50 0f The Best Keeshond Pictures (From Instagram)

Keeshond Dog

Keeshond is a medium-sized, Dutch breed dog with a ruff and a curled tail and has a velvety, two-layer coat of silver and black fur. The German spitzes, such as the Großspitz, Mittelspitz, Kleinspitz, Zwergspitz, or Pomeranian, are its closest cousins.

If you’ve ever wanted to own a Keeshond, or if you just want to enjoy their unique looks, here’s a list of 50 of the best Keeshond pictures from Instagram that show off their friendly and playful personalities.

1. Wolfie

Moxie Keeshond Dog
Instagram: @moxie_thekeeshond

Strolling through the mountainside- and it’s almost camouflage this time of year!

2. Barney

Barney Keeshond Dog
Instagram: @keeshond_barney_


3. Maui

Maui Keeshond Dog
Instagram: @mauithekeeshond

Photo dump of me being fabulous (even with muddy paws) 🐾📸

4. Luna

Luna Keeshond Dog
Instagram: @luna_and_skye_3110

My face when my Pawrents tell me I can’t go outside cause it is raining…

5. Skye

Skye Keeshond Dog
Instagram: @luna_and_skye_3110


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6. May

May Keeshond Dog
Instagram: @tangoopingoo

Run run as fast as you can🐶 in Chiba prefecture!

7. Scarlett

Scarlette Keeshond Dog
Instagram: @scarlettkeeshond

Wish you a nice day 🍂

8. Jessica

Jessica Keeshond Puppy
Instagram: @inu_no_koibito

So, apparently I needed a blowout of my hair. It was getting wild, but nothing much came out of it. But it does feel lighter!

9. Fritz

Bitz Keeshond Dog
Instagram: @bitz_of_fritz

New city, new campus walk

10. Sunny

Sunny Keeshond Puppy
Instagram: @pawtraitsonasunnyday

Play with meeeeee 😇🎾

11. Boomer

Boomer Keeshond Dog
Instagram: @boomerthekeeshond

Happy MDW from the boom sauce!! Cheers!! Thanks to all those who’ve served!!

12. North

North Keeshond Dog
Instagram: @north_thebabywolf

13. Linda

Linda Keeshond Dog
Instagram: @lindacroft1

Corvo, you sure are a shaggy looking dog. 🤭 It’s grooming time today! (translated in “doggo” means “Oh, no…bath time!” 🥺🛁🧼✂️) At least I got a car ride, but was left at Pups-n-Suds (pics 4-5). 😭

Finally, Mom showed up again and gave me big hugs, saying how silky soft my fluff was! ❤️ I got a cool Halloween bandana too.🎃 Back home, I had to pose for pics, of course. 🙄📸 But mom gave me treatos and lots of pets!! 💖🐺🐾

14. Barney

Barney Kesshond Dog
Instagram: @kesshondbarney

Turned 5 yesterday, so mum took us out for sunset swims over the weekend. Pretty stoked 😍

15. Starsky

Starsky Keeshond Dog
Instagram: @starsky_the_keeshond_and_hutch

Keeping away from mud monsters

16. Meeko

Meeko Keeshond Dog
Instagram: @mybestfriendthekeeshond

Spent the day out at camp! 🏕

17. Alex

Alex Keeshond Dog
Instagram: @alexandsarahkeeshond

King Alex

18. Sarah

Sarah Keeshond Dog
Instagram: @alexandsarahkeeshond

Saturday vibes
🐾 Sarah Bear

19. Barkley

Barkley Keeshond Dog
Instagram: @barkley_the_keeshond

Koie is leaning how to play! We love the angry face she makes during playtime 🥰

20. Moose

Moose Keeshond Dog
Instagram: @itsyermanmoose

The face of a dog who doesn’t realise he’s just earned himself a serious bath.

21. Alfie

Alfie Keeshond Dog
Instagram: @alfie.thekeesie

My first ever photoshoot today! Absolutely love the photographer! I think I have potential 🤔

22. Cerger

Cerger Kesshond Dog
Instagram: @cergerbler

The best passenger

23. Nero

Nero Kesshond dog
Instagram: @nerojametka

Wish you all super relaxing weekend! 🐾🐶

24. Peach

Peach Kesshond Dog
Instagram: @peachnpalz

Fluffy & majestic!

25. Nala

Nala Kesshond Dog
Instagram: @nala_the_kee

Quick chicken leg check🤪 another swag day at my favorite beach!

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26. Boas

Nala Kesshond Dog
Instagram: @boas_milo

27. Sebastian

Sebastian Keeshond Dog
Instagram: @sebastianthekees

These skinny legs found my forever home 8 years ago today! A lot more meat on those legs and a little more grey on my nose but I’m still the sweetest guy.

28. Kimber

Kimber Keeshond Dog
Instagram: @kimber_the_keeshond_

Michigan adventures with my grandpaw.

29. Milo

Milo Keeshond Dog
Instagram: @boas_milo

Gullgutt ♡︎

30. Boaz

Boaz Kesshond Dog
Instagram: @boaz_keeshond2021

Here I am posing so I get my snack! 😂😅

31. Boaz

Babka Keeshond Dog
Instagram: @littlebabka

beach babka 🏝

32. Sanne

Sanne Kesshond Dog
Instagram: @sanne.bear

Enjoying Catskills sunshine ☀️

33. Enzo

Enzo Kesshond Dog
Instagram: @enzo.thekeeshond

I’m back! Mummy was busy growing a human but my little brother has now arrived!

34. Melvind

Melvind Kesshond Puppy
Instagram: @melvindthekess

Smil 😁

35. Erin

Elynn Keeshond Dog
Instagram: @elynn68320

Jasper’s first snow!

36. Enzo

Enzo Kesshond Dog
Instagram: @enzo_the_keeshond

37. Oreo

Oreo Kesshond Dog
Instagram: @oreothekeesie

Happy #tonguesouttuesday 😜

38. Lobo

Lobo Kesshond Dog
Instagram: @lobo_awoo

Waiting for dad to come home 😗

39. Kees

Kees Kesshond Dog
Instagram: @keesdebruinekeeshond

Morning Walks 🥰

40. Kida

Kida Keeshond Dog
Instagram: @keeshondkida

At the top of our hometown ⛰️

41. Demicles

Demicles Kesshond Dog
Instagram: @jitacles

42. Ilona

Ilona Keeshond Dog
Instagram: @keeshond_taykan_wolfspitz

43. Nova

Nova Kesshond Dog
Instagram: @nova.thekeeshond


44. Hati

Hati keeshond Dog
Instagram: @hati.keeshond

45. Ozzy

Ozzy Kesshond Dog
Instagram: @ozzy_thefuzzykeeshond

😃 Fun Fact, guess why they call Keesonds the SMILING Dutchman!

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46. Roku

Roku Keeshond Dog
Instagram: @rokuthekeeshond

Cheeky cheeky 😅

47. Enid

Enid Keeshond Dog
Instagram: enid_the_keeshond

48. Holly

Holly Keeshond Dog
Instagram: @holly.keeshond

49. Elmo

Elmo Keeshond Dog
Instagram: @elmilein

loving my morning walks in the summer 😍🌸🦋🌱

50. Pixel

Pixel Kesshond Dog
Instagram: @pixel_the_kees

Listen bub, I’m the best there is at what I do… And what I do is pretty lazy…


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