50 Of Cutest Keeshonds Puppies (From Instagram)

Keeshond Puppy

Keeshond is a medium-sized, Dutch breed dog with a ruff and a curled tail and has a velvety, two-layer coat of silver and black fur. The German spitzes, such as the Großspitz, Mittelspitz, Kleinspitz, Zwergspitz, or Pomeranian, are its closest cousins.

Here’s a list of 50 of the Cutest Keeshond Puppies (From Instagram) that were snapped by people who love their Keeshonds just as much as we do. Hope you enjoy it!

1. Floki

Floki Keeshond Puppy
Instagram: @wolfi_floki

🌱 🌿 🌳

2. Miley

Miley Kesshond Puppy
Instagram: @keeshond_cyrus_s_miley

3. Bochy

Bochy Kesshond Puppy
Instagram: @bochybythebay

Dressing up as a lumberjack for Halloween 🎃, because I am king of this log 🪵!

4. Louie

Louie Kesshonds Puppy
Instagram: @thekeeshondlouie

Enjoying the weather💛

5. Ulla

Ulla Kesshond Puppy
Instagram: @ullathekees

One week since I came to my home, and im pretty chill about everything. 🥰🥰

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6. Enzo

Enzo Kesshond Puppy
Instagram: @enzo.thekeeshond

Cruising in the front 😎
• • • •

7. Multe

Multe Keeshond Puppy
Instagram: @multethekees

Just checking in to let you know how cute I am💕🐾

8. Millie

Millie Keeshonds Puppy
Instagram: @millie.and.milo.keeshonds

Just living our best lives ☀️🐶

9. Millie

Milo Kesshond Puppy
Instagram: @millie.and.milo.keeshonds

Cheeky boy

10. Bumblebee

Bumblebee Keeshond Puppy
Instagram: @eurasier_bumblebee

11. Bear

Bear Keeshond Puppy
Instagram: @lil_bear_hugz

Loving a little waterfall time!

12. Loke

Loke Kesshond Puppy
Instagram: @loke_keeshond


13. Kipp

Kipp Kesshond Puppy
Instagram: @kippthekeeshond

“How long have you been doing Uber for?”

14. Austin

Austin Keeshond Puppy
Instagram: @austin_the_keeshond

such a cute baby ❤️

15. Loki

Loki Keeshond Puppy
Instagram: @loki_b_the_keeshond

food pls 🥺

16. Aspen

Aspen Keeshond Puppy
Instagram: @aspen_thequiche

i got spayed today and as you can tell, the dogtor has some good drugs! feeling sore but my mom, dad & tuxxy are all looking out for me!💜🥰

17. Scarlett

Scarlett Keeshond Puppy
Instagram: @keeshondgirls

Scarlett posed for the camera while playing outside. 9/7/22

18. Skylar

Skylar Keeshond Puppy
Instagram: @keeshondgirls

Our first nail appointment. Skylar after her nails were done! 💅 8/23/22

19. Kolja

Kolja Keeshond Puppy
Instagram: @best.keeshond_inworld

Kolja wishes you merry Christmas with a lot of snow for those who are celebrating and a good new year 2022! 🎉❤️

20. Teddy

Teddy Keeshond Puppy
Instagram: @tedmonster_

Frosty nose

21. Finneas

Finneas Kesshond Puppy
Instagram: @pottlepups

Can’t believe Finn looked so different only a couple of months ago 🥲

22. Ozzy

Ozzy Kesshond Puppy
Instagram: @keeshondozzy

Ozzy just loves making new friends everywhere she goes.
Also so curious about everything.
Cutie can’t think of a life without my little cuddle bug 🥰🐺

23. Pruts

Pruts Keeshond Puppy
Instagram: @pruts_the_keeshond

Always keep smiling! 😋🐾

24. Bailey

Bailey Kesshond Puppy
Instagram: @bailey_de_keeshond

Happy sunny monday everyone! 😎

25. Soffy

Soffy Keeshond Puppy
Instagram: @soffy_the_fluff

Dog school is the best! 😍

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26. Meeko

Meeko Keeshond Puppy
Instagram: @meeko_pup

Im helping you with the washing i promise mummy’ 🐶🤣

27. Kubo

Kubo Kesshond Puppy
Instagram: @kubo.the.keeshond

When the hooman won’t let you play out in the mud 😤

28. Cherokee

Cherokee Keeshond Puppy
Instagram: @keera_and_cherokee_keeshonds_

My face when I see the lolly musk sticks coming out. The last photo is when the human says I can’t have anymore 👿

29. Moose

Moose Keeshond Puppy
Instagram: @moose_toose


30. Shiny

Shiny Keeshond Puppy
Instagram: @eeveekeeshond

Eevee finally got to enjoy a full day up on the mountains 💕✨ She loves to play in the snow ❄️ Does your dog love snow as well? Have you done a trip to the mountains yet?

31. Savannah

Savannah Keeshound Puppy
Instagram: @savannahbananapup

Imma floof!

32. Mishka

Mishka Keeshond Puppy
Instagram: @madammishka

Happy Halloween from Mishka! 👻

Mishka is trick-or-treat ready! Only top quality treats will be accepted, including: chicken treats, beef liver treats and cheese 🎃

33. Athos

Athos Keeshond Puppy
Instagram: @athos.thekeeshond

Went for a walk with my mommy 🐾💙

34. Toby

Toby Keeshond Puppy
Instagram: @thewolfskees

Am such handsome boy 😍

35. Nellie

Nellie Keeshond Puppy
Instagram: @follownellieto

It’s golden hour so I’ll pose.

36. Misio

Misio Keeshond Puppy
Instagram: @misiothekeeshond

Love the outdoors

37. Simon

Simon Keeshond Puppy
Instagram: @simonthekeeshi

Rainy Sundays 😍🌧 I’m meeting so many new friends everyday! I found a nice spot to stay dry with mom while dad picked out lunch.

38. Leo

Leo Keeshond Puppy
Instagram: @leothekeeshond


39. Xander

Xander Keeshond Puppy
Instagram: @xanderkeeshond

Let me be your Teddy Bear 🧸❤️🐶

40. Leo

Leo Keeshond Puppy
Instagram: @leothe_keeshond

posing for the camera 😝

41. Milo

Milo Keeshond Puppy
Instagram: @milo.thekeeshond

Boxed Milo

42. Puck

Puck Kesshond Puppy
Instagram: @thepuckdropshere

My first snow! ❄️ ⛄️

43. Max

Max Keeshond Puppy
Instagram: @max_the_kees

Just checking in and sending some love for y’all to the weekend 😍😍

44. Chup

Chup Keeshond Puppy
Instagram: @chupkeeshond

45. Yuki

Yuki Keeshond Puppy
Instagram: @zoozoo_and_yukibear

Oh hai there :3

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46. Viva

Viva Keeshond Puppy
Instagram: @viva_and_czako

47. Ferrari

Ferrari Keeshond Puppy
Instagram: @ferrariandfancy

Here I am at 4 months old. Mommy hasn’t been able to keep up with this account due to getting ill with nasty COVID. Can’t wait till you see more pictures of my sis and I

48. Fancy

Fancy Keeshond Puppy
Instagram: @ferrariandfancy

Strike a pose! I’m so fancy!

49. Keeshond

Freya Keeshond Puppy
Instagram: @kees_freya

What do you mean

50. Murri

Murri Keeshond Puppy
Instagram: @murri.the.keeshond

I am running towards you and i am coming for you🏃‍♂️🐕 ⚡️✨


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