. Eimi

Eimi Akita Dog
Instagram: @daichi_eimi_akita_inu

Move over hoomans! The couch is mine! 🐶

25. Daichi

Daichi Akita Dog
Instagram: @daichi_eimi_akita_inu

I’m 9 mos old today! -Daichi

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26. Kuma

Kuma Akita Dog
Instagram: @akita_called_kuma

Im such a poser

27. Dashi

Dashi Akita Dog
Instagram: @an_akita_called_dashi

Lower Rowe Lake in Waterton Lakes National Park. My first hike to an alpine lake! Beauty day!

28. Maximus

Maximus Akita Dog
Instagram: @maximus.the.akita

Little professional photo shoot to show off how handsome Maximus is 😍

29. Lucius

Lucius Akita Dog
Instagram: @lucius_1of1_akita

Dad tryin to get me to stay still for a pic. I give him hell 😅💎
Turned 9 months old the other day! 🎂

30. Nox

Nox Akita Dog
Instagram: @the_marauding_duo

That silhouette 🥰 Him’s the goodest boy

31. Silvy

Silvy Akita Dog
Instagram: @akitasilvy


32. Zen

Zen Akita Dog
Instagram: @completely_zen

I’m baaack…on TIFF’s red carpet ❤️ after a 2 years hiatus.. 😎🤩

33. Tenma

Tenma Akita Dog
Instagram: @tenma_the_akita

I’m under the spotlight ! 🐻

34. Oslo

Oslo Akita Dog
Instagram: @oslo_lakita

Autumn Is Coming 🍂 And for the time being nothing better than staying with a quiet blanket at home for a nap 😴

35. Naya

Naya Akita Dog
Instagram: @naya_theakita

Chilling 🌞🌴

36. Lexa

Lexa Akita Dog
Instagram: @three_red_akita

Lexa my queen 👑

37. Taro

Taro Akita Dog
Instagram: @three_red_akita

Taro boy enjoys the autumn sun ☀️

38. Merlin

Merlin Akita Dog
Instagram: @_luna_merlin

Gotta love those #flowers in the #summer

39. Raiju

Raiju Akita Dog
Instagram: @raijuakitainu


40. Koharu

Koharu Akita Dog
Instagram: @koharart

Koharu-san is bit tired in the warm spring day☺️

41. Spooks

Spooks Akita Dog
Instagram: @ryuukita_danu.akitainu

42. Nikko

Nikko Akita Dog
Instagram: @akitakittens

Nikko 🦊

43. Brodie

Brodie Akita Dog
Instagram: @_brodiethebear

Bein da good lil guard dog I am 😌

44. Kaito

Kaito Akita Dog
Instagram: @akitainu.kaito

woof morning/afternoon/evening everyone✨
have a great endless summer☀️

45. Shogo

Shogo Akita Dog
Instagram: @shogo_akitainu

Sundays at Grandma’s

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46. Oreo

Oreo Akita Dog
Instagram: @oreo_brindleakita


47. Mako

Mako Akita Dog
Instagram: @lemondedemako

That little look 🥰

48. Rocky

Rocky Akita Dog
Instagram: @rocky_akitainu_k

49. Saggy

Saggy Akita Dog
Instagram: @itsme.saggy

50. Airi

Airi Akita Dog
Instagram: @airi.akita

Happy International Dog Day!💙💛


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